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Qt C++ Developer

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  • Graduation: MS. Electrical Communication Engineering
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  • Last update: 25.04.2020
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CV - Nabeeg Mukhtar

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my programming skill sets include Qt C++, C/C++, Node JS/TS, Objective C 

as a Qt C++ Developer worked on Swipbox (smart lockers system) Client Application (using dLogic and Raspberry Pi) for various clients including IKEA, Fedex, DHL, SAP, Bring, Faracon, Frightways NZ, Post Haste NZ, Lethipiste, Matkahuolto, Remomedi, Jumia Kenya, Poczta Polska and 7eleven’s Parcelmate solution, the 7eleven's ParcelMate among all is a major accomplishment, the app itself would run on Raspberry Pi device (on top of Raspbian) and we made a lot of changes to the so we may control communcation selection (Lan, Wifi, Cellular), bootloader to fresh install and launch OS to our app on every reboot. the Swipbox client apps itself made use of network communcation over TCP (and websockets as well) along rest-api, widget based Gui, serial barcode scanner to read a number of 1D and 2D barcodes tyes and device interface to make the smart lockers work
  • 01/2020 - Present

    • LMKR
    • 50-250 employees
    • Energy, water and environment
  • Application Architect
  • Working on porting nexus PC simulator to Cloud application, developing node JS micro services and writing native C++ code to communicate with simulator, worked on Python (Flask rest-plus) micro services for a linked tool as well

  • 09/2016 - 12/2019

    • Gshare (SoftAcon Swipbox)
    • 10-50 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Senior Software Engineer
    • Swipbox (smart locker parcel-logistics system) worked on Swipbox IOT products based on Qt C++, mainly for IKEA, Fedex, DHL, SAP, Bring, Faracon, Frightways NZ, Post Haste NZ, Lethipiste, Matkahuolto, Remomedi, Jumia Kenya, Poczta Polska and 7eleven’s Parcelmate solution (https://www.swipbox.com/)
    • developed Qt C++ (GUI / widget) applications for Swipbox’s client end. Features include gesture based interaction, online connectivity using LAN, WiFi and Cellular data services, barcode scanning, rest api and TCP and web sockets for instant communications. Platforms in use Raspberry Pi and Dlogic

    • iOS native barcode scanner plugin (Objective C, Cordova) from Swipbox Infinity 
    • Halloooo... (social app) develop the server’s web api (node JS, mySql) and its iOS app (Objective C, agora.io)

  • 02/2016 - 08/2016

    • Gorillabox Pvt Ltd
    • < 10 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Senior Software Developer
    • Worked on Cloud gaming solutions (server, Mac client and iOS app development) for Gamigo's titles (https://en.gamigo.com/)

    • Designed and Developed the cloud gaming application for both Mac and iOS platforms with support for hardware based decoding and rendering (Objective-C/ C++)

    • Worked on a hardware encoder for games video streams based on Nvidia Grid sdk (C++)

  • 02/2013 - 12/2015

    • Innovative Solutions (and TeamRock)
    • 10-50 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Senior Software Developer
  • • Infinity Chess (http://www.infinitychess.com/) is an online multiplayer chess video game, an alternative to Chessbase Fritz. Infinity Chess is well known for its online chess engines tournaments which offer heavy prize money. 

    • Infinity Chess iOS app, worked on the complete game app development
      • based on cocoa framework with custom UI components based on core graphics and core animation api, the game has offline and online gameplay, rooms/lobbies, chat and live game spectating

      • Used CF sockets (network programming) for cross-platform communication with the server (server is programmed in C# .Net), the chess logic is programmed in Objective-C++

    • Infinity Chess PC app 

      • worked mostly on the application AI, chess logic, sockets and multi thread 

      • based on C# .Net (WinForm and WPF) with a few C++ modules 

    • InfinityChessServer 

      • Programmed the server application written in C#. Net, the server is
        uses .Net sockets and can communicate with both PC and iOS application 

      • Planned and modeled the new Infinity Chess’s Servers (application, web and database servers) architecture and network communication model, Infinity Chess has been hosting one of the most expensive computer chess online tournament on these servers since 2014 

    • Other apps

      • Worked on a local school garment store POS and stock management

        system, the solution was based on C# .Net with SQL Server local DB support and Microsoft Reporting 

      • Worked on embedded tracking solution based on Wesmote hardware using C programming language 

      • Worked on the Cronus Bot (http://www.cronusbot.com/) project, an AI based chat bot system, worked on the AI modeling process, data parsing and logical decisions implementation

      • Worked on IS Crypto a secure email plugin for Microsoft Outlook

      • Involved in the technical interviews and evaluation at Innovative Solutions, mentor junior software developers and interns, regularly guide and provide technical-programming expertise to help juniors groom 

        Senior Software Developer, TeamRock Feb 2013 – Jul 2013 

    • Developed a software based secure file and data sanitizer application for Windows system 

    • Worked on real time image processing application for expression and gesture detection of face, body and hands using Microsoft Kinect 

    • Developed nodes based logical editor (WPF application) related to a brain emulation research 

  • 12/2012 - 01/2013

    • Zaviya Solutions Group USA
    • < 10 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Web Developer
  • * Provided a Wordpress website tailored to their needs

    * Design and development of logo, banners, rendered images and text content

  • 03/2012 - 12/2012

    • Pakistan Navy
    • Other
  • Researcher & Developer
    • Indulge in Research and development of a software defined radio system (SDR) for the military for offshore communication, encompassing secure encrypted full duplex message passing communication link
    • Worked solo on the complete research and planning, design and development, up to deliverance of the software product based on C# .Net 4.0

i can travel outside country if visa can be arranged