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Specialist, Senior Java Developer, Senior Java Developer

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  • São Paulo Freelancer in
  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 10.03.2021
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Java, TDD, Microservices, Google Cloud Platform, Openshift, Spring boot, Apache Camel, Jenkins, Spinnaker, API, GIT, Mockito, NoSQL, Intellij, Eclipse, Spring Cloud, Docker, Spring Data, JPA, EJB, Hibernate, Maven, JSON, MongoDB, Oracle, ReactJS, Linux, VSCode, NodeJS, SCRUM, SVN, AngularJS, MariaDB, SublimeText, Spring Security, JSF 2, Primefaces, SOAP, Oracle WebLogic Server, OutSystems, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jboss, SSO, CAS, Spring Framework, Spring MVC, JS, JdbcTemplate, web applications, cloud, ClearCase, IBM, SonarQube, Struts1, Cobol, Cics, AJAX, JasperReports, Tomcat, IBM MQ, WebSphere MQ, LDAP, OAuth2, JAAS, Design Patterns, apache, Struts 1, Struts, Spring, JMS, Log4j, DB2, RAD, WebSphere, Database, databases, SQL Server, Postgres, HTML, SQLite, MySQL, Jsp, JDBC, Java Enterprise Edition
  • 04/2020 - 03/2021

    • banco BV
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Working with engineer team developing solutions for BV App.
    BV is a brazilian bank that provides some financial services for customers.
    I've been working with technologies below and creating architectural diagrams
    to explain how to components will be integrates to provide a feature.
    * JavaEE
    * DDD
    * SOLID
    * TDD
    * Microservices
    * Google Cloud Platform
    * Openshift
    * CI/CD
    * Hexagonal Architecture
    Technologies: Spring boot, Apache Camel, Jenkins, Spinnaker, REST API,
    GIT, Mockito, NoSQL, Relational DBs.
    IDE: Intellij, Eclipse

  • 02/2019 - 04/2020

  • Specialist

  • 04/2018 - 02/2019

  • Senior Java Developer
  • Working as Java developer outsourced by 5A group in VR company.
    I am responsible to develop new features using microservices architecture
    and maitain legacy systems as well, the main goal of VR is bring benefits and
    facility to yours customers through cards.
    * JavaEE
    * DDD
    * SOLID
    * TDD
    * Microservices
    * Spring Cloud
    * Jenkins Pipeline CI/CD
    * Docker
    * Openshift
    Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Data, REST, JPA 2, EJB, Hibernate,
    Maven, Mockito, GIT, JSON, MongoDB, Oracle, Jenkins, ReactJS, Redux,
    npm, Linux.
    IDE: (Eclipse), VSCode.

  • 06/2017 - 04/2018

    • Resource IT Solutions
  • Senior Java Developer
  • I have been acting as Java Developer on different projects, I was responsible
    to implement electronic invoicing project for C & A store that act in retail market
    and nowadays I'm developing projects for Santander Bank.
    * JavaEE
    * NodeJS
    * TDD.
    * Facade Pattern.
    * SOLID
    * Microservices
    * SCRUM
    Technologies: Spring Boot, REST, JPA 2, Hibernate, Maven, Oracle, Mockito,
    SVN, GIT, AngularJS, JSON, NodeJS, MariaDB, Openshift, Jenkins.
    IDE: (Eclipse, SublimeText)

  • 04/2016 - 06/2017

    • Stefanini
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Brazilian consulting has presence on several segments of market as well as
    Financial, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Public Sector, Telecom, Payments and among
    I've been a Java Developer in project for Cielo company that provide solutions
    in payment type sector.
    * JavaEE
    * TDD.
    * Spring Security Auth.
    * Facade Pattern.
    * SOLID
    Technologies: JSF 2, Primefaces, JPA 2, Hibernate 4x, EJB 3x, Maven,
    Oracle, Mockito, SOAP, SVN, Scrum.
    IDE: Eclipse(Oracle WebLogic Server 12x)

  • 07/2015 - 04/2016

    • TO Brasil
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Brazilian consulting has more than 15 years on market combining bussiness
    and IT. TO Brasil has a portfolio of customers on several sectors such as
    Telecom, Oil & Gas, Financial, Transport, Retail, Education.
    I also worked as Java Developer in some projects for Lojas Americanas, Caixa
    Econômica Federal and Petrobras.
    * JavaEE
    * TDD.
    * OutSystems(Agile Platform)
    Tecnhnologies: JSF 2, JPA 2, EJB 3x, Hibernate 4x, Maven, Javascript,
    jQuery, Primefaces, Bootstrap, PostgresSql, Oracle, Mockito.
    IDE: Eclipse(Jboss 7)

  • 12/2014 - 07/2015

    • Lojas Americanas
  • Senior Java Developer
  • As Java Developer I have participated since specification, business rules, data
    modeling until software implementation indeed.
    * JavaEE.
    * Auth SSO(CAS).
    * Active Directory
    * OS Windows/Linux
    Technologies: Spring Framework, Spring MVC, jQuery, Select2 JS, Musctahe
    JS, Bootbox JS, JSON, Bootstrap, Tiles, Git, Maven, JdbcTemplate, Oracle.
    IDE: Eclipse(Oracle WebLogic Server).

  • 03/2014 - 12/2014

    • Globalweb Outsourcing
  • Java Developer
  • Brazilian consulting that act in web applications design and cloud solutions for
    their customers.
    I was responsible to maintain one of more importants project for Caixa
    Econômica Federal as Java Developer.
    * Java.
    * ClearCase IBM Tool.
    * SonarQube.
    Tecnhnologies: Struts1, JSF2.0, JPA2.0, Hibernate, Primefaces, EJB 3,
    Plugin Tiles, JavaScript, jQuery, Maven, Integração Cobol-Cics/Java, AJAX,
    JasperReports, Oracle.
    IDE: Eclipse(Tomcat 6.0 e Jboss 6.1).

  • 06/2012 - 02/2014

    • We develop for insurance agora é Ebix Latin America!
  • Java Developer
  • Brazilian consulting acting on mobile and web sectors and insurance. One of
    main customer is Bradesco.
    I participated as Java Developer on WebService project and after I had
    integrated architecture team where I did some implementations on internal
    I was responsible to bring a Proof of Concept for homologate IBM MQ Tools
    doing comunication between high platform and low platform(Cobol/Java)
    together IBM specialists.
    * Java.
    * WebSphere MQ IBM.
    * XC10 IBM.
    * Active Directory LDAP.
    * Maintenance on framework BSAD using authentication OAuth2 e JAAS.
    * Design Patterns : Business Delegate, Façade.
    Technologies: SOAP com apache Axis, Xfire, RESTFull, EJB, Integração
    Cobol-cics/Java utilizando Common e Channel/Container, Struts 1, Struts
    2, Spring, Maven, JMS, API JAAS, JasperReports, Log4j, DB2, Oracle.
    IDE: RAD IBM( WebSphere 6.1, 7.5, 8.0)

  • 01/2011 - 01/2012

    • IBGE
  • Programmer
  • Company governmental that act on IT market providing so many solutions for
    all the instituitions.
    I acted as Java and Database developer in some projects(Third)
    * Register databases SQL Server,DB2,Postgres,Oracle on servers.
    * Oracle client installation by remote access.
    * Maintenance on applications HTML/ASPX/Java/JavaScript.
    Tecnhnologies: DB2, Postgres, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Jsp, Servlet,
    JDBC, Spring, JavaScript.