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Gabriel Craciunescu

Senior WebSphere/WebSphere portal SME, middleware Architect, Senior Unix/WebSphere/Portal Architect

Profileimage by Gabriel Craciunescu Senior WebSphere/WebSphere portal SME, middleware Architect, Senior Unix/WebSphere/Portal Architect from Kirkland
  • H9H5B4 Kirkland Freelancer in
  • Graduation: Master of Science diploma (Computers, Electrioncs and Telecommunications)
  • Hourly-/Daily rates:
  • Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Native or Bilingual) | French (Native or Bilingual) | Italian (Limited professional) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 29.06.2020
Profileimage by Gabriel Craciunescu Senior WebSphere/WebSphere portal SME, middleware Architect, Senior Unix/WebSphere/Portal Architect from Kirkland
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WebSphere 6/7/8/9.0, WebSphere Portal 7/8.0, IBM/Apache/IIS Web Server, WebLogic, WebSphere and IHS log analysis, java and heap dump analysis, Wily Introscope,  WebSphere MQ Series, Tomcat, Jrun, SOA, MCP, Batch processing, Unix shell scripting, programming, TCP/IP, NFS, NIS, DNS and routing traffic debugging, assembly language programming, B2B App Servers, database management systems, Assembler, FORTRAN, Oracle Sun LDAP server, Directory Smart, WebSeal, getAccess, Documentum, ClearCase, FileNet, Chordiant, Norkom, IBM Unica, Bottin, LCAP, STB, GTM, LTM WebSphere setup, MFOR SOA, REE, WebSphere DR testing, java debugging, AIX 6/7.0 Unix, Oracle Sun Unix, RedHat Enterprise 7 / Ubuntu Linux, load balancing, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, Terradata, python, Siteminder, job scheduling, MySQL, Linux, Perl, Java JDK, network traffic, IVR, Google healthcare apps, Infogix, Coherence Oracle grid, BlueSquare2, Pega, JDBC, MQ, SSO, application servers and clustering, Sun One Web Server, DART, Dealworks, Documentum (Business Objects, Veritas Volume manager, SSL Certificate, Web/proxy/application server setup and debugging, SSL, JBoss, Unix backup, ssh, sftp, Veritas clusters, Autosys, Blaze, Tivoli, E-mail server, Veritas Netbackup, Windows 2012 servers, SEOS, BOKS, KEON, Legato, FDS, Client Coverage, TMT, EMC Clariion, Gentia Server, Web Factory, FAME Site Server, Backups, system administration, master/slave DNS, FoxPro, SQL, C++ languages, HTML 5.0, JavaScript, Cascade Style Sheets, code upgrade, maintenance, computer graphics design, project development, technical support,numerical analysis, Web design
  • 02/2008 - 07/2015

    • Wellpoint Anthem
  • Senior WebSphere/WebSphere portal SME and middleware Architect
  • California, US
    (consultant, remote work)
    February 2008 - July 2015
    * Working as senior WebSphere/WebSphere portal SME and middleware Architect for the entire company's
    environment as part of an implementation and support team. Supporting around 3,000 various kinds of
    Unix (AIX 6/Red Hat 6 Enterprise Linux) and Wintel servers, web servers and application servers
    * Responsible for day-to-day (24x7) WebSphere/WebSphere portal support & administration, upgrades,
    maintenance and patching for various LOBs; new project architecture and implementation (including
    capacity planning, OS hardening and tuning, WebSphere debugging, configuration and tune-up)
    *Extensive performance tuning for fast-transaction systems (XA and non-XA transactions, JMS MQ, JTA,
    load balancing, datasource tune-up for Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, Terradata, etc)
    * Performing JVM tuning, expert in IBM heap dump and java core dump analysis, using WebSphere ISA
    Tools for L2 debugging analysis
    * Setting up various autodeploy python scripts; performing HTTP server and Siteminder integration
    * Setting up multiple Websphere 6.1.x/7.x clusters (clusters of 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16)
    * Migrating current WebSphere environment to newly WebSphere 8.5.5
    * Focal point for DR configurations and setup during yearly DR exercises
    * Setup Wily for different versions of WebSphere in order to find bottlenecks, code errors and other
    * Installing and configuring SiteMinder clients for IBM http and apache webservers
    * Setting up basic scripts for Control-M job scheduling and monitoring
    * Installation and basic configuration for MySQL for Linux, Perl, Python, Java JDK, various
    maintenance and Tivoli monitoring scripts, creating WebSphere automation and monitoring tasks
    * Debugging network traffic issue and congestion for peak hour traffic
    * Remote WebSphere and WebSphere portal server administration, patching and maintenance (versions:
    6.1.x and 7.0.x - all clustered and mostly on shared environments)
    * Successfully architected, managed and implemented several big projects for Pharmacy migration,
    Employer and member Portals (for doctor's prescriptions), IVR (all voice and data traffic managed by
    WebSphere now), Watson, LifeRay Google Healthcare Plans, Infogix, FileNet, Chordiant, Coherence
    Oracle grid, BlueSquare2, NPI, WEBi on Demand and Pega Systems
    * Installing and upgrading existing WebSphere servers for company's Virginia and California server
    * Installing and upgrading IBM HTTP/Apache Web Servers, WebSphere and Portal servers
    * Day-to-day tasks include (but not limited to): new WebSphere installations/patching and cluster
    creation, migration of WebSphere 6.1 to WebSphere 7.0/8.0/8.5 environment, JVM tune-up and
    debugging, profile maintenance, JDBC data source creation/modification, SIB maintenance, MQ queues,
    connection factories, activation setup and debugging, virtual and admin hosts setup; java core dumps
    and heap dump analysis, URL redirection setup, web servers setup and debugging in relation with
    SiteMinder authentication or other SSO mechanisms
    * Design base system components and delivery into standard SIT, QA/UAT and PROD environments

  • 10/2008 - 09/2010

    • NIXLE
  • Senior Unix/WebSphere/Portal Architect
  • (consultant, remote work)
    October 2008 - Sept 2010

    * Working as senior WebSphere Architect for entire company's Linux, AIX and Websphere environment.
    * Supporting around 1,200 AIX, IBM iSeries, 4.5/Red Hat 5 ES servers, web servers and application
    * Responsible for 24x7 WebSphere and WebSphere Portal support and administration, upgrades,
    maintenance and patching (including debugging and configuration tune-ups)
    * Successfully managed & implemented several big projects for private Internet messaging and
    communication systems (TX, NJ, PA, NY and CA police force, FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice, Dept of
    * Installed and upgraded WebSphere (versions: 6.0.2, 6.1, 7.0) and WebSphere Portal (versions: 5.1,
    6.1) servers (PROD and QA environments)
    * Provided WebSphere and WebSphere Portal patching and debugging support for critical applications
    * Installed and configured MySQL, Perl, Python, Java JDK, James email system, various health-check
    scripts, including Tivoli maintenance and monitoring
    * Insured remote server administration, patching and maintenance (through KVM web based interface)
    * Designed base system components and delivered into standard SIT, UAT and PROD environments
    * Installed and upgraded existing Linux servers (various environments)
    * Installing and upgrading IBM HTTP/Apache Web Servers

  • 09/2004 - 02/2008

    • JP Morgan Chase
  • Senior Unix Admin and Web Architect
  • (consultant)
    September 2004 - February 2008
    * Working as senior Unix / Web Architect and Administrator for the entire E-commerce environment of
    Investment Banking as part of the implementation and support team. Supporting around 1,500 various
    kinds of Unix (Sun/AIX/Linux, IBM iSeries) servers, Web Servers and application servers.
    * Responsible for day-to-day (24x7) IB e-Commerce Unix support & administration (including
    clustering), application migrations, upgrades for various outsourced projects; hands-on and tech
    lead for mission critical high-end projects: proof of concept, implementation (OS and app hardening,
    debugging, configuration tune-up) and support
    * Successfully managed & implemented several big portal projects as Syndirect/Syndicate (Trading
    portal - WebSphere, Sun One Web Server, Perl, Sybase, Janus), GEMS Trade Exchange (iPlanet, Tomcat,
    Oracle, Sybase, Janus), Product Central (Jrun, Apache, Sybase, SSO), Schroeders UK (IBM HTTPD and
    WebSphere with Oracle), ProdCentral (Tomcat / Apache, Oracle, SSO), DART (WebSphere, MQ Series,
    Apache, Oracle), FAMIS (General Ledger - WebSphere, iPlanet, LDAP, Perl, Sybase, Oracle, SSO), FITS
    (Apache, Tomcat, Sybase), Dealworks (WebSphere, Apache, Tomcat, Janus, Perl and Oracle), Documentum
    (WebSphere, Apache, Documentum, SSO), EBTS (WebSphere, Sun One Web Server, Oracle) (real-time
    bullion trading system), Phoenix Risk Management (WebSphere, MQ Series, Oracle, Siteminder, SSO and
    Business Objects), Rosetta Trading System - WebSphere with Oracle (in Investment Banking and Private
    Banking environments, on Sun Solaris & Linux), Position Server (WebSphere, Oracle)
    * Installing and configuration for Tcl, Python, MySQL, Perl, JDK and various 3rd party apps
    * Installing and upgrading Sun One Servers/IBM HTTP/Apache Web Servers
    * Installing and maintaining Veritas Volume manager and Veritas clustering on new installations
    * Design base system components and delivery into standard UAT / DR and PROD environments
    * Reviewing and evaluating emerging technologies, state-of-the-art languages and tool sets in order
    to apply them to new and existing projects
    * Installing and upgrading WebSphere and MQ Servers (in clustered environments)
    * Installing and upgrading Tigger applications (JP Morgan proprietary bundled Apache, Tomcat tier)
    * Installing and upgrading Janus and Single-Sign-on environments (Janus, SSO, Clarity, Siteminder)
    * Procuring & Installing SSL Certificate on various Web/proxy/application servers (overall 3,000 SSL
    * Installation , migration and support of WebLogic and WebSphere application servers (mostly
    clusters) for several server farm environments including 3rd party integration (Siteminder, Clarity,
    Janus, Documentum)
    * Fine-tuning, core dumps, thread dumps and log analysis, performance monitoring for WebSphere,
    Apache, Tomcat, Janus, SSO, JBoss and 3rd party applications, JVM, persistent sessions, memory
    parameters, JMS/MQ queues and connections
    * Domain migration projects, setting up virtual servers, URL forwarding, etc

  • 09/2003 - 08/2004

    • Securities Industry (SIAC)
  • Senior UNIX Project Leader
  • (consultant)
    September 2003 - August 2004
    * Responsible for day-to-day 24x7 Unix support & administration, operations, migrations, upgrades
    and bug escalation for various outsourced projects; managing and hands-on for high-end project
    * Production environment upgrade/migration for the whole ADP account from WebSphere 3.54 to
    WebSphere 5.022 and MQ Series from 5.2 CD1 to 5.3 CD4 (all clustered with load balancing and
    * Day-to-day responsibilities include the WebSphere, iPlanet and Unix support of Charles Schwab,
    Google and ADP accounts, working together with developers in order to fix existing problems, do
    system patches, new builds, performance tuning and monitoring, backup (Tivoli ADSM and Backup
    Express) and disaster recovery procedures, securing the environment by using ssh, scp, sftp (for Sun
    Solaris, AIX and Linux) and Windows as well. Upgraded the whole Veritas clustering Unix environment
    (from 2.1 to 3.5) for Charles Schwab (Sun OS, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas clustering, NDM, HSI
    X.25, Secmon, Oracle and Lexmark printing )
    * Installing, configuring and patching existing WebSphere environments (to fix existing bugs),
    deploying new Enterprise Applications, with various EJB modules.
    * Took part of the NYSE SEC project encompassing Oracle 8i, EMC Clariion FC4700, FC4500, Sun Fire
    6800 and 4800 (in separate Veritas clusters), Syncsort Backup Express 4.2, BreeceHill 9.140 and
    9/40.50 tape storages The project consisted of 6 TB of data restoration and processing for an SEC
    inquiry. My responsibilities consisted of configuring, tuning up the 6800 and 4800's, creating the
    necessary volumes and supervising/debugging the data restoration
    * Responsible for Finance Web (HP-UX 11.x) production and development server modifications/upgrades
    including BMC Patrol upgrade to v3.4 for all HP-UX environment
    * Preparing a rollout of Red Hat AS 3.0 and SuSE 8.0 for approx 50 NYSE production servers
    * Supervise the entire Veritas clustered environment (including new server deployments), SE 6320 Sun
    Storage Arrays (10 TB), NIS+, routing tables, NFS, users accounts, ssh/sftp and DNS changes,
    security strengthening and various apps as Samba, PCX Trade, IBM HTTPD, Apache, Tomcat, Jrun,
    Concorde eHealth checkup, NDM, Autosys, Tripwire

  • 04/2003 - 09/2003

    • New York Times
  • Senior WebSphere/UNIX Architect
  • (consultant)
    April 2003 - September 2003
    * Responsible for the deployment, maintenance, performance tuning and support of Sun Solaris, AIX
    and IMB iSeries WebSphere App Server, WAS Portal Server, iPlanet & IBM HTTPD servers, Blaze, Tivoli
    Storage Manager, Vignette, Verity, LDAP, Tomcat and WebSeal
    * Responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of multiple instances and clones
    of WebSphere 4.04, LDAP 5.1 and Netscape iPlanet 5.1 on Sun Solaris 2.8 platform
    * Responsible for the 24x7 UNIX support - mixed Sun Solaris 2.9 and AIX 4.3.3 environment - for New
    York Times Adportal project including DNS, NIS, E-mail server, Veritas Netbackup. Responsible for 40
    production, 35 development, 32 disaster-recovery (DR) and 25 UAT servers: Sun Fire 6800 with
    multiple domains, Sun Fire/880/480R/280R/V100, E420R, E220R, RS6000 either with local storage as
    D1000, D420 or centralized SAN storage as Sun StorEdge SE6320, Hitachi, IBM Shark - 5 TB of storage
    * Responsible for the architecture, configuration/maintenance of multiple domains for Sun Fire 6800
    (Veritas clustering)
    * Responsible for multiple server configurations, deployments, migrations, new installs (in prod,
    dev, DR)
    * Responsible for security enhancements of all Unix systems (buffer overflow patches, ssh/scp/sftp
    install and configuration, disabling services, enforcing password aging), plus NDM file transfer
    * Setting up Netbackup client/server and TSM (Tivoli Storage Management) client for all the
    production, UAT and DR environment. Building and deploying new Sun and Windows 2000 servers
    (including Sun Blade Technology). Deploying new monitoring tools to all existing AdPortal servers

  • 12/2002 - 03/2003

    • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Senior WebSphere Administrator and Unix/Win2000/Linux Project Leader
  • Shield, Newark, NJ, US
    December 2002 - March 2003
    * Responsible for supervising/managing WebSphere and Unix environment for whole Horizon Blue Cross
    HR and Doctor's Portal environments
    * Installing / configuring and maintaining multiple instances and clones of WebSphere 4.04, LDAP 5.1
    and Netscape iPlanet 5.1 and Directory Smart 4.5 SP2 on Linux and Sun Solaris 2.8 platforms
    * Installing / configuring and maintaining multiple instances of WebSphere 3.54/4.04, LDAP 5.0/5.1
    and IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000 platform (DELL PCs using SCSI disk arrays) with radware redirection
    * Patched existing WebSphere installations (to fix existing bugs), deployed new Enterprise
    Applications, with various EJB modules. Debugged initial setups and future deployments of WebSphere
    (servlet and EJB debugging or Network connectivity problems, J2EE application maintenance)
    * Responsible for the 24x7 UNIX/Win NT support for Horizon's BCBSNJ: 50 production, 25 development,
    10 staging and 10 sandbox servers (HP Compaq Proliant series, Sun Fire 880/280R, E-6500, E420R,
    E220R, Ultra-10, Ultra-5 all with D1000 arrays) including DNS, NIS+, E-mail server and Netbackup
    * Setting up Netbackup client/server from scratch for their UAT and DR (disaster recovery) sites
    * Responsible for ClearCase maintenance, code deployment, process debugging, performance tuning
    * Responsible for the Data Center conversion project from WinNT platform to Linux and Sun Solaris
    (50 servers) - planning, transitioning, data migration and new server build/deployment
    * Updating Data Center procedures and server build processes

  • 01/1998 - 12/2002

    • JP Morgan Chase
  • Senior Unix/WebSphere Project Leader and Administrator
  • Manhattan, NYC, US
    January 1998 - December 2002
    * Responsible for the Global Business environment in NYC (global operations encompassing approx
    1,200 Unix servers - production, development, QA, UAT, DR)
    * Meeting on a regular basis with various business groups (IB, Market Data, FITS) and global
    engineering to setup standard goals, to draw integration and migration plans, setup procedures and
    step-by-step details
    * Installing / configuring and maintaining multiple instances of WebSphere 3.54/4.0, LDAP 5.0/5.1
    and Netscape iPlanet Server 6.0 on the same machine
    * Installed, configured and insured second-level support for JRun v3.1, iPlanet Netscape Server 6.1,
    en-Commerce v2.0 (secure LDAP 3rd party connection) and Razorfish Mazinga real-time query engine
    * Successfully managed the 60 Wall exit project (90+ servers currently migrated to other locations)
    * Reconfigured new 60W migrated servers to support NIS+, SEOS, BOKS, KEON, Tivoli and Legato
    * Enhanced server redundancy (for 60 Wall exit project) adding new disaster recovery and UAT servers
    * Managing the Solaris 8 & Sybase 12.5 migration project for Investment Banking for 30+ servers
    * Responsible for the whole Investment Banking server deployment, migration and new install projects
    * Providing necessary liaison with UAT (sandbox testing) and DR (disaster recovery) in terms of H/W
    and S/W planning and implementation
    * Part of the global ETS team responsible for the whole Chase infrastructure environment: DNS, NIS+,
    sendmail, Netbackup, server inventory, new server deployments (responsible for 350 production, 300
    development, 280 UAT and 350 DR servers)
    * Worked for the JPM Chase merger integration project of various applications like ClearCase, NDM,
    Autosys, FAMIS, FDS, Client Coverage, TMT, Global Pipeline, Market Data, FITS and MNA into Heritage
    Chase environment
    * Provided EMC Clariion support (only configuration/maintenance for Clariion CX6200/CX6400)
    * Provided AIX production support (version 4.3.3) on RS6000 servers
    * Supported Documentum (on Sun platform) for the whole Investment Banking environment (WebSphere
    deployment, configuration, tune-up, new installation in development, disaster recovery, production,
    * Configured applications & supported Veritas Cluster 1.2/1.3/2.1 (Sybase/Oracle clustering and
    VxVM) and Sun Cluster 2.x and 3.0 as well (for the whole Investment Banking and Market Data
    * Provided second tier support for Globalnet (E10k - 4 domains, fully clustered)
    * Provided ClearCase support, maintenance, upgrades, code deployment for the whole Investment
    * Responsible for the 24x7 UNIX support for Investment Banking Technologies of Americas at JP Morgan
    Chase: 24 production, 16 development, 20 contingency/disaster recovery servers (Sun Fire 6800,
    E420R, E220R, E-6500, E-4500, E-3500, Sun Sparc Enterprise-1000, Ultra-60, Ultra-10, Ultra-5 all
    with T3 / D1000 / A1000 / SSA110 or Box Hill arrays) all with Legato backup and centralized Sun
    StorEdge storage
    * Responsible for several critical applications: FDS (Securities, Stock Reports), DRI (Compustat,
    Euroclear, Model Bank), IDD, Data Query, Populator, PriceLink, FAME (JPM's General Ledger), FAMIS,
    Gentia Server, Web Factory, FAME Site Server (Moodys, Standard & Poor tearsheets, US Pricing, First
    Call, IBES, IBES History), Java TimeIQ all with Legato and OperMenu Backups (with IBM's Tivoli
    * Entirely reconfigured all of the production, development and disaster recovery servers (hardware
    upgrades from Sparc-20/E-1000/E-3000 to E-6500/E-4500/ E420R/E220R; and from Solaris 2.4/2.5.1 to
    2.6 & 2.8)
    * Reinforced system security (restricted logins; restricted shared disks access thru NIS; disabled
    potential dangerous services as tftp, finger, rwall, systat, rusersd,sprayd; masked users thru NIS
    maps; monitored
    Web access thru Wusage, etc). Used various security tools as Tiger, Cops, Crack, SecMon, Adrian;
    * Enhanced system reliability through heartbeats & CA Unicenter monitoring
    * Planned 2nd tier Sun hardware upgrades to 420R & 220R Workgroup Servers with D1000 StoreEdge
    (RAID-5 with UFS logging and mirroring) and A1000 with FC-AL connectivity
    * Installed, configured and provided ClearCase v4.1 support (for version controller software) to NT
    clients connected to UNIX hosts through Samba 2.2 and TAZ
    * Used Samba and TAZ to configure UNIX machines to act as NT domain file and print servers as well

  • 04/1997 - 12/1997

    • Dow Jones & Co
  • Senior Unix System Administrator
  • (consultant)
    April 1997 - December 1997
    * Managed the Dow Jones News Reports integration project (H/W and S/W upgrades. setting up standards
    and business long-term goals, procedures, etc)
    * Insured application and data migration from HP-UX and Dec platforms to Sun Solaris platform for
    more than 30 servers; assured performance tuning, application troubleshooting and monitoring
    * Managed a mixed Unix environment: Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SCO, Dec Alpha and AIX (50+ servers and 250
    Unix workstations)
    * Unix system administration tasks include: maintenance of master/slave NIS, master/slave DNS, NFS,
    E-mail servers, users' accounts, networked printers, RAID cross mounted disk arrays using VERITAS
    VxVM, scheduled backups (using Legato backup), HW/SW maintenance of various systems like E-4000,
    E-3000, Ultra 2, Ultra 1, Sparc 20/5, HP9000, DEC Alphas and PCs plus 3rd party s/w installations /
    configurations like: Perl 5, ClearCase v2.1, Oracle v7.3.1, Legato DBU, News and HTTP Servers, SQL
    Net Plus
    * Insured all software transition from Sun Solaris 2.4 to Sun Solaris 2.5.1/ Solaris 2.6 (for more
    than 250 Sparc 5/20 workstations plus 10 Ultra 2 / E-4000 servers - using jumpstart)
    * Setting up a disaster recovery plan for the main servers and the existing RAID Arrays
    * Maintained ClearCase database (setup, upgrades, debugging, code deployment) for Unix (Sun, HP-UX,
    SCO, DEC Alpha) and Windows NT clients

  • 07/1996 - 04/1997

    • AT&T
  • Unix System Administrator/Technical Architect
  • (consultant)
    July 1996 - April 1997
    * Technical Architect Manager for the JaMS project (job scheduling, data processing/monitoring using
    AutoSys, Syncsort, NDM, BMC Patrol and Oracle database)
    * Designed the main technical architecture for the new AT&T billing system
    * Responsible for Unix developing MP machines for JaMS project (HP-UX, SCO, NCR SVR4 & Sun)
    * Unix system administration tasks include: maintaining users' accounts, networked printers, 200 GB
    RAID-1 arrays using VERITAS VxVM for Sun E-6000, scheduled backups (using Legato DBU or OSA A&M),
    3rd party software installations & configurations like: Sablime, AutoSys, Connect Direct, BMC
    Patrol, Oracle, Legato, Micro Focus Cobol, Object CenterLine, SQL Net Plus, Netscape Enterprise
    * Insured all software transition from NCR SVR4 (3435) to Sun Solaris 2.5.1 (E-6000)
    * Managed 20 HP-UX servers (HP3000 and HP9000) for the JAMS project
    * Developed a job process scheduler under AutoSys (using JIL script language)
    * Maintained Sablime SBCS tracking system

  • 03/1993 - 07/1996

    • Eicon Technology
  • Support Group Engineer
  • * Designing sample applications for APPC, SNA Function Management and SNA Path Control, in C under
    DOS, Windows and Unix (on Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, SCO and NCR SVR4)
    * On-Line Priority Engineer Group Leader
    * Acting as a manager and liaison to development and production support. Also responsible for
    telephone support to Field Engineers and customers; ensured timely resolution of all customer
    problems; handling big accounts (with more than 1,000 workstations & gateways installed) and the
    mission-critical sites
    * Revitalized team spirit and morale in spite of arduous challenges and significant overtime
    requirements with written procedures, clearly specified expectations, fair discipline, multi-level
    communications and mutual personal and professional respect
    * Participated into the approval process of pre-alpha and beta release notes and documentation of
    AFW, AFW NT, AFU, SNA/OSI PC/LAN Gateway V3R1 for Unix and the product enhancements, fixes as well
    * Provided training support and specific phone techniques for new on-line engineers

    * Senior On-Line Engineer (Emulation Team)
    * Main task was to debug / solve the clients' problems related to communication protocols of OSI/SNA
    Gateways, LAN Router/400 and IP Routers and Bridges, terminal emulations (VT 100/220, IBM DFT 3270
    and 5250) as well as related network problems (Novell NetWare, OS/2, LAN Man, Banyan Vines, TCP/IP
    on SCO Unix SVR4, HP-UX, AIX, UnixWare and Sun Solaris Unix), MS-DOS or IBM / non-IBM Host Front End
    * Providing on-site help to distributors; developed standard gateway configurations and on-line help
    database to ease the debugging procedures

  • 11/1990 - 03/1993

    • Matrox Ltd
  • Computer Department Manager (MIS Dept)
  • * Supervised 5 engineers, 3 operators and 2 clerks; responsible for all aspects of automatic system
    planning and related support services
    * Responsible for a team that developed a custom job scheduling system related to all phases of
    computer operations, data entry management and system programming
    * Led four major database software upgrade projects and implemented a New Information Center
    regarding the Security of Data Administration
    * Managed a whole mixed Unix environment: Sun Solaris, HP-UX and SCO
    * Designed and developed a Data Base Management System related to students' end-testing processing
    and a 3rd generation on-line development language, based on FoxPro, SQL and C++ languages
    * Developed a client-server communication package based on TCP/IP protocol (in C, under SCO UNIX) to
    link SIMSMART's workstations - Silicon Graphics, or simple IBM PCs to a G2 VAX mainframe
    * Implemented a software package for a complete financial company administration
    * Responsible for all aspects of system development and related support services (network contained
    50 IBM PCs in 2 Novell LANs with one bridge)

  • 09/1980 - 10/1990

    • CAD/CAM Dept; Microelectronics Ltd
  • Engineer Level III
  • * Responsible for various software implementation apps:
    * Graphical library package, EGA resolution: reverse engineering for dual terminals (in MASM and C,
    on IBM PC and TAXAN 1000 Workstations)
    * Written various resident software drivers (mouse, tablet, printer, keyboard)
    * Nine simulation software apps for MOS VLSI technologies (all written in FORTRAN on Sperry Univac
    and VAX machines)
    * Design and implementation of an interactive CAD/CAM package for schemes design on VT 100/241
    terminals (all written using a combination of FORTRAN, C and VAX/VMS DCL language)
    * Automatic production and surveillance package (in FORTRAN, on IBM PC)
    * Loan and jobs payment package for Department of Computations (translation from COBOL on VAX
    mainframe to FORTRAN on IBM PC)

I can relocate to US, Canada (Toronto or Ottawa), UK, Belgium. I do have dual citizenship and can work anywhere in North America and EEU space (have EU citizenship besides the Canadian citizenship)

Prefer remote work (if possible) and the rate can be adjusted accordingly