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Oracle DBA

Company: Threels IT COnsult
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual)




Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, RAC, DataGuard, RMAN
Oracle Application Server (OAS und IAS), Weblogic, OSB
Oracle Enterprise Manager (grid control und cloud control)
Sun Solaris, Linux (RedHat und Oracle Enterprise Linux)
PL/SQL, Shell scripting
ITIL, Prince II

July 2016 – Present
Oracle DBA
City of Ede, Ede
Upgrading, migrating and management of a large number of databases. The platforms are linux based and partially virtualized. Tools used: Enterprise Manager (various releases), Oracle SQL Developer, AWR and Linux tools.

May 2016 – Present
Oracle DBA
Various small projects
Various small projects including the setup of Oracle Dataguard standby databases, solving performance issues on a standard edition RAC and performing health checks. Tools used: Enterprise Manager, statspack, toad and scripting.

February 2016 – March 2016
Software Engineer / Oracle DBA
APG, Amsterdam
Supporting the implementation of a new web-application running against a three-node Oracle 11G RAC on a RedHat 6.x platform. Most important task is analysing and solving performance issues.  Methods and tools used: AWR reports, execution plans, SAR reports, SQL-analyse, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and toad.

November 2015
Oracle DBA
Mercedes-Benz NL, Utrecht

Maintenance en repairs on existing Oracle databases on Windows. Creation of a new Oracle environment for the purpose of testing a new release.

May 2011 – October 2015
Oracle DBA
Zorg en Zekerheid, Leiden (Health Insurance)
Day-to-day management of Solaris and Linux servers hosting a variant collection of Oracle databases (primarily 10g and 11g),  Oracle middleware (OAS and weblogic) and semi-tailored tools and applications.
Important projects:
  • Creating a failover location using virtualization, active dataguard and RAC;
  • Implementing Oracle Cloud Control 12c ;
  • Optimization of back-up procedures using RMAN and networker
  • Build Linux based servers (virtual en real) to replace Solaris infrastructure. These servers host Oracle database and middleware software;
  • Migration of Oracle databases and middleware from Solaris based systems to Linux based systems.
December 2010 – February 2011
Oracle specialist
Royal Vopak, Rotterdam

Responsible for setting up monitoring and back-up procedures within a portal/sso project. The goal of the project is the implementation of a portal and sso functionality based on Oracle Fusion Middleware products. The monitoring is done by Enterprise Manager Grid Control release 11g. It is set up to monitor all virtualised middleware servers. De back-up procedures include snapshot technology and point in time recovery of virtual servers and databases.

January 2010 – November 2010
Senior Oracle DBA
Menzis & Azivo, The Hague, Wageningen & Enschede (Health Insurance)
The main objective of the project is the integration of Azivo’s OHI (Oracle Health Insurance) systems in the Menzis organization. Besides actually moving systems from one location to another it also implies moving to a different platform and a different architecture. The source consists of Sun/Solaris servers that host the database and the application layers. The target consists of a Linux based RAC cluster for the database layer and separated application servers. My primary tasks are the relocation of the Oracle products and it’s interfaces.
After the main project an additional project is started to consolidate software, that was not moved, onto as less as possible hardware. The objective is to limit maintenance costs. Most important is Oracle GL (Apps). It contains vital financial information that needs to be available at all time.

February 2008 – December 2009
Senior Oracle DBA
Philips International, Eindhoven

The second tier data centre is based in the Netherlands and in the USA. The Oracle activities in the Dutch location are based on a Fujitsu/Solaris cluster (RMS) with Netapp (NAS) storage. The cluster hosts approximately 150 databases varying from 8i to 11g. The databases in the American location are running on a double high available infrastructure. The first layer of HA is formed by a two node Real Application Cluster (RAC). The second layer of HA is formed by a second two node RAC being the standby database of the first RAC (dataguard).
The responsibilities of the DBA are the day-to-day and the project activities on both platforms. Amongst the day-to-day activities is the monitoring of all databases using Enterprise Manager Grid Control. Examples of projects are: the replacement of the Fujitsu cluster, the physical move of the data centres and the creation of a Real Application Cluster (10g) on a linux platform.

November 2007 – February 2008
Oracle DBA / System Engineer
IFS Benelux, Eindhoven

Part of the IFS product stack is an Oracle database. Most important part of the job is dealing with all the Oracle issues that arise amongst the customers.  Besides troubleshooting back-up procedures and upgrades are implemented at customer sides. The work area consists of The Netherlands and Belgium (Vlaanderen).

April 2007 – September 2007
Senior Oracle DBA / team leader
Delta Lloyd Zorg, The Hague

Co-working team leader in a team of four DBA’s. The members had various ages and levels of expertise. Primary goal of the team: management of development, acceptance and test environments. Besides the regular administrative tasks, two projects where part of the job.
The first project was the facilitation of 20 test environments needed for the integration of the Ohra administration in the Delta Lloyd administration. One environment consisted of three databases and two applications together about 1TB in size.
The second project was the migration of all databases to second release of Oracle 10g as well as the migration of the Application Servers to the second release of 10g. Both migrations where necessary for the use of the latest version of OpenZorg/AWBZ. Within this project the two tear approach was introduced, which meant that all database servers and application servers where to be placed on different LPAR’s (logical partitions). Five LPAR’s had to be built up from scratch to accommodate this need.

January 2007 – March 2007
Senior Oracle DBA
City of Dordrecht / Drechtsteden

Two projects both focussed on the cooperation of the cities near Dordrecht (Drechtsteden).
The first project was the implementation of a new application for the local tax departments. The application had to be implemented at four cities with the possibility of managing it from a central IT department. In order to achieve this, it was very important to standardize the use of technology as well as the procedures. The application was based on an Oracle 9i database with a 10g application server running on HP-UX and Windows 2003 servers.
The second project was the implementation of an electronic service desk for the civilians of four different cities. The electronic desk was an Oracle 9i based web application using Oracles’ 10g Application Server as a web server. The databases ran from HP-UX servers, but the Application Servers where installed on RedHat servers placed in a DMZ.

July 2006 – December 2006
Senior Oracle DBA
IBM, Delta Lloyd account

Fully managed nine complete test environments. Each environment consisted of three databases and two applications together about 1TB in size. The test environments where needed for the integration of the administration of Delta Lloyds’ subsidiary into their own Open-Zorg system. Important part of the job was to take care that the right data and applications where available as scheduled. To do this we used a combination of RMAN scripts and our own tailor made shell scripts.
The second task was the migration of the 8i en 9i databases and the release 1 application server to 10g databases with application server release 2.

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