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Procurement, Commercial and Digital Transformation Consultant

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  • Graduation: MBA, FCMI,FCILT, MCIPS, Lean/ Six Sigma
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  • Languages: English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 24.01.2021
Digital, IT and Telecom Procurement
Project and Programme Management, 
Management Consultancy
Business Analyst and Intelligence
Digital Asset Management
Public Sector

  • 12/2019 - Present

    • Ipso Facto Consulting Limited
    • < 10 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
    • Provide commercial advice and guidance to Board members and NEDs and use key metrics to present procurement performance including cash and efficiency savings, budget variation and risk
    • Secure value for money through robust, modern and agile supply chain, commercial relationships and proactive management of contractual risks including those related to BREXIT and COVID19
    • Provide commercial advice and support for all IT projects and Digital transformation programme including for the development of business cases, annual business plan and saving plans
    • Leading on delivery of a 4 year Digital transformation programme including the adoption of ‘cloud-first’ approach for 250+ business applications, outsourcing SIEM/ SOC, Cloud Storage and Backup, Win10 EUDs, O365 and MS Team, ERP and new HR/ Recruitment Management Solution
    • Restructured ICT and Digital Asset Management function and streamlined process to track all Software licenses, Business Applications and Hardware including laptops, tablets, phones, SIMs, MFDs and circuits
    • Transform and lead the procurement and commercial functions to ensure delivery of a proactive, professional, responsive procurement service with success measured by KPIs developed in collaboration with internal customers and externally identified benchmarks
    • Ensure delivery and implementation of all projects in line with agreed timescales and in compliance with the UK/ EU Procurement guidelines (OJEU) and the Council SFIs
    • Restructured Commercial function, implemented category management approach and widened the scope of services provided including contact management, supplier relationship and risk management
    • Identify opportunities for savings through the identification of collaboration opportunities across the Wider Public Sector, rationalisation of suppliers and standardisation of common goods and services
    • Undertake commercial audits, benchmarking exercises, detailed financial analysis and modelling to produce option appraisal papers and recommendations for the Council Membership and Leadership Team
    • Shape the ambition and culture of procurement team (17 employees) to sustain and grow future success by developing a strong culture of teamwork and embed procedures to focus on cash releasing savings, process improvements and providing responsive service to internal customers
    • Responsible for leading and successfully concluding contentious commercial and procurement issues, such as dispute resolution and similar challenges in IT commercial relationships
    • Manage, develop and mentor team by ensuring clarity of roles and responsibilities, ensure timely completion of annual PDP and undertake the relevant statutory mandatory training and appraisals
    • Ensure all resources are focused on delivering cash releasing savings, process improvements, service re-design and supplier rationalisation as required to deliver a sustainable financial and operational model
    • Maintain an awareness of external factors including competition, technical developments, government business initiatives, current and proposed legislation in relation to procurement and commercial activities
    • Manage BAU budget and support IT and Digital functional leads in setting annual budgets for future requirements and minimise cost pressure by working in collaboration with the finance stakeholders
    • Developed and implemented benefit tracking framework and ensure realisation of projected benefits through improved compliance and use of ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ model

  • 01/2018 - 11/2019

  • * Provided strategic leadership and commercial advice to the Trust stakeholders in relation to procurement,
    commercial and contractual initiatives and ensure the Trust is getting maximum 'value for money' from its
    supply chain through optimum utilisation of personnel, systems and collaborative relationships
    * To provide expert advice and guidance to Executive Directors and Divisional leads during the annual
    business planning round including the production of savings plans and development of business cases. To
    monitor and support agreed initiatives once implemented to ensure delivery meets expectations
    * Developed and formalise collaborative relationship with Trusts and organizations across the STP and WPS
    to ensure realisation of benefits of efficiency through aggregation of spend on common categories
    * Managed IT BAU spend in excess of £80 million and developing sourcing strategies for Digital, Telecom,
    Informatics and IT infrastructure categories
    * Supported delivery of local health agenda through rationalisation of contracts, standardisation of
    specifications and identification of collaboration opportunities across the health clusters
    * Engaged with clinical and Ops leads to identify and develop delivery programme of 92 projects during FYs
    1920 - 21 with aggregated contract spend of £53 million including the Trust PAS and E-roster system
    * Monitored performance of procurement activities using key metrics and report on the performance within
    the Trust, including impact on internal stakeholders and the wider health community
    * Commercial lead for delivery of digitisation programme including Video Consultation app, Patient Referral
    solution, Microsoft 365 and Enterprise content management system
    * Delivered cash savings of £422K by negotiating contracts for network equipment, landline rates including
    non-geographic and international calls, network endpoint encryption and Dental EPR
    * Identified revenue generation and cost avoidance opportunities measure benefits against agreed targets,
    ensuring a balanced approach between cost savings, risk management and value generation
    * Aligned sourcing direction and category strategy with NHS and DH policy guidance, future Trust clinical
    requirements and ICT / digital developments in the Healthcare market

  • 06/2017 - 01/2018

  • * Successfully led, managed and delivered the transformation of commercial function through introduction
    and implementation of new processes, SOPs and policies
    * Identified new opportunities for revenue generation across corporate, commissioning and facilities
    functions and presented proposals at cabinet meetings for formal corporate approval
    * Revised and supported implementation of contract management policy, standardised procurement
    templates and introduced best practices to improve efficiency across all directorates
    * Developed the borough commercial strategy and policy including the guidance and templates for
    procurement of concession contracts in compliance with EU guidelines 2016
    * Developed commercial strategy for the client and identified opportunities for efficiency improvement
    through transformation of commissioning approach for Adults, Children, Homelessness Prevention,
    Learning Disabilities and Alcohol & Drug Abuse services
    * Developed and submitted proposal for restructuring Integrated Commissioning, Public Health and Contract
    Management teams resulting in cash savings of c.£384K through reduction in staff costs and overheads
    * Developed business cases and identified options for:

    o Automation of city parking through roll out of 'ANPR' technology and booking app
    o Digitise resident parking permits by working in collaboration with APCOA and Xerox
    o Increasing revenue from waste management contract through roll out of Smart Bins and recycling
    o Purchase of Field Service Management and Staff Rota & Rescheduling system
    o Transport contract for Dial-a-Ride, School Bus and Council funded taxi services
    o Library and leisure transformation to improve revenue streams and increase gain share
    o Roll out of prepaid payment cards for benefit payments and transition to cashless operations
    o Setting up LATC for CCTV, Commissioning, back office and data enablement team
    o Standardisation of FM contracts for commercial and residential properties managed by the borough
    and Arm's Length Management Organisation (ALMO)

  • 11/2016 - 06/2017

  • * Designed and established Procurement Programme Office for delivery of IT infrastructure programme
    with complex interdependencies across BEIS HQ and 44 ALBs
    * Supported merger of IT programmes managed by Department for BIS and newly merged Department of
    Energy and Climate Change (DECC) while ensuring continuity of service and support
    * Collaborated and liaised with Commercial Directors and Heads of Technology to develop and implement
    standard procurement processes and benefit tracking dashboard
    * Supported delivery of annual cash and efficiency savings target through effective management of
    category spend of £320 million and contracts portfolio of £ 550 million
    * Rationalised contract database through identification of 'single VfM contracts' accessible to all partner
    organisations and ensure continuity of business by agreeing exit strategy with current suppliers
    * Supported formation of CTO Forum to identify spend aggregation opportunities and developed action
    plan to manage common strategic suppliers across BEIS
    * Supported delivery of £24.5 million in benefit savings during FY 16-17 and reported the same through
    McKinsey / CCS portal for 'Commercial Accelerator Programme'
    * Ensured IT business cases and Technology 'roll out' programmes are compliant with EU and UK Data
    Protection and Information Assurance guidelines and suppliers are complying with revised guidelines
    * Managed and negotiated contracts on behalf of BEIS and ALBs with IT and Telecom suppliers including
    BT, O2, Vodafone, HP, Dell, Oracle, Microsoft, CISCO, Apple, Atos and CGI

    * Supported delivery of 'Government Digital Service' and 'Common Technology Platform' programmes
    by identifying appropriate route to market including G-Cloud, DOS II and Technology Products 2
    * Supported procurement in developing governance processes, spend controls, contracts for outsourced
    services, Service Level agreements, KPIs and NDAs in line with Government IT guidelines

  • 06/2015 - 11/2016

  • * Developed and implemented sustainable procurement and supply chain strategy and ensured compliance
    with Trust SFIs, SFOs and EU / UK Public Sector Procurement guidelines
    * Managed Trust non-pay spend of £122 million and delivered cash release savings of $4.74 million
    against the annual target of during the tenure against annual CIP target of £2 million during FYs 2015-16
    (£ 2.475 million) and FY 16-17 (£ 2.28 million in Q1) by rationalising the suppliers, standardising
    catalogue goods and services, service redesign and process improvements
    * Prepared and presented business cases, performance reports and updates for Capital Approval Group
    (CAG), Finance and Investment Committee (FIC) and the Audit Committee on regular basis
    * Supported Lord Carter team in formalising the NHS Efficiency report including identifying savings
    opportunities through national contracts and benchmark performance metrics for model hospital
    * Revised the procurement strategy to align with the Carter recommendations and developed the Trust
    'Procurement Transformation Plan' and associated metrics to measure performance and savings
    * Developed business case for revenue generation through development of retail outlets, and invited bids
    from coffee and retail chains in compliance with Concession Contract regulations 2016
    * Performance managed, mentored and professionally supported c. 28 FTE employees in procurement and
    supply chain teams and developed annual capacity and capability report for HR review
    * Engaged with stakeholders in Estates & Facilities, IT, HSDU and pharmacy to overcome resistance for
    centralisation of procurement and developed business case forecasting savings of £1.34 million
    * Streamlined P2P process by revising PO approval hierarchy and implemented 'No PO, No Payment'
    policy for all goods and services including for capital purchases and leased equipment
    * Led and managed professional services category projects including for Internal and External audit,
    temporary staffing, interpretation & translation, consultancy, payroll, purchase cards and legal services
    * Supported delivery of managed service contracts for Soft and Hard FM, staff canteen, utilities and capital
    equipment including patient beds, CT scanners and Ultrasound machines
    * Developed productive working relationships with Executives, NEDs and board members and regularly
    updated about them short and long-term procurement plans and performance outcomes
    * Managed procurement and supply chain functional budget of £1.6 million, authorised monthly expenses
    and purchase card statements, and tracked variance against forecasted budget on monthly basis
    * Developed collaborative relationships with other NHS Trusts and Wider Public-Sector bodies to improve
    resource utilization and deliver additional savings through 'Demand Aggregation'

  • 10/2010 - 03/2014

  • * Developed and delivered 3 year rolling ICT and Telecom category plan by working in collaboration with
    CIOs, Directors of IT and cross functional stakeholders of NHS London Trusts, DH and NHS England
    * Developed annual costing and resource plans for all procurement projects during FYs 12-14 with annual
    spend in excess of £125 million and forecasted cash and efficiency savings in excess of £25 million
    * Devised and implemented processes, standard operating procedures and KPIs/ metrics for measuring cash
    and efficiency savings, supplier performance and risk mitigation
    * Designed and implemented service improvement methodologies, processes and framework to improve
    corporate and clinical services including through adoption of managed service or outsourcing model

    * Supported LPP and NHS Trusts in achieving savings and efficiency targets to meet 'cost improvement'
    targets by sharing best procurement practices for developing KPI's, supplier engagement and contract
    management strategies
    * Supported member trusts in achieving cash and efficiency savings to meet 'cost improvement' targets by
    sharing best procurement practices for developing KPI's and contract management strategies
    * Supported Trust stakeholders in developing work plans and ensuring timely delivery of projects through
    compliance with gateway timelines, mitigation of risks, and resolution of supplier / contractual issues
    * Networked and liaised with industry experts to capture best practices, trends and regulation changes and
    disseminated information through workshops, programme policies and guidelines
    * Formalised MoU's with CCS and Heads of Agreement with Universities Purchasing Consortium for
    sharing 'Activity Based Income'
    * Devised and implemented processes, standard operating procedures and codes of practice for measuring
    cash and efficiency savings, supplier performance and metrics for risk assessment to improve governance

  • 07/2007 - 10/2010

  • * Developed and executed transformation plans with direct impact on EBITDA, Working Capital and
    Operating Cash Flow
    * Evaluated spend data to identify and enhance cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities
    * Engaged and supported clients through the full spectrum of complex issues arising in operations,
    including manufacturing, supply chain management, commercial excellence and business technology;
    * Contributed to business development activity including developing successful pitches from the initial
    diagnostic project phase to implementation stage
    * Led and managed teams across multiple workstreams and disciplines to drive a consolidated
    transformation for clients
    * Identified opportunities for quick short-term gains to release cash savings for investment in long term
    transformation plans
    * Worked with key stakeholders on improved supply chain management and the implementation of smart
    procurement initiatives to deliver significant service and financial efficiencies
    * Developed and implemented new operating plan to improve the business operational performance
    * Conducted initial rapid diagnostic into the company's immediate and future cash needs, product
    profitability, cost base, major operational issues, market position and options for restructuring
    * Developed and implemented performance improvement solutions to solve under-performance on both
    cost and revenue lines
    * Turnaround Management, including business plan development, financial projections development and
    review, designing and implementing cash conservation guidelines and controls.

Open to travelling across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East at short notice and temporarily relocate if required.
As a senior procurement, contract and SRM professional, I have extensive experience in leading and managing IT and Digital commercial functions and implementing Technology strategies to support corporate vision. During the last 11 years, I have successfully led and delivered multiple commercial change programmes and solved complex operational problems through the identification of innovative solutions. I have an in-depth understanding of the public sector procurement procedures and successfully implemented the category management approach across multiple organisations. During all my previous roles, I have successfully engaged with and supported IT stakeholders and delivered against all performance objectives and confident about performing at the same level given the opportunity with Highways England. I am confident that I will be able to successfully promote and protect the commercial interests of the organization and provide critical support in achieving its financial, strategic and operational objectives.

My experience in developing collaborative relationships, negotiating high-value commercial contracts and identifying savings and income generation opportunities extends over 15 years as I have progressed from strategic positions in Fortune 100 global corporations to senior management positions in NHS and Civil Service to Local Authorities. During this period, I have successfully managed budgets and resources, ensured business continuity through risk mitigation and transformed service delivery through process restructuring and implementation of lean principles. I am also experienced in leading and delivering commercial change projects, managing multi-disciplinary teams and developing productive working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders including global FTSE 250 suppliers.

As a senior management professional, I have extensive experience in engaging with board members and presenting complex and contentious information to support the decision-making process. As a Fellow and member of various chartered institutes, I regularly network with senior commercial practitioners and utilize these opportunities to introduce industry best practices in the organization. I am also well versed in writing business cases, capital project proposals and identifying income generation opportunities to reduce direct overhead costs. I have an in-depth understanding of the Social Value guidance and recently played a key role in its implementation through the inclusion of key criteria i.e. Economic, Social and Environmental, in the procurement tool-kit.

My professional success across various industries, sectors and geographical locations, demonstrates my ability to quickly adapt and make effective use of the highly transferrable skillset to develop collaborative relationship across functional boundaries. Although the application will provide you with an overview of my educational qualifications and professional achievements, I will welcome a formal opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss the results you can expect from me.