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Consultant, Senior Software Consultant, Senior Engineer/Associate Architect

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Profileimage by Prashant Bhatia Consultant, Senior Software Consultant, Senior Engineer/Associate Architect from Karnal
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C#, C++, MVC 5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, C, SQL Development, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, XML, XSLT, XMLT, SQL, Microsoft NET Framework (1.1-4.5), Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Core 2.1, Entity Framework, Core, LINQ, WCF, Web services, jQuery, React, js, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, Microsoft Foundation Class, Windows API, Agile Development, Waterfall Development, OOA/OOD, UML, Design Patterns, REST API, DLL, Socket Programming, IPC, Async/Sync Communications, Multi-Threading, Services, Re-factoring, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft C++, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Rational Clear Case / Clear Quest Tools, Visual Studio 2017, Crystal Reports, Git, SVN, VSS/SOS, Azure portal, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Office, Microsoft (Office, Visio, Windows (10, 7, Vista, XP), open source, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, SQL DB, SAP, lightbox, Azure, DevOps, bugs, ASP.NET core MVC, SQL Server, Entity framework Core, Nopcommerce, SQL Server 2012, VB6, WinForms, database, web application, maintenance mode, barcode, DB, apis, VC++, shared folders, Linux, PCB, Visual Studio, bug fixing, SSRS, Server 2000, VS .NET 2003, Oracle, Oracle Application Server 10g, J2EE server, Application server, 10g, server hardware, Visual Studio 6.0, unit testing, Loopback, ACPI, Interface, GUI, Load Test, Primergy Series Blade Server, SNMP API requests, HTML
  • 03/2018 - 09/2019

    • Dealermine Corp
  • Consultant
  • * Developed/Supported Enterprise level Dealermine website built in ASP.NET core MVC, SQL Server,
    Entity framework Core, Nopcommerce, Bootstrap. Dealermine Corp works with Auto part dealers to
    provide them best deals on their slow-moving parts. Auto Parts dealers register themselves as
    either a Buyer, seller or both buyer/seller on Dealermine website. Dealers upload their parts
    file on Dealermine website and it gets buyers for parts and provide them deals.
    * Architected and developed various modules in Dealermine website to support various
    screens/modules using C#, Visual Studio 2017, SQL Server 2012
    * Ported a VB6 legacy application to C# WinForms app for polling customer files and putting
    parts in database.
    * Architected and developed a nopcommerce plugin to display cards on the Home screen.
    These cards can be flipped and show additional information. This is configurable by admin
    with Image, text and URL
    * Customized the nopcommerce email service to provide configurable email messages which
    are triggered on different events.
    * Worked in conjunction with BA/QA to deliver superior quality software.
    * Created detailed design documentation.
    * Supported software builds and production releases on bi-monthly basis.
    * Acted as a key member of the group to solve complex problems during the Agile
    * Provided project planning and estimates.

  • 11/2014 - 03/2018

    • Social Interest Solutions
  • Senior Software Consultant
  • * Developed/Supported web application called Health e Arizona (HEAPlus). This is a website for
    Arizona state government to help residents apply for various programs like medical assistance,
    medicare, nutrition and cash assistance, Long Term Care program (ALTCS). Currently it is running
    live and in maintenance mode. Lot of issues and enhancements come on daily basis.
    * Designed and implemented ALTCS Work Management and routing logic for financial eligibility
    and medical eligibility to route the cases to ALTCS worker
    * Designed and implemented various ALTCS pages like Living arrangement, Enrollment
    * Doing enhancements in Health -e Arizona (HEA plus) website
    * Provided Go Live support for ALTCS module and Fixing of maintenance tickets
    * Provided project planning and estimates.

  • 07/2007 - 09/2014

    • Panasonic Factory Solutions
  • Senior Engineer/Associate Architect
  • :
    * PanaCIMĀ® Enterprise Edition is a manufacturing execution system (MES) software solution offering
    new levels of capability across your entire enterprise. This portfolio integrates cooperating
    software products in a networked environment to solve key production problems by addressing the
    top objectives for successful electronics manufacturing.
    * Involved with design and development for System Configuration Plugin. This plugin facilitate
    user to create/modify/save various settings needed by various applications in PanaCIM
    software suite.
    * Designed and Implemented Material Registration plugin is component plug-in in the existing
    MES console to facilitate user to create/update/delete barcode label setups.
    * Created Material Registration website made in Silverlight is also provided so that user can
    select a barcode setup, enter the value for all the required fields like Part no., vendor,
    lot, quantity etc. and register it in DB. It also facilitates the user to print the label
    using bartender apis.
    * Designed and Implemented File Watcher using Windows Service in Panasonic File Service. Also
    written a Connect module in VC++ for facilitating connection. File Service watches the
    predefined shared folders on a PT200 machine. It gets the file as soon as it gets created in
    the shared folders on the current machine and then sends it to the server on Linux machine.
    * Individual contributor for maintenance of Publishing system and reports for Panasonic
    Process Manager in PanaPRO software suite. This software belongs to factory automation
    domain. Process Manager communicates with the Panasonic Part placement machines, RF Scanners
    and various other devices to monitor PCB manufacturing. It records the manufacturing data in
    the database. User can view various reports to get the information of operations performed
    during production of PCB's.
    * Prepare & review Technical design documents.
    * Supporting integration and QA testing phases as well as production to analyze the root cause
    and fix
    * Review & discuss business demand documents prepared by customer.
    * Provide project planning and estimates

  • 08/2005 - 07/2007

    • Fidelity Info Services (FIS)
  • Senior Software Consultant
  • * Contributed to the maintenance and consultancy for Dexterra. Dexterra provides a framework for
    rapid development of Mobile Applications. It provides environment integrated with Visual Studio
    to create the device applications. Mobile device user can subscribe to the developed application
    and do insert, update, delete operations in the local database and later sync to the database on
    the server.
    * Was key member of sustained engineering team which involved with the bug fixing for various
    * Involved with Dexterra Professional Services Group. Designed and implemented Custom Reports
    using SSRS for client Minntech Corporation. Wrote Stored Procs in SQL Server 2000 and
    designing and producing reports in VS .NET 2003

  • 10/2004 - 08/2005

    • Oracle Corporation
  • Senior Member Technical Staff
  • * Oracle Application Server 10g offers a comprehensive solution for developing, integrating, and
    deploying your enterprise's applications, portals, and Web services. Based on a powerful and
    scalable J2EE server, Oracle Application Server 10g provides complete business integration and
    business intelligence suites, and best-of-breed portal software
    * Was owner of C language-based component ORADAV.
    * Responsible for setting up the environment for testing and fixing any issues on 64-bit
    ported code of oracle Application server 10g.
    * Interviewed candidates for open positions in team.

  • 10/2000 - 10/2004

    • Fujitsu Japan
  • Senior Software Consultant
  • * Architected and developed various diagnostic modules for Win-TMP. It is a pluggable suite for
    testing various PC and server hardware. It used Visual Studio 6.0 and visual C++
    * Designed and implemented and unit testing done for IA- Server FCT (Fiber Channel Test) to
    develop test programs to test the Fiber Channel HBA Cards in the Win TMP environment. Two
    TP's are developed to test the behavior of HBA cards namely Loopback Test and Fiber Channel
    Status Check Test
    * Designed, Implemented and unit testing done for ACPI(Advanced Configuration Power
    Interface). involved testing of ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
    capabilities of a PC
    * Designed, Implemented and unit testing done for GUI of BOLT (Bus Over Load Test). aim of the
    project is to develop a tool who can confirm the integrity and stability of the entire
    server system under stressed conditions at the design validation stage and also at
    manufacturing stage.
    * Designed, Implemented and onsite deployment testing done for REMMA (Remote Maintenance). deals
    with the retrieving the configuration information of the Primergy Series Blade Server using SNMP
    API requests. That information has to be processed finally into a binary file, which is to be
    viewed as a HTML page. It was done Linux platform

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