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c/c++ developer

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2015 - till now (Software Development Company, SW Developer)
Worked independently on:
- Implemented several payment services to support Client communications with appropriate
bank financial transaction processing systems
- Implemented KeyServer application; the main goal was to cryptographically protect the
large amount of data stored in the Oracle data-base. The functions for data-protection
key's generating, printing and maintaining (key renewing procedure, data recryption and
other) were implemented using C++ OpenSSL library, but also supporting the requests
for the external HSM's services. For communications with the external world, the
FastCGI driver used, this way supporting the HTTPS links toward the rest of the system.
- According to KeyServer's RFCs, the Proxy Server application implemented, with the goal
to support the data-base's control over communication of front-end application with keyserver
(stored procedures calls for functionalities for key-entering, data recryption in several
different operational conditions included). Used C++ programming language
- For testing purposes, according to Key Server's operational loggings, the java application
implemented, using Swing and Bouncy Castle library, with the main goal to verify the
key server's output
- To support the payment system's daily work, several server applications implemented, using
key server's functionalities: encrypted card data generation, deposit services (using
the calls for data decryption), and other. Used C++ programming language, and Oracle's
OCI driver for communications with Oracle data base.

2014 – 2015 (ArsBlue Belgrade, SW Developer)
Worked independently / as part of dev. team on:
- SW support for Verifone POS terminals software development; Implemented functionality
for data sending over Serial port (the port for External PIN Pad device was adapted for
desired purpose)
- Developed several functional modules for EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) processing on
SafeNet's and Thales-9000 HSM devices. The functions were implemented as the appropriate
DLL file written in C++, and later used in large Java project. For testing purposes
implemented the Multi-tab application written in Java, with Visual components for
data/results acquiring/representing. Accordingly, the accompanied TCP Client/Server
mechanism has been implemented in Java, to support EFT functionalities on remote located
SafeNet's (currently Gemalto’s) HSMs (Hardware Security Modules). Also developed
TCP/IP client application to access the EFT functions on Thales 9000 HSM.

2011 - 2014 (OilPC Belgrade, SW Developer):
Worked independently / as part of dev. team on:
- SW support for the POS terminal applications: DES-Key distribution system application
over the long-distance area (Visual C++ with MFC and XML parsing library used);
- PIN Block calculator (used JDK); Compression/Decompression functions (C++ used),
- Base64 Coder/Decoder functions(C++ used), UTF-8 to ISO character transcoding
function (C language used),
- CBC-DES algorithm implementation (C language for embedded systems along with
Visual C++/MFC for PC counterpart);
- Relevant functions for secure data protocol over the public network using CBC algorithm
(C for embedded systems/JDK support for PC side used);
- Application for communications with Web server using XML technology (JDK used)
- Support and maintenance on card personalization systems (“CIM 1000 Kombi”card
embossing production device)

2008-2011 (Geneko Belgrade, SW developer):
Worked independently / as part of dev. team on:
- Significant part of software for electronic cash registers (ECRs) and related PC support;
used Embedded C programming environment for Microchip's PIC 24 series;
- Complete functionality for Small Fiscal Printer (used Microchip’s IDE).

2006 – 2008 (Arius Belgrade, SW developer):
Worked independently / as part of dev. team on:
- Significant part of POS payment application using Verix-V SDK platform for Verifone
- Several instances of GUI components for Java applications using JDK and Swing under
Eclipse/Visual Editor and NetBeans IDE; Solutions integrated in the payment cards
personalization system.
- Several software modules for applications using Eracom HSM using C++ and JNI.
- Several software modules for Payment Cards Preparation and Personalization system
(used JDK).
- Simple functionalities for JDBC technology using the elementary of SQL on Oracle and
MS-Access databases.

1988 – 1996 (IRITEL Institute Belgrade, SW developer):
Worked independently / as part of dev. team on:
- Simple form of inter-process communication and synchronization using C programming
language and RPC functions on SCO Unix; the solution integrated in “PTT-NIPS”
- SW subsystem for report printing; solution integrated in large Post Office Systems
application (“PTT-NIPS”)
1994 – 1994 (LOLA Institute Belgrade, SW developer):
Worked as part of dev. team on:
- Software functionalities of custom microcomputer based token-ring controller (80C51
assembler used)
Worked independently / as part of dev. team on:
- System for Hardware-protection of Software applications (applied HW module to protect
SW modules); Used: Microchip Assembler on HSM, Visual C++ on PC application.
- Applications for audio – signals WaterMark coding/decoding (used Microsoft’s Visual
C++ ver. 6 and DirectSound/DirectX);
- Key Generator/distributer application as the support for the WaterMark system (used
Microsoft Visual C++ 6 with MFC);
- Several SW modules for secure communications (C language for embedded processors
TMS320C5x family used).
- Full Integrated Development Environment for C programming language on PC (C
language under MS-DOS used);
- Parameters generator application in the frequency jamming communication systems (C
programming language under MS-DOS with C-Window Toolchest library and CodeBase
library used)
- Several SW modules for secure communications (Assembler for Motorola
DSP56000/DSP56116 signal processors used)
- Several SW modules for secure communications (Assembler for Intel 80188 used)
- Several SW modules for secure communications (Assembler for CDP1802 microprocessor used)