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Juan Francisco Andrade

Front End Web Developer

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  • Graduation: Information Systems Engineer
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Elementary) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 29.10.2020
Profileimage by JuanFrancisco Andrade Front End Web Developer from Quito

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I'm an experienced Web Developer. I have Javascript skills and frameworks such as VueJs and React, and related technologies such as Gatsby, Next and Nuxt. I also like to work in Wordpress projects and the development of themes.
For building UI's I also have a wide knowledge in the CSS framework TailWind and Styled Components.

I also have skills in Web Design and graphic tools such as Illustrator and Figma. I consider myself a good researcher and solution analyst, looking for creating and releasing well made and usable Web products.

Currently, I'm available for Front End Web Development projects, using the technologies exposed in this summary, and also email development for marketing campaigns.

  • Software Development
  • API integrations
  • Responsive Web Design and Development Information Architecture User Interface Design

  • Operating Systems: macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Back end frameworks: Laravel, NodeJs/ExpressJs, Wordpress (theme development)
  • Front end frameworks (Javascript): VueJs & Nuxt​​, ReactJs & Next
  • Front end frameworks (CSS): Tailwind (CSS), Bourbon (CSS), Bootstrap, SASS
  • Static Site Generators: GatsbyJs
  • CMS & Headless CMS: Sanity, Prismic, Wordpress
  • Version control: Git / Github
  • Databases s & Query Languages: MySql, NoSql / Sql, Graphql
  • Design and prototyping tools: Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Balsamiq Mockup

  • Stakeholders and Client communication
  • Project planning and organization
  • Solution Research and Analysis
  • Web product creation
  • 03/2014 - Present

  • Freelance Web Developer
  • Software Development in Umpacto (www.umpacto.com)
    Developed the Web Site of Mazda Ecuador (www.mazda.com.ec)
    Environment: Wordpress, VueJs, Laravel, Web Services Integrations

    • Created a Wordpress theme to bring Mazda’s Web Site design to a working CMS, so the client could easily update pages and sections such as the Vehicles’ page.

    • Used VueJs as the front end framework to enhance the usability of features such as the Car Dealer Locator and the UI integration with Web Services.

    • Used Laravel framework to create Web Services which needed to be integrated to the platform.

    • Implemented the full Web Site design as a responsive solution.

    Developed a wide report platform to migrate an old resource registration excel mechanism for the company Oben Holding Group.
    Environment: Laravel, VueJs

    • Considering Test Driven Development with Laravel, carried out the report software implementation.

    • Used VueJs and Vuex (for state management) for the UI implementation, which basically consisted on registering and displaying a wide range of numbers regarding the resource management of the company.

    Built a Web Application as *SaaS* aimed at the commercialization of industrial products on the Internet, called SOCO. 
    Environment: Laravel, VueJs

    • Web Site and Control panel for Products and Clients (product sellers).

    • Software implementation carried out by Test Driven Development with Laravel

    • Responsive Web solution.

    Contributed to the development of a mobile (tablet) application aimed at vehicle issue registration for an insurance company.
    Environment: Android (Java, SQLite)

    • Stablished the architecture and local database technology for the Android version.

    • Implemented some features for the Android version

    Developed the Web Site of Energizer Automotriz (www.energizerautomotriz.com).
    Environment:  Wordpress, Laravel,VueJs

    • Created a Wordpress template to bring this Web Site to a working  CMS.

    • Use Laravel (backend) and VueJs (front end) as frameworks to drive the implementation of the dynamic features and integrations.       

    • Implemented the full Web Site design as a responsive solution

    Collaborated to the enhancement and  implementation of  good practices for project organization and planning, consolidating workflows that led to better team work performance. 
    Side Project Development
    Designed and developed www.takextreme.com
    Environment: Laravel, VueJs, Sass

    • An extreme sport’s photography Web Site which initial purpose is to give to the outdoors community a novel tool to register their experiences through photography and share them to the world.

    • The Web Site and control panel (to enable the management and upload of stories and photographies) were written in Laravel and VueJs

    • In this project I introduced the new CSS grid techniques to structure the layout of some pages, such as those containing photo galleries.

    • It’s a responsive first implementation.    

    Designed and built personal Web Site: www.jandrade.co
    Environment: Laravel, VueJs, Sass

    • Maked use of  Tailwind which is a utility-first CSS framework

    Built a React Application to learn more about this technology:  www.democod.jandrade.co
    Environment: React, Firebase real time database, Local Storage

    • Besides ReactJs, this Web Application integrates with third party services like Facebook, GitHub and Twitter Login and Firebase Real Time database.

    • Important concepts like component state management, routing and JSX rendering in ReactJs are fully explained and applied in this app.

    Built a Node-Express Application to learn more about this technology:  www.deliciousapp.jandrade.co
    Environment: NodeJs, ExpressJs, MondoDB, PugJs

    • Several technology is integrated in this Web Application like MongoDB for data storage and PugJs for template integration with NodeJs

    Developed a light weight CMS aimed at helping freelancers and newbies to structure their own Web Site. They could present online a portfolio of products or services, a résumé, and a biography.

     Node & React applications:

    • Fish Store: https://catch​-of-the-day-jfa.netlify.app - React, Firebase, Local Storage
    • E-commerce: http://sickfits​-next-prod-jfa.herokuapp.com/ - NextJs + Apollo Client, Prisma + Yoga (Graphql Server setup)
    • Restaurants: http://now​-thats-delicious-jfa.herokuapp.com/ - Node / Express Js, PugJs, MongoDb
    • Countries App: countries​-app-h2b61jf63.now.sh - NextJs - countries API integration

  • 03/2011 - 03/2014

    • Grupo Céntrico
  • Web Developer
    • Developed a Software As A Service for restaurants.

    • Maintained a psychometric tests tool called “Evaluar”.  This tool is also a Software As A Service

    • Managed Web and Domain Name Servers, email platforms and helped with product digital marketing processes.

  • 03/2010 - 10/2010

    • Ministerio de Finanzas
  • Technology management chief
    • Audited servers belonging to a financial state institution called AGD.

    • Developed an internal Web Application to organize the server auditing result reports

  • 03/2009 - 03/2010

  • Software engineer
    • Contributed to the development of a Web Application that registered data about universities around all the country. This data was used to asses them and determine a ranking that allowed authorities to take administrative decisions.

    • Led the development of the evaluation software and the process of data extraction and reporting that allowed the authority to apply math processes to determine the final qualifications for the universities.

  • 03/2008 - 01/2009

    • SAV Hemisferio
  • Web developer
    • Contributed to the development of a Web Software that enabled the environment authority to control the tree felling.

    • Developed a Web Application to register Social Organizations that were associated to the Social Inclusion Department.

  • 03/2006 - 04/2007

    • PetroEcuador
  • Information Systems Support Technician
    • Maintenance of a Web application for digitalization and distribution of documents.

    • Database maintenance: Microsoft Sequel Server, database-excel transformations, store procedures, job programming, etc.

    • Analysis to migrate an AS400 software to a Web based platform.

    • User support: networking, office and email software.

Continuous training
  • Continuous and self-paced learning, about modern and innovating open source technologies.
  • Used on-line resources and premium tech courses from world-wide recognized Developers.
  • Took courses on Web Development, Web Design and User Experience, Mobile Development, and Freelance Management.
  • Read books, articles and documentations regarding Web Development and other technologies including principles and tools.
  • Centro de Educación Continua - EPN. JEE course (Java Enterprise Edition)