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Last update: 02.03.2021

Platform & SRE Lead

Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Negotiable for long-term projects; work with client to fix scope
Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Native or Bilingual) | Dutch (Limited professional)


Over 15 years of experience in the industry, with expertise ranging from networking through systems, both self-hosted and cloud-native. Self-directed autodidact, with strong leadership experience in multiple environments (both customer facing and internal). Operator of a boutique consulting practice since 2015 - often engaging directly with primary stakeholders to learn their desired outcome, structuring the work plan to achieve that, and then working towards that goal - whether doing so individually or as "drop-in" part-time team lead along their team.

Technical experience covers all major modern languages and platforms, with deep operational knowledge and fair-to-extensive knowledge for most others. List of common typicals follows below.

About me as a person: I have a strong drive to building performant and reliable things, be that teams or software. In my leadership roles I also often teach, as upskilling those around me is a win for all. In addition to the technical expertise listed below, I also have a good understanding of the business domain requirements and regularly draw on this to better align expectations and outcomes as needed.

Operational/SRE tooling: github, terraform, jenkins, saltstack, gitlab, mercurial, ansible, kubernetes/k8s (incl. helm, rancher, more), travis, others (incl. e.g. self-hosted Atlassian stacks)
  • Python (both 2, 3; over 10y experience)
  • Go (ops, perf, CI/CD, can patch problems)
  • NodeJS/Javascript (backend focus - not frontend)
  • Java (ops, but can also read/write if needed)
  • others (can write C, learning Rust, etc)
Cloud platforms:
  • AWS userĀ since ~2008; familiar with most primary servicesĀ (EC2, EKS, Route53, SNS, SQS, IAM, custom VPC configs w/ peering, transcode services, S3+Cloudfront), have used many others
  • GCP user since ~2015; comfortable working with the service although most clients have been AWS
  • Azure/DigitalOcean/others: have used most, can achieve goals

Time and spatial flexibility

Located in UTC+2, with general availability until 19h00 UTC.

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