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SAP Technical Abap Hana Consultant Sr. and Data Scientist Enthusiast

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Profileimage by Rodrigo Morais SAP Technical Abap Hana Consultant Sr. and Data Scientist Enthusiast from Lisboa
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I have been working as a programmer for over 17 years, I know several languages and platforms. As an ABAP developer I have experience with analysis and management demands, estimates and budgets. Developments in ALV, Report, Batch Input, RFC, Functions, SmartForms, SAPScript, IDOC, WorkBench general, Data Dictionary, Enhancements, Module Pool, tax extractors, interfaces, SNOTES, ABAP PROXY, AMDP, CDS, HANA View, Fiori, UI5, ITS MOBILE (HTML/CSS).
In SAP R3 and S/4 Hana, I have worked with SD (Brazil localization), SD Mexico and SD Portugal, MM(Brazil localization), PP,
CO, PM, FI, HCM (Fiori), HR, RE, FICA-X and Convergent Invoice. I have extensive experience in developing interfaces for communication between SAP and legacy system through functions RFC, ABAP Proxy WS, file extraction, PI, etc. For example, Mastersaf, Data Primer-PwC and Siscomex Sonda Software’s.

PO: Integration Builder (Design / Configuration / Monitoring), Legacy and Legacy x PI x PI integration with all available scenarios (SOAP, XML, TEXT, RFC, IDOC, FILE). Enhancement of GRC settings, settings-NF and check barcode, etc.

BASIS: Monitoring environment, performance, monitoring of users, Configuration and administration of access and security and requests.

- Professional Experience
Client: Fresenius KABI - NetCare
Period: Jun/2017 to At Now
Activities: SAP ABAP support for all modules, estimates and documentation in English. Global environment, direct contact with managers and developers from other countries. Analysis and Developments for NF-e 4.0 solution, Notes application for outbound, adjustments in the Z inbound monitor, adjustment of exit's for JAVA messaging.
Project CFDI 3.3 - Mexico - Billing solution of the Mexican location (CFDI 3.3).
Sales Force Integration Project - Developments made to integrate Sales Force x SAP by PROXY and PI.

Client: DASA
Period: Jul/2016 to Jun/2017
Consulting: Neoris
Activities: ABAP Lead, managing the team ABAP and gap's, support the entire functional area for upgrade project implementation SAP S/4 Hana 1511. Responsible for the implementation solution of SAP ITS Mobile, development and testing on site. Responsible for the implementation FICA-X Convergent Invoice. Support all time with demands analysis, estimates and documentation. Technical support HANA about CDS, AMDP, Tuning, training, etc.

Client: Taurus
Period: Dec/2015 to Jul/2016
Consulting: N/A
Activities: Responsible for developing all applications for PP Module for automation RFID Legacy. Applications for management KABAN and appointment MM module and PP module. Support general SAP for all modules.

Client: Elektro
Period: Nov/2015 to Dec/2015
Consulting: Neoris
Activities: Development ABAP with WorkFlow for MM module, solution based a legacy portal partners ( microsoft .NET) integrating via ABAP Proxy and PI. Adjustments HR module perfomance issues on PA/PD.

Client: EMS – Brace Pharma
Period: Aug/2014 to Nov/2015
Consulting: Neoris
Activities: ABAP Lead, managing the team ABAP and gap's, support the entire functional area for upgrade project SAP ECC 4.7 to 6.0. Responsible for the implementation solution of SAP ITS Mobile, development and testing on site. Direct contact with managers and key-user’s for understanding and support in decision-making. Integration HR between legacy. Integration ECC with legacy’s software using PO/ PI with GRC/NFe.

Client: Concha Y Toro
Period: Jul/2014 to Aug/2014
Consulting: Homine
Activities: Responsible for adjustments and support golive 13 interfaces with legacy Mastersaf (Brazil localization). With functional specification of where and how to get the data, check the layout required by Mastersaf software and develop/fix SAP reports to generate these files with all the necessary data being validated and sent to the government.

Client: BorgWarner
Period: Jul/2014
Consulting: WABR
Activities: Analysis and correction of Z developments for issuing files for SEFAZ. The Z report generates a txt Archiving for declaration of ST (Tax Substitution) sent directly to SEFAZ the file is validated and the data is saved for Brazil Localization liabilities.

Client: Bosch
Period: Mar/2014 to Jul/2014
Consulting: WABR / TechMahindra
Activities: Development ABAP (report's module pool) to the PP module, loading and support programs for ITS Mobile collectors. Developments using data payloads in a standard transaction PP and QM, would be a simple change of “werks” but by the volume of data analyzes and validations were more detailed.

Client: KSPG - Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG
Period: Oct/2013 to Mar/2014
Consulting: Neoris
Activities: Development ABAP (report's module pool, SmartForms Zebra, SAPScript, enhancements, etc.). Responsible for developing aplications Mobile (Mobile ITS) for PP module and application development SAP Console and ITS Mobile for WM. Timely support PI / GRC NFe to applications. As we had a number of problems with SAP Console after upgrading EHP, we seek a solution for mobile applications, after several tests I was the developer responsible for the deployment of ITS Mobile solution for applications collectors PP, QM and WM.

Client: Mars
Period: Jun/2013 to Oct/2013
Consulting K2 Partnering Solution
Activities: Responsible Local ABAP (ABAP Lead) for effective international rollout to Brazil, Chile and Argentina for global environment, demands analysis, estimates, documentation, together with offshore team in India and with the members of the management board development in the USA. All notes or changes that would be applied in the global environment were analyzed to predict the impact in an environment with more than 40 SAP locations. After this whole process and the release notes and times or changes were applied.

Client: Burigotto – (Peg Pérego Brazil)
Period: Mar/2013 to Jun/2013
Consulting: Veratis
Activities: Responsible ABAP (ABAP Leader Brazil) for the execution of the SAP upgrade from version 4.7 to 6.0, demands analysis, monitoring ABAP team, and make all corrections SPAU / SPDD as data dictionary, ABAP Query, group functions, functions, programs standard, changes in BADI, exit's, enhancements, correction programs Z / Y, application notes, analysis and correction programs SPED Fiscal / PIS / COFINS / CIAP.

Client: Raízen / Votoratin
Period: Fev/2013
Consulting: Veratis
Activities: Development of a solution for integrating SAP GRC x Legacy Java via ABAP Proxy and Web services, for managing users, profiles, etc.

Client: Atlas Schindler
Period: Jan/2013
Consulting: Veratis
Activities: Budget / survey of demands from the customer. Analysis and documentation of developments Z / Y in the environment, improvements prevision and application notes. 

Client: Plastipak
Period: Jan/2013 – Fev/2013
Consulting: Veratis
Activities: A problem was identified in legacy software that communicates with SAP by RFC, it was performed to correct the function of communication with legacy and badi emission NF-e.

Client: Bovespa
Period: Nov2012 to Jan/2013
Consulting: SAP
Activities: In Deployment of SAP, the customer needs to maintain information systems in parallel (legacy) for that there was the need for development / maintenance of interfaces for communication with legacy software through PI (23 interfaces), tests and corrections along the functional and key users . Development programs Z's Enhancement, Badi, Exit to the modules SD, FI and TRM.

Client: Peg Pérego Brazil
Period: Out/2012 to Nov/2012
Consulting: Veratis
Activities: Application Notes SPED/EFD, developments in BADI's to generate files for the gov. Development solution for generating GNRE Guide (National Collection of State Taxes) automatically generating the NF-e and communication portal by webservice.

Client: Klabin
Period: Out/2012 to Nov/2012
Consulting: Veratis
Activities: Maintenance and new developments in entry monitor and NF-e processing and automatic for NF-e entry (MIRO / MIGO).

Client: Positivo IT.
Period: Out/2012 to Nov/2012
Consulting: Veratis
Activities: Implementation / Development of entry monitor NF-ECC and the environment and settings and developments GRC functions / IP to query the status of invoices input / output, check tax information, etc.

Client: Henkel
Period: Aug /2012 to Out/2012
Consulting: CSCorp
Activities: Development of programs to Z Process Integration with legacy standard through developments using ABAP Proxy to communicate with Web services, maintenance of RFC's, IDOC, etc.

Client: Privalia
Period: Aug/2012 to Set/2012
Consulting: PwC – CSCorp
Activities: Development of programs for agency sales (e-commerce), purchase club system, automation of order process, billing and cancellation (chargebacks).

Client: Pochteca do Brasil (a company acquired by the group Mexichem) 
Period: April/2012
Consulting: PwC – CSCorp
SAP implantation.
Activities: Development of new features B2B/GRC, functions, RFC and Interfaces. Support PI (Integration Repository, Integration Design) imports, mappings, RFC, reporting,
monitoring channels and queues.

Client: Mexichem/ Amanco
Period: April/2012 to Aug/2012
Consulting: PwC - CSCorp
Consultant ABAP / Configuration and Maintence Integration Builder (PI)
Logistics integration project (Legacy), support to various projects ABAP SD / Deployment 
Activities: Development / corrections developments "Z" for Brazil localization. Built-in support, new features B2B/GRC, ALV OO, reports, LSMW, Batch Inputs, maintenance module-pool programs, maintenance of exit SD and NF-BADI. Key-user training, documentation, etc. Support IP (Integration Repository, Integration Design) imports, mappings, RFC, reporting, monitoring channels and queues.

Client: Sumitomo Corporation
Period: Jan/2012 to Mar/2012
Consulting: PwC - CSCorp
Consultant ABAP
Project to Sped PIS/COFINS
Activities: ABAP responsible Development / Deployment Module Sped PIS / COFINS, with the treatments in Exit's e change Z/Y reports with data from the SPED.

Client: Campari do Brasil
Period: May/2011 to Dec/2011
Consulting: PwC - CSCorp
Consultant ABAP
Project to Sped PIS/COFINS / NFe
Activities: ABAP responsible Development / Deployment Module Sped PIS / COFINS, CC-e and with the treatments in NT004/2011's (Brazil) Exit / BADI's and Z change reports with data from the SPED / NF-e. Work in Version 4.7.

Client: Light Serviços de Eletricidade
Period: Jan/2011 to Mar/2011
Consulting: Complex IT
Consultant ABAP
Project to module CCS
Activities: Utilities Dev, Analysis of performance, parallelism, development of module-pool programs and documentation.

Client: Banco Bradesco DDS
Period: Oct/2010 to Jan/2011
Consulting: Complex IT
Consultant ABAP
Project RE
Activities: Technical specifications, Workflow and development aimed at the Real Estate module. Programs and customization to meet customer needs.

Client: Saint Gobain, Veracel, Shering, Total Alimentos, Gafor, Julio Simões, etc.
Period: May/2010 to Oct/2010
Consulting: Complex IT
Consultant ABAP
Costumer Support to the Factory
Activities: Support NF-e / GRC, Badi’s, SapScript, Smartforms, LSMW, Batch Inputs, Reports, module-pool, ALV, ALV OO, Methodos, functions , BAPI’s, SAPNOTE, interfaces, integration with legacy, technical specifications, documentation. Work done in 4.7 and 6.0 versions.

Period: Fev/2007 à Abr/2010
Company: Impact Computers Brazil and Impact Computers Inc (USA) / Uniexpress Global (USA).
Webmaster / SAP
Atividades: Developments WEB involving several platforms, including SAP integration between e-commerce and (legacy systems) x SAP using RFC and WS in Brazil.
Bathina Venkat – Global Manager ABAP - Mars – +1-312-205-2685
José Rubens D’Abruzzo – Manager IT Peg Perego Brazil – +55(19) 3404-2000 / 3701-7700
Thiago Izzo Sasai – Manager TMF - +55(11) 99499-5967
Vanderlei Schiavo – IT Manager Grupo NC (EMS Pharma) – +55(19) 99294-6292
+351 913211072