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Last update: 18.08.2019

Developer Web PHP Javascript Jquery and others languages

Graduation: not provided
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May variable depending on projects
Languages: English (Full Professional)





I am a web developer specilized in Wordpress and DIVi, PHP and Javascript with Jquery and other frameworks like Sencha
I have also programmed in Unix bash scripts and also in C# .NET 
I like to build something that ca help people to automize theyr process to have more time and big business
I know also about SEO 
I have create a web tool to manage elettronic Invoices by loading the data from Salesforce and creating an elettronic invoice automatiucally in XML to send it in the SDI 
Also this from Invoice in Harvest
Also I have write code to create a customer Help Desk web portal 
And years ago a tool in C# to check all the activity in a big industry subnet networks to investigate the statistics of the PCs in the network

i know about programming and also about network and system managing , also I know about mobile device managemente using MDM like Mobileiron 
I know about certificates and security

I have also build some little app with hybrid system as Cordova to have app in iOS and Adroid too



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