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David Sinclair

iOS & macOS developer

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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 26.09.2016
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  • 25+ years of Mac development.
  • 8+ years of iOS development.
  • A commitment to quality.
  • Experience with Swift, Objective-C, C, Pascal, PHP, and other languages.
  • Excellent user interface design skills.
  • Fine attention to detail; likes things to be just right.
  • Many years experience with the medical software industry.
  • Experience with taking over an existing product, and starting new ones.
  • Skilled at translating a vague description into a finished product.
  • An ethical and honest relationship with clients.

Examples of David's own released apps:

  • Simon: a powerful server & website monitoring tool for macOS.
  • Time Out: a break reminder tool for macOS.
  • Caboodle: a snippet keeper app for macOS.
  • BlogAssist: a HTML markup system menu for macOS.
  • Pack: a simple packing list app for iOS and watchOS.
  • Tweeps: a Twitter management utility for iOS.
Examples of code can be found on the Dejal developer site or Dejal GitHub page, including:
  • DejalActivityView: a popular iOS project to display a spinning activity indicator as a simple, bezel or keyboard-covering style.
  • DejalIntervalPicker: a Mac project to provide a custom control similar to NSDatePicker, but for time intervals or ranges.
  • Several collections of category methods for iOS and macOS.
  • Contract work on third-party open-source apps, including NewsBlur.
  • Contract work on third-party components, including MBTableGrid for Tap Forms, and other private components.
  • Contributions to other open source projects.
Examples of work on some publicly-available consulting projects:
  • NewsBlur: a popular open-source RSS reader for iOS (and other platforms).
  • zCloud: a menubar utility for macOS to easily share screenshots and other files.
  • Profile: a large server/client medical practice management system for iOS and macOS.
  • MindFortress: an macOS "digital wallet" for secure information.
  • iData: a freeform database app for macOS.
  • Plus several components of Simon written on a contract basis, including the Email Cycle service, History filter, Context filter, and others.
Remote only.