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Juan Salas

English as a Foreign Language teacher. Spanish teacher, Writer, editor.

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  • Graduation: Degree in English as a foreign language teaching and Degree in Spanish teaching
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 03.04.2020
I have a degree in Education in foreign English and I, in my humble opinion very good at my mother language, which is Spanish, its grammar and rules are very familiar to me. I   work as an English as a foreign language teacher and also as a Spanish teacher at a school of my country. I like to read a lot and get as much useful information and knowledge as I can to use it in real context. I have been able to write and create deep essays and compositions that have been recognized by people in my area. I I like to work with languages and also I am very good at writing, analyzing and creating texts of related to several topics. I am very competitive and I am very harworking. I am willing to do most of the kinds of jobs that are required in this page and I think that to be able to do that it's neccesary to accept that we don't know everything. That's why I say that I am willing and able to search for as much information I need to be a good option if you need someone to work with writing or producing any kind of texts. I am very good at translating from English to Spanish, and the other way around. I can create very good compositions, essays, and most of the works that are involved with reading and writing, either in English or in Spanish. I have vast vocabulary in both languages that makes of me a very competent person when creating writing pieces of work is required.