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Colin Abrams

Senior SAP APO consultant covering DP, SNP, PPDS and CIF

Profileimage by Colin Abrams Senior SAP APO consultant covering DP, SNP, PPDS and CIF from Appleton
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Profileimage by Colin Abrams Senior SAP APO consultant covering DP, SNP, PPDS and CIF from Appleton
PPDS, SNP, DP, CIF, SCM, SAP, APO, ECC, PP, MM, SD, SAP R/3, ABAP, Business Process, Software Configuration Management, SAP APO, SAP Implementation
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Lead PPDS Consultant
11.2013 - today
I'm currently the PPDS consultant at Harley Davidson, participating in the blueprint phase of a multi year implementation.
5001-10,000 employees

ConAgra Foods
Lead PPDS consultant
04.2012 - 10.2013
Re-implementation of the full SCM suite. Conagra went live initially on SCM 3.0 and did pure technical upgrades to 7.0. Business processes changed as well as system capabilities improved and they decided to re-asses the current implementation from the ground up with the intention of taking advantage of new and improved functionality as well as adjusting the design to match current business processes. My initial role was the lead PPDS consultant, it grew to include assisting with the design and implementation of SNP and deployment.
Area’s covered include:
• AsIs and blueprint sessions of the initial design including plant visits and various demo's.
• Implementation of newer functionality such as: Interchangeability, various heuristics, PPDS Optimizer, Campaign planning, block planning, alerts, SNP optimizer, deployment optimizer, shelf life planning.
• Configuration of SNP planning books, macros, PPDS detailed scheduling board and product planning table.
• CIF strategy, including integration with current live processes.
• Master data strategy.
• Test scripts and documentation.
• Training strategy and documentation.
• Project plan and management of the PPDS team, including offshore resources.
Food Production
10,001+ employees

Harley-Davidson Motor Company
SCM DP consultant
05.2011 - 04.2012
DP - Characteristics based forecasting (SCM 7.0), Global implementation
This is a large multimillion dollar SAP run implementation covering several ECC modules as well as APO and other new dimension products. My role is to work with the DP business team lead, SME’s and the SAP consultant in several areas, both technical and functional.
The implementation involves a single production site with others to be rolled out in future waves. There is significant integration with legacy systems. Characteristic based forecasting in DP is integrated with configured products and IPPE structures in PPDS.
5001-10,000 employees

SCM consultant
05.2010 - 04.2011
Implemented PPDS across the North American operations for this consumer goods packaging vendor. Included upgrades of SCM 5.1 to SCM 7.0 and ECC 5.0 to ECC 6.0. Covered all finished products and raw material planning, make to order and make to stock strategies in a repetitive planning environment.
This was a full lifecycle implementation which I ran as the only consultant. Initially I worked with the business users understanding there “is” and “To Be” business processes until we came up with a workable process that we presented to the Steering team for approval.
The project achieved a fully integrated planning system with visibility from execution out to strategic planning in the long term. Eliminated offline planning systems and moved planners from looking at every code every day to exception based planning driven through alerts. Allows very fast reaction times to changing customer requirements while allowing low levels of inventory for both finished products and raw materials.
1001-5000 employees

SCM consultant
11.2009 - 04.2010
IT Consultant/functional team lead for the implementation of SNP, PPDS and deployment at Jackson Safety a safety products acquisition. Covered 3 production sites and 5 DC’s. Required a conversion from repetitive manufacture to process industries solution.
Developed several enhancements to the existing implementation (new heuristics, planning board), covering new functionality, as well as creating specifications for some custom development.
Modifications to the existing process to better support the integration of LEAN methodologies into existing planning tools. Worked with the project manager to set up and monitor plans for entire timeline from analysis through parallel run and cutover to go-live, as well as integration of live system into existing support team, of which I was also the functional team lead.
Consumer Goods
10,001+ employees

SCM consultant
01.2008 - 10.2009
SCM consultant and functional team lead for the implementation of SNP, PPDS and deployment in the medical device/supplies division. Involving production sites in Mexico, DC’s in the US and Europe and outsource manufacture in China.
This implementation included:
• Modeling of production in large labor manufacturing sites as well as complex clean room manufacture.
• High mix low volume business with shop floor in the middle of a LEAN transformation.
• One piece flow requiring KANBAN, and other LEAN planning methods to model new processes.
• Integration of new business process with the existing processes in order to leverage the training materials already developed and also to try and maintain a single business process across the whole organization.
Project benefits included: lower safety stock inventory, better deployment accuracy and improved raw material demand visibility.
Consumer Goods

SCM consultant
01.2006 - 12.2007
The company relocated me from the UK to the US to support the US rollout of APO.
Covered high volume low mix consumer products and B2B businesses with an annual turnover of around $9 Billion.
Consultant and functional lead for PPDS, SNP, deployment and CIF teams.
Project benefits were wide ranging from the improved network visibility and reporting through SNP, to the lower safety stock and inventories brought by more accurate deployment visibility and planning, down to better production planning and raw materials planning and inventory control. This is a highly promotional business and APO significantly improved the management of rollovers to minimize redundant inventories.
Master data management was a significant challenge and source of most errors encountered.
Consumer Goods
10,001+ employees

SCM consultant
01.2000 - 12.2005
Consultant on a PPDS roll out across 20 production sites in Europe. Implemented in waves of 2 or 3 countries at a time. Blueprinted, developed and tested the base implementation, along with training and documentation. Assembled and trained the implementation teams, leading one as well as acting as consultant to the other teams with respect to any implementation issues that they had.
Maintained a relatively consistent design, especially with respect to the custom reports that were developed despite all the legal and language differences in Europe.
Significant benefits were realized through the integration with the previous SNP implementation, central master data maintenance in R3 was consistent across all planning environments. Raw materials’ planning was also done in APO for sites where JIT raw material deliveries were done. Some processes were improved to the point that we had no on-hand inventory. Vendors delivered materials directly to the production line.

Europe SNP implementation project Jan 00 – Aug 03
Started out as the senior analyst and progressed to consultant during the project. It involved the implementation of DP, SNP and deployment for the entire European geography. SNP and deployment made use of optimization along with TLB functionality.
After the end of the DP and SNP implementation worked with the US team members to continue development work with SAP on improving APO functionality.

Y2K update project May 98 – Dec 99
Hired from South Africa and relocated to the UK. Attended SAP ABAP training and worked as a Y2K programmer correcting issues in the ABAP programs on an R2 system.
Consumer Goods
10,001+ employees

Iscor South Africa
Team leader
01.1990 - 04.1998
Various positions from programmer through to team leader in an Oracle client server developer environment.