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Profileimage by Maximilian Hartig Projektmanager, Developer, Strategieberater from Achern
CV - Maximilian Hartig

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Dr. Maximilian Hartig (MBA)
Tech Enthusiast, Problem Solver & Entrepreneur


Most conflicts originate in poor communication. Being transparent about our thoughts, and respectful to one another allows us to grow together. Through professional and private relationships, I mastered 4 languages in pursuit of communicating more effectively. My natural inclination towards language helps me to identify and avoid potential misunderstandings.

Lean Thinking
Professionally and privately I, seek improvement through simplicity. During my time with the strategy department at thyssenkrupp, I helped to identify obsolete structures and devise more resource-efficient solutions. In my role as the co-founder of a startup, choosing a lean management approach is key to achieve growth with limited resources.

Meaningful actions require meaningful insights. I believe that understanding is the ultimate driver of growth. I take pride in being a good listener, because it allows me to ask the right questions and understand concepts, problems and people.
Analytic Thinking & Data Interpretation
Having spent 5 years in research as a doctoral student, I have honed my data analysis and structured thinking skills. Both are key competences for conducting valuable research, generating reliable results and deriving meaningful interpretations. In my role as a junior consultant, I applied those skills in a business context.

During my PhD thesis I worked mainly in C, writing a finite element code from scratch. Through this, I am familiar withagile code development and advanced numerical algorithms as used in state-of-the-art machine learning applications. For data management and evaluation, I rely on Python.

Curiosity and Creative Solution Thinking
Limited resources often require creative solutions. I thoroughly enjoy the process of breaking old structures of thought and finding insight in new, creative approaches. This of course requires the willingness to make mistakes. But I happily chose progress over security.

What I’ve Done so Far

Co-Founder, since November 2019
Leefs is the partner for emerging and part-time fashion designers to facilitate their design process by providing easy to use digital design tools, real-time individual sewing patterns and distributed manufacturing capacities. Our goal is to free the creative potential of small creators by offering them the same resources that big fashion companies rely on. For a fraction of the price. We achieve this by digitalizing the process of pattern creation and garment fitting with the help of AI and profiting from economies of scale through the bundling of orders in manufacturing.
thyssenkrupp Material Services
Junior Consultant for Strategy Development, 12/2017 – 06/2018
For seven months, I had the incredible opportunity to work on the strategic planning of thyssenkrupp’s material distribution division. Together with the head of strategy and his team, I evaluated the profitability of different business units and regional branches to project financial figures for the coming five years and identify new business opportunities. This included the assessment of current business models, financial modelling, evaluation of M&A opportunities and establishment of new business models with emerging technologies such as 3D metal printing. Together with the company board, we successfully outlined a strategic roadmap towards a substantial increase in EBIT while keeping financial investments at a minimum.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Research Numerical Simulation | Dr. Ing. in Mechanical Engineering, earned in Nov. 2019
At KIT I had the pleasure to work with a team of great scientists, colleagues and friends on the development of a numerical code for the assessment of severe accidents in sodium cooled fast reactors. In my thesis, I developed and implemented a model to represent the interaction of coolant and vessel wall during such accidents. I defined the scope of the project, set the milestones and monitored my own progress for the entire project. With my work, future analysis will be more precise and predictions about the breach of containment will be more reliable.

Collège des Ingénieurs
MBA course in Paris, Munich and Turin for graduates, Jan. 2015 – Nov. 2017
During the unique program at CDI in three different European countries, I had the pleasure to learn from numerous highly intelligent professors and
professionals about marketing, business strategy and corporate finance. Through masterclasses with board members and upper-level managers of exceptionally successful German, French and Italian companies, I had the chance to gain first hand insights on the implementation of strategic considerations. Next to valuable skills and knowledge, the program offered me the chance to become friends with outstanding young people of different nationalities, plan and implement own projects and inspire each other.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology & INSA de Lyon
Bilateral M.Sc. & Ingénieur Diplômé in Engineering, Okt. 2008 – Aug. 2014
Through the cooperation between KIT and INSA de Lyon I had the unique opportunity to spend two years of my engineering studies in Lyon, France, with the result of earning the respective degrees of both universities. My time in France allowed me to hone my language skills, experience a different approach to problem solving, and develop a deep understanding of French culture. The experience allowed me to gain awareness for efficient communication and understanding in a world that is rapidly becoming more
and more connected; both in the business and private sector.
  • 09/2014 - 11/2019

    • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) / University of Karlsruhe (TH)
  • PHD Student
  • Code development of a multi-field code for reactor behaviour.

  • 12/2017 - 06/2018

    • thyssenkrupp
  • Junior Consultant
  • Shaping the strategy of thyssenkrupp's material services division with market
    analysis and financial forecasts

  • 01/2015 - 06/2018

    • Collège des Ingénieurs
  • MBA Student
  • Conjoint PhD & MBA Program "Science and Management" at the Karlsruhe
    Institute for Technology and the Collège des ingénues at Paris

  • 10/2008 - 09/2014

    • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) / University of Karlsruhe (TH)
  • Student

  • 03/2012 - 08/2012

    • MAN Diesel & Turbo
  • Trainee
  • Was involved in the commissioning of a newly built test facility for turbo
    Assisted the head of the test facility during the conduction of vibration tests on
    the support structure.
    Actively helped in the translation of component requirements for production
    from German to English.