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  • Graduation: System Engineer
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Profileimage by Josimar Galeano Web and Mobile developer from Bogot
I have 3 years experience in web and mobile development, also i have knowledge about AWS Architecture.

Social habilities
* Work in team
* Comunication
* Responsibility

Tecnical habilities
Architecture AWS: S3, EC2, CloudSearch, IAM, etc
Back end: PHP(CodeIgniter and Laravel Framework), Java and NodeJS
Front end: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery and Angular)
Android: Java, FireBase services
Hybrid Applications: Ionic 2, Angular 2
Relational Databases: MySQL, PosgreSQL
1. Web Developer (Guarumo SAS)
In this job I worked as web developer. I learned about many technologies:
* Front end: Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Javascript
* Back end: CodeIgniter(PHP) using an MVC architecture.

2. Web and Mobile Developer (1DOC3 SAS)
In this job I worked as mobile and web developer. I worked on many technologies areas:
* 1DOC3 website ( I contribute to do a re-engineering in the website using PHP(CodeIgniter) for back-end code, and Bootstrap(CSS and Javascript) and jQuery(Javascript) for front-end code.
* 1DOC3 Android App: This application was developed mainly by another developer; however, I helped to fix some bugs before releasing the new version.
* Architecture: 1DOC3 supports its architecture over AWS, so I had direct contact with technologies as EC2, CloudSerach, SQS, S3, ElasticCache, etc

3. Freelance Developer
Web and mobile development with a great variety of technologies. Some of them are: Java, Codeigniter, jQuery, Angular, Ionic, Phonegap, Android, Node.JS among others.