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Relationship Manager - Travel and Rescue, Relationship Manager, Home Product Executive (DLG)

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  • Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Native or Bilingual) | French (Elementary)
  • Last update: 07.09.2020
  • 12/2011 - 01/2020

    • Direct Line Group
  • Senior Manager - Corporate Partnerships
  • Key accountabilities:
    * Lead the design, negotiation and implementation on all Partnership key accounts to
    develop profit growth and operational cost savings through a program of partner
    development plans that accounted for 40% of 'Green Flag' product volume.
    * Actively collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to deliver proposals,
    design site visit showcases and sell new propositions to existing clients and new
    * Design and implement new digital and technology propositions to prospective and
    existing clients in order to develop new distribution agreements and enhance existing
    operating models.
    * Team management and development responsibilities for Partnerships team with a
    focus on professional and personal development.
    Key Results:
    * Launched new product proposition that increased premium take up and profit of
    Green Flag's most profitable white labelled scheme by 10% profit.
    * Designed and executed Account retention plans to retain and develop schemes
    adding £5million GWP.
    * Improved ways of working across organisation departments, improving controls and
    oversight that improved operational efficiency by over 50% on business-critical

    * Led the implementation of new contract set-up, including robust oversight and
    controls supplier responsibilities, to secure 1.2 million customers to Green Flag

  • 09/2015 - 10/2017

    • Direct Line Group
  • Relationship Manager - Travel and Rescue
  • Key accountabilities:
    * Lead Re-Tender for Travel and Rescue Packaged Account products with significant
    client (RBS Group) - motivating a stakeholder matrix to support contract extension
    * Lead the business function in managing RBS Travel and Rescue Contracts whilst
    developing and implementing customer journey improvements for RBS book -through
    a package of Business and Process changes within existing infrastructure.
    * Influence the design and scope of technology innovations to represent the client in a
    complex and fast-moving IT transformation environment for both Rescue and Travel
    insurance platforms
    * Lead the solution design and implementation for innovative propositions enabled by
    new software solutions to create bespoke offerings to propose during tender
    Key Results:
    * Successfully extended both key contracts of Rescue and Travel representing c. 40%
    customer volumes for each product line.
    * Refreshed the relationship with external stakeholders and transformed control and
    performance management frameworks to the highest standards, resulting in strongly
    positive feedback from external client decision makers/procurement
    * Streamlined operational and cross-organisation processes to improve efficiency of
    contractually mandated processes (including processes managed by external
    supplier) to reduce complaints and loss of earnings (Overall operational savings of £3
    * Showed initiative to design & deliver new customer journey improvement initiatives
    that improved claim payouts times for 34% of claims from 7 days to 2 days.
    * Achieved 'Outstanding' rating in End of Year performance appraisals consistently.

  • 06/2013 - 09/2015

    • Home
  • Relationship Manager
  • Key accountabilities:
    * Manage the commercial, customer and governance relationship with Sainsbury's
    Bank for their Home Insurance Product.
    * Lead the cross organisational support for the product trading plan - Foster
    collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to identify opportunities to
    develop sales across multiple channels - PCW, Online, Phone- as well as leverage
    opportunity from in-store and rewards program (Nectar) campaigns and data driven
    * Develop strategic initiatives to deliver commercial value to the partnership- key
    example being the re-skinning of Online Quote and Buy journey, working with DLG
    Digital department to enhance the customer sales journey online, targeting key
    customer segments.
    * Develop and influence multiple relationships internally and externally to ensure brand
    strategy deliverables across a key stakeholder matrix spanning two organisations.
    Key Results:
    * Web Re-Skinning of online sales journey - overseeing investment £1 million in
    development costs designed to generate incremental revenue by 20%.

    * CEO Award for reducing complaints by introducing controls to processes that saved
    over £250,000 in redress payments.
    * Aligned marketing and training priorities to correct downturn in performance to
    achieve the forecasted business plan.
    * Led the team for 6 months when Head of Key Account position was vacant.
    * Achieved 'Outstanding' rating in End of Year performance appraisals consistently.

  • 12/2011 - 06/2013

  • Home Product Executive (DLG)
  • Key Accountabilities:
    * Black Marble Project delivery - risk mitigation project - Excellent introduction to the
    DLG Organisation and Culture whilst driving action amongst stakeholder network
    across the business.
    * Home Emergency Profit and Loss management (Standalone and Linked) -
    fundamental understanding of Profit and Loss management with trading a direct
    product as well as unique distribution channel via Partner (RBS) distribution network.
    Key Results:
    * Complex Project delivered (with controls for customer processes, payment processes
    and regulator engagement) that totalled over £2 million GWP.
    * Leading negotiation and securing buy-in of mitigation plan to internal audit and
    external decision makers.
    * Profit and Loss Management resulted in over 15% reduction in monthly costs for
    provision of the service.

  • 06/2007 - 11/2011

    • Consumer Banking
  • Product Executive, Credit Cards
  • Worked in the Product Management Team for Consumer Banking Products with
    accountability for increasing bank revenue by boosting key trading performance indicators
    for the credit card product in this leading UAE Retail Bank.
    Launched 3 new credit card products including white labelled products involving suppliers
    ranging from major supermarket chain and international airline reward program (Etihad
    Guest Rewards program).