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Profileimage by Grabiel Guzman Systems engineer from Caracas
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I am a systems engineer, I have a specialization in telematics and recently I am studying a Master in information technology. I am approximately 14 years old in the technology area, my last position was as chief technology officer. over the years I have held various jobs that have allowed me to touch different areas of technology such as: switch and router configuration (cisco), communication network designs, management of operating systems; windows and linux (debian and ubumtu), design and installation of wireless networks, digital electronics (16f84A microcontrollers), design and development of databases (Mysql, Postgres), business intelligence (pentaho), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, wordpress , programming language (python), design and installation of structured cabling (copper and fiber optics). I had the opportunity to work as a project leader in which the institution trained me to carry out the position, I was able to learn to formulate a project, carry out a schedule of activities, project monitoring and control, risk control, among others. I was in that position 4 years which were very satisfactory, I also developed the communication skills and the value of teamwork. I can mention about the skills acquired over time such as autocad management (I used to design structured wiring floor plans), suit office, Microsoft project, visio, among others. Regarding my interests, I have several of which I can mention: Listening to music is definitely one of the activities that allows you to relax and distract yourself a bit from routine activities and allows me to renew ideas. Play a musical instrument. Occasionally I learn to play guitar on my own, it is one of the instruments that I like the most, this allows me to concentrate when stepping on the strings to achieve the desired chord. Exercising allows me to de-stress and release stress, in addition to keeping my physique healthy. Jogging is one of my favorite sports interests, since it allows me to obtain physical resistance and also to know the effort that is applied to achieve the objective ... the arrival at the goal. Regarding technology, it is necessary to be updated with trends, since they are part of our daily life making it more interactive and efficient. the simple curiosity of knowing that there are more unexplored worlds opens up the possibility of wondering what else exists? and where is the end?. Skating helps to free the mind from the daily routine, allows you to feel freedom while moving at high speed. Digital electronics is one of my interests, the way in which actions can be carried out with devices that allow optimizing certain processes is without a doubt the best way to provide solutions to society's problems.