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Paul Webster

Exec. Consultant, Advisor, Interim Manager, Enterprise Architect, Ecommerce, Digital Expert

Profileimage by Paul Webster Exec. Consultant, Advisor, Interim Manager, Enterprise Architect, Ecommerce, Digital Expert from Muenchen
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  • Last update: 30.05.2021
Profileimage by Paul Webster Exec. Consultant, Advisor, Interim Manager, Enterprise Architect, Ecommerce, Digital Expert from Muenchen

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I've been a leader and strategic thinker with a vision for IT transformation for more than 25 years. I've designed and developed solutions for some of the world's most successful technology-driven businesses including Ford, Vodafone, BSH, Metro, Sony, Kering Group, Royal Canin, BASF, AGCO, AIMIA, USB, ABB, Fresenius Kabi, Astra Zeneca, Canada Post, Bilka, DNB, and more.

I thrive in opportunities where I can motivate technically oriented people to produce ground-breaking business solutions. I specialize in evaluating individual organization's business needs to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions, and identify new opportunities for competitive advantages through technology implementation.

At Infosys, I'm a member of the Germany leadership team. I manage the company's digital experts and technical architects. I've defined and lead successful technology implementations and transformations at enterprises around the world—often with more than 200 technologists on my team, spread across multiple offshore and near-shore centers, and client sites. I've recruited, mentored, and coached talented staff to grow and lead portfolios independently both within and outside the organization. I implemented and ran professional development programs designed to meet software training compliance and career growth.

Before Infosys, I worked directly for and contracted with companies including CGI, Edeka, Metro Group, Primondo, Sears, National Association of Realtors, Apple Computer, Power Computing,, EDS Itellium, and Columbia College.

My experience spans industry verticals – retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecom, banking—and numerous functional domains, including digital commerce, marketing, micro-services, product and media asset management, customer relationship management, and supply chain management.

My ever-expanding technical skills include Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL along with working knowledge of Cloud platforms and AI-ML concepts and application frameworks such as SAP “Hybris” commerce cloud, and Opentext.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California and numerous technology certifications.
  • 06/2012 - Present

    • Infosys Limited
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Senior Principal Technology Architect
  • Oversee end-to-end operations of corporate initiatives as a member of the Germany leadership team, including new business development, country architecture and digital practice mentor, and service delivery director. Accomplish organizational objectives and fulfill business needs by providing expert advice and consultancy to executive management. Coordinate and deliver multi-million-Euro projects and digital transformation programs. Optimize technology infrastructures and streamline operational activities by identifying process improvements. Continue to build a ground-breaking digital innovation studio to identify and develop opportunities in emerging technologies. Manage the preparation of public presentations and new technology streams. Steer internal business model transitions and resource management. Drive sales, pre-sales, business development, and international development programs. 

  • 04/2019 - 12/2019

    • Ford Motor Company - Infosys Limited
    • >10.000 employees
    • Automotive and vehicle construction
  • Global Technology Director for Infosys Limited
  • Managed teams in USA, England, and India. Defined and managed the digital transformation program for the “Edison” project, Ford’s first all-electric vehicle the Mustang 727, which launched November 2019. Build a single platform to host all Ford vehicle lines worldwide with services including SAP Cloud Commerce, Adobe AEM, Ford Pay, and other internal backend and frontend systems

  • 02/2017 - 04/2019

    • AGCO - Infosys Limited
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Automotive and vehicle construction
  • Global Technology Director for Infosys Limited
  • Managed teams in Germany, Switzerland, England, the USA, and India. Architecturally defined and managed digital transformation program of the company’s new machine sales and after-sales parts and services (B2B and B2B2C). Program solutions included SAP hybris e-Commerce and PIM (product information management) implementation, along with extended enterprise architecture coordination with the program’s eight other tracks under three areas: 1) product configurator CPQ, 2) customer frontend including CRM (Customer Relation Management), marketing automation, customer portal, and 3) digital backbone including digital analytics, master data management, data enablement, microservices Mulesoft, digital asset management (DAM).

  • 03/2016 - 06/2018

    • Infosys Limited
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Senior Principal Technology Architect
  • Responsible for locating and developing a property to house the company’s new Innovation Center, a multi-purpose experience lab featuring the first European hub for AI and automation. Built a team of 150+ digital experts who, alongside the nearshore and offshore studios, lead the GTM motion, drive solutions, and direct delivery in priority accounts, transformation opportunities, and large complex deals. Opened September 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

  • 06/2017 - 08/2017

    • AMWAY Korea - Infosys Limited
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Senior Principal Technology Architect for Infosys Limited
  • Audited the as-is services, defined digital migration strategy for Eastern Asia market, and selected application solutions and SIPs

  • 01/2017 - 06/2017

    • SONY - Infosys
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Senior Principal Technology Architect for Infosys Limited
  • Strategic analysis of inflight program titled MOLT, which is the delivery and integration of a global PIM (product information management), DAM (digital asset management), and content portal to support the company’s digital product supply chain for content submission from partners through to channel publication. SAP hybris PCM with OpenText integration (for digital asset management) detailed evaluation focusing on core functionality in the areas of MDM (master data management), product lifecycle management, digital asset management, and pricing master.

  • 05/2016 - 01/2017

    • Kering - Infosys Limited
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Senior Principal Technology Architect for Infosys Limited
  • Manage definition of technical requirements, architectural design, and approach. Complete digital transformation solution design for the Da VINCI eCommerce project. Enterprise audits of individual brand systems, product management, and POS. Designed the SAP hybris e-commerce platform and the Apigee microservices. Made corporate presentations of transformation approach and maturity. Created RFP materials production and performed SIP audits. Systematize with the “Edmond” program—an SAP backend transformation project. Collaborated with the larger enterprise architecture groups.

  • 08/2015 - 04/2016

    • Fresenius Kabi - Infosys Limited
    • >10.000 employees
    • Pharmaceuticals and medical technology
  • Global Technology Director for Infosys Limited
  • Managed teams in Germany, USA, and India. Led “Allegro,” a global SAP hybris B2B digital transformation project for Pharma and Medical device divisions. Responsible for the e-commerce platform business and technical platform design management and delivery.

  • 02/2015 - 08/2015

    • BASF - Infosys Limited
    • >10.000 employees
    • Industry and mechanical engineering
  • Global Technology Director for Infosys Limited
  • Managed teams in Germany and India. Part of the “Maglis” program where I defined, managed, and produced SAP hybris PIM Product Catalog system as a chemical product catalog management system. A combination of three types of functional catalogs – chemical products, crops, and targets. BASF internal users use the system to enrich and maintain information related to products, crops, and targets, and maintain their associations, keeping end-users (grower) in focus.

  • 09/2014 - 02/2015

    • DNB ASA - Infosys Limited
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Principal Technology Architect for Infosys Limited
  • Managed teams in Norway and India. A strategic assessment and change management program to arrive at a target sourcing and operating model for the e-platform portfolio by defining scalable, cost-effective delivery capabilities, and identifying clear roles and responsibilities for relevant internal and external parties, and stakeholders. Assessed and set flexibility in sourcing to support tactical development and integration initiatives with external parties and niche vendors without compromising existing service quality. Assessed and defined architecture digitalization. Identified career opportunities for DNB personnel.

  • 01/2014 - 09/2014

    • AIMIA - Infosys Limited
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Media and Publishers
  • Interim Global Engineering Manager for Infosys Limited
  • Designed and built for AIMIA’s global application commercial development, which covers engineering production management, architectural design and governance, data design and management, deployment design and management, configuration design, and management.

  • 03/2013 - 01/2014

    • AstraZeneca
    • >10.000 employees
    • Pharmaceuticals and medical technology
  • Principal Technology Architect for Infosys Limited
  • Managed teams in Sweden, England, and India. Managed, designed, and delivered a 38€ million program of 17 critical applications, eight middleware, and nine infrastructure services, four support processes for 12 initiatives, in-flight projects, and SIPs.

  • 06/2012 - 06/2013

    • Dansk Supermarked - Infosys Limited
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Global Technology Director for Infosys Limited
  • Managed teams in Denmark and India. From inception through the delivery of Infosys’ first enterprise hybris eCommerce platform for Denmark’s largest retailer. Architecture and program design and delivery of hybris multi-channel commerce platform extending hybris order management solution capabilities as Dansk was transitioning backend services from IBM to SAP.

  • 05/2010 - 07/2012

    • CGI Deutschland GmbH
  • Executive Consultant
  • Improved operational effectiveness and efficiencies by designing and implementing change management tools and new business models. Managed all activities associated with the redirecting the division business model, including adding new products, services, and application development approaches. Controlled delivery of IT services and architecture while ensuring adequate governance for operative readiness. Facilitated defining business requirements and planning technical solutions. Performed consistent audits of business operations. Planned and defined staff technology education strategy while conducting business analysis and establishing new business streams to increase profitability.
    Important customers: Edeka,,, Peter Justesen, Red Bull,

  • 01/2012 - 06/2012

    • Edeka
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Executive Consultant for CGI Inc.
  • lead design, management and Implementation of PIM (product Information management) solution.

  • 01/2011 - 01/2012

    • Peter Justesen Company
    • 500-1000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Executive Consltant for CGI Inc.
  • Managed teams in Germany and Denmark. Strategic consultation, organizational business transformation, change management for online transformation. PIM implementation and logistics management redesign.

  • 06/2010 - 01/2011

    • Conrad
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Consumer goods and retail
  • Executive Consultant for CGI Inc.
  • Lead architecture design for e-commerce transformation program with SAP backend and front-end services.

  • 11/2009 - 05/2010

    • CIO GmbH
  • External Advisor
  • Managed the optimization of all e-commerce activities by identifying areas of concern, providing improvement recommendations, and implementing effective strategies and measures. Coordinated end-to-end business operations, including strategic initiatives and relations with key vendors. Collaborated with the executive management to advance company goals and streamline business practices through the development and implementation of effective strategies. Worked on platform stabilization task force and core data structure design.

  • 01/2007 - 11/2009

    • Arcandor AG Corperation; Primondo Operations GmbH
  • Platform Manager
  • Architecture:
    Primary IT-Software and Hardware Architect for
    Controlling for executive management

    Architectural consulting and management for numerous national and international business units in
    commercial B2C and B2B Solutions
    Coordination and presentation of all architectural processes

    95% of all architectural projects taken up to the maturity of project
    Strategic cost management and quality management

    All qualified projects completed with 100% of the expected solution

    Platform Management:
    Software and hardware management
    Cost control, monitoring and management of service

    Platform testing and optimization management

    Business Development:
    Built an architecture board and Asset Management processes
    Crisis management

    Generated synergies between business and IT units at the national and international level

  • 01/2007 - 12/2008

    • Software-Architect; EDS Itellium GmbH
  • Managing Consultant
  • Architecture:
    Development and management of front-end and back-end architecture for
    Standardization and guidelines for programming

    Software architecture for commercial B2C & B2B solutions in the national and international
    Design the development of middleware services

    Platform Development:
    Projects Controlling
    Analysis and consolidation of multiple platforms

  • 01/1995 - 12/2007

    • Wolf Communications
  • Business Owner | Consultant | Developer
  • Wolf Communications

    Executive level counceling
    B2B, B2C commerce advisory

    IT change management
    IT services/architecture advisory

    Strategic IT cost reduction management
    Interim management

    Major clients:,,,, City of Chicago, University of
    Chicago, Columbia College, N. Carolina State, Anderson, Apple Computer...

    Platform Services:
    Account management
    Networking and e-mail services hosting

    Business development
    Project management, national and international

    Web application development and hosting, 256 clients

  • 01/2006 - 01/2007

    • Columbia College Chicago
  • Head of Development & Projects Manager | Provost Office
  • Columbia College Chicago

    Senior Manager for IT and business IT development and project management teams
    Management of service providers and consultants

    Head of the Advisory Panel on E-commerce and online communication
    Controlling for a budget of $6 million

    Change Management: consolidation of multiple platforms
    Direct personnel management of 12 project managers

  • 01/2000 - 01/2006

    • REALTORS Associations; Chicago Association of REALTORS (a REALTORS Assoc. division)
  • IT Director | Senior Management Team
  • Strategic value enabling through leadership structuring
    Accountable to board of directors

    Strategic business and infrastructure development
    Strategic business and infrastructure development

    IT Director:
    Change management: complete rebuild of IT services
    Vendors and consultant's management

    Asset and standards management
    Controlling for a budget of $15 million

    Departmental (30) and division staff management (50)

  • 01/2000 - 12/2003

    • National Association of REALTORS (the REALTORS Assoc.)
  • Head of Development and Architecture
  • Multiple team management of 5-25
    Controlling for a budget of $9 million

    Transaction management systems development
    Business process management

    B2B and B2C projects,,,
    Project management controlling

I have significant global client-facing experience in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, in the past 24 months I have traveled to and managed projects in Germany, UK, South Korea, India, Norway, USA, and France.