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AWS Certified Solution Architect, Java Professional, DevOps and Cloud Enthusiast

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  • Graduation: Bachelor's in Computer Science
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 03.02.2020
Java, AWS, Spring, Hibernate, REST API, NSI Scripts, HTML5, CSS3, Chef, Linux, Kubernetes, SVN, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, JIRA, Liquibase, Launch4J, MySQL, Node.js, Nagios, web applications, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, LAMP, CloudFormation, VPC, Network Access Control List, Route Tables, Elastic Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, IAM, Docker, continuous deployment, Terraform, Bash, Python, Kops, Configuration Manager, NS, Virtual DBA, database scripts, Ant Scripts, Angular 2, Batch Scripts, JavaScript, Spring Boot, API, SQL Server, Jenkins jobs, version control, Continuous Integration, DevOps, Java applications, mainframe, Debugging, core Java, User Management, Data Migration, Liferay, UI, Swing, Bug Fixing, LDAP, Unit testing, Junit Testcases
  • 04/2013 - 02/2019

    • ABS Professional Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Senior Java Developer and Build and Configuration Manager
    As a part of ABS I had worked on a product called NS (Nautical System). NS is a Fleet Management
    System used for managing the operations in Ships. ABS serves their client through various modules
    like - Maintenance & Purchasing, Quality Time Plan, Crew Rest Work Hours, Replication. I had
    contributed by developing in Quality Time Plan module where we provide users to create template
    of Jobs like - Inspection/Meeting/Drill, Audit, Internal Inspection and Vetting. Using these
    templates user can track when they want to run any particular job. While working in support, I got
    a good
    knowledge on Maintenance and Purchasing and Replication module as well. I had worked on
    automatic installer to install NS application and had worked on build creation. I had also worked
    on an internal project called Virtual DBA which is aimed to generate automated database scripts. I
    had developed multiple tools which were intended to provide data fix to multiple clients.
    stack involved- Java, Ant Scripts, Angular 2, Maven, Batch Scripts, JavaScript, Spring Boot
    framework for API, Spring, Hibernate, Node.js, REST API, MySQL and SQL Server.


    As a Build and Configuration Manager -
    * Creating and maintaining Jenkins jobs to integrate distributed components together to build
    deliverable artifacts.
    * Managing and monitoring version control system.
    * Improving Continuous Integration environments by optimally automating the processes.
    * Review of existing solution, design and installer architecture.
    * Orchestration of artifact installer in conformance with the modular system architecture.
    * Implement best practices and emerging techniques in DevOps.
    * Writing ant scripts and windows batch jobs.
    * Create technical documentation.

    As a Senior Java Developer -
    * Triaging and investigating the production issues and providing solution to the development team of
    the respective module.
    * Designing, implementing, and maintaining Java applications.
    * Contributing in all phases of the development life cycle
    * Writing well-designed, efficient, and testable code
    * Create exclusive tools to generate database scripts and rectify customer's current dataset.

  • 07/2012 - 03/2013

    • HSBC(Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)
  • Environment Analyst
    With HSBC I had worked under RTB department. In RTB (Run the Bank), had contributed in two
    projects - BMM Evergreening and Environment Build. Environment Build is completely related to
    server build. Once the server is provided, I was responsible for the required configuration change
    on it and provide handover of server to development team, so that they can proceed further with
    their development. BMM Evergreening project relates to upgradation of versions of all the servers
    to avoid the technology risk. In BMM, I worked on Data Replication Utility(DRU), which is a Java
    application used to copy the data from mainframe to midrange server. The team size was of 25

    * Configuration changes on the server
    * Debugging the errors on the portal
    * Deploying packages
    * Interacting with onsite clients to get technical queries resolved

  • 07/2009 - 07/2011

    • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Systems Engineer
    With TCS I worked in two projects. First is CPM, Customer Program Management (CPM) is a
    stand-alone core Java application of retail domain which has been developed for managing Loyal
    Customers by awarding then with Reward/Tier points. Once the appropriate number of points has been
    accrued, the loyal members can redeem those for buying some other products. Some of the modules
    under which I have worked are - User Management, Member Service Maintenance (Member-Suspension,
    Activation, Deactivation, Renewal, and Cancellation), Store Lookup, Data Migration, Batch
    Jobs-Cancellation Job, Renewal Job, and Point Redemption. The team size was of 30 members.
    Second project is iCollab, iCollab is basically a collaboration site portal developed through the
    Liferay tool. It has been developed to update the users with the latest events and actions

    * UI Developer using Swing
    * Development of Services
    * Writing Queries for fetching data
    * Entire flow from controller to DAO
    * Bug Fixing
    * LDAP Integration
    * Unit testing using Junit Testcases
    * Application Testing