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Network Consultant, Solution Network Architect, Data center Technical lead,

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WAN, MPLS, BGP, OSPF, Cisco Nexus 5548/2kFEX switches, Catalyst 2960/4500/6500/6800 switches, ISR2/ASR1K/ routers, VMware, firewall, data center, SDN, Cisco Nexus, vPC, vPC+, Catalyst VSS technologies, Cisco Nexus 7700, FEX2200 series, Cisco Cat6500/6800, ASR1000, Cloud, Cisco ME switches, LAN technologies, EIGRP, encryption, VPN, Internet edge security, PIX, ISO27001, network monitoring, PRTG, CCNA, Cisco certified, CCIE, CCSP, IBM, Network Security

Project history

07/2021 - 07/2021
Network Architect Consultant
World Wide Telco provider. Refreshing DataCenter and international WAN MPLS designs, doing
reviews of customers escalated DataCenter issues. A lot of forensic work at MPLS network,
L3VPN, BGP, OSPF. Proposing solution for improvements in DataCenter and WAN MPLS environment.
Customers networking environment consist of Cisco Nexus 5548/2kFEX switches, Catalyst
2960/4500/6500/6800 switches, ISR2/ASR1K/ routers.
* Was technical lead of first implementation of VMware NSX technologies in region for Croatian
National Bank. Redesign of existing DC network to be prepared to accept NSX setup. Design of
stretched cluster between primary and DR site, actively implementing NSX and doing acceptance
test for network resilience and redundancy. Building new network environment with Nexus9000
switches, migrating workload from Nexus 5500 switches.
* Was technical lead for ACI PoC in a one of two biggest financial company in Croatia. Idea was
to prove that microsegmentation, using tetration, will provide clear view of application
workflow between test and production environment. This issue is not possible to resolve with
current setup of more than 40 virtual and hardware firewall appliances. In the same time,
Technical lead of NSX LAB as a step before rollout in November for Croatian financial company.
Idea was to do migration of brownfield data center to greenfield where NSX environment will be
up and running.
* Prepared SD-Access HLD solution for Croatian Oil&Gas Company. HLD includes description of
current network setup, description of SD-Access technologies, design for customer network, and
technical specification of equipment.
* Last year was focused on SDN technologies Cisco ACI and SD-Access, VMware NSX V. Doing LABs,
presentations for customers and BoMs, preparing PoCs.
* Presales and sales activity for SDN technologies, ACI, SD-Access, SD-WAN and NSX
* Data Center redesign, refresh of old setup, improved with Disaster recovery location, created
disaster recovery procedure implemented and test in live network.
* Data Center implementation with Cisco Nexus and vPC/vPC+, and Catalyst VSS technologies,
building HA and Disaster Recovery site. DataCenter HLD, LLD and PoC. Worked with Cisco Nexus
7700, 9300, 3100, 5500, FEX2200 series, Cisco Cat6500/6800, ASR1000. Brown field and green
field projects.
* Cloud data center, green field project. Built up with Cisco ME switches used as a P and PE
MPLS nodes. Creating HLD, LLD, BoM, PoC. Created procedure for migrating current and new
customer into cloud, using metroethernet technology, L2VPN and L3VPN technology. Different SPs
service networks used for customer's connections to the Cloud. Currently more than 200
business customer.
* Enterprises, different WAN and LAN technologies, followed with routing protocols such as a
BGP, OSPF, EIGRP and encryption technologies such as a DMVPN, VPN remote access, GetVPN.
Configuring Security at Access, Distribution and Core Layer.
* Financial and bank sector, designing and implementing Internet edge security, PIX/FWSM/ASA,
helping customer to adopt its business processes to ISO27001 standard, merging network
infrastructure of acquired banks to the mother bank.
* Service provider environment designing and implementing MPLS core network, testing and
implementing services for resident and business customers, migrating SP to new FTTH "open
access" infrastructure, implementation of BGPs policies. Designing and configuring Internet
edge security and Resident customer's edge as well. Actively using network monitoring and mgmt
tools, NetBrain, PRTG.
* Government institutions, designing and implementing end user security with different network
technologies NAC and AAA. Keeping government service for public access on safe site with Cisco
Firewall portfolio.
* Troubleshooting skills, support customer during migration, network optimization, site survey.
* Worked as official Cisco Trainer on Cisco Academy for CCNA curicculum
Last 21 years working in a Networking area. Since 2007, Cisco certified CCIE R&S and since 2010 was
Cisco CCSP certified engineer. Highly motivated and result driven. Home office/freelancer engagement
preferred. More details available on request.

02/2019 - 07/2021
Network Consultant

05/2015 - 01/2019
Solution Network Architect, Data center Technical lead
Storm Computers

02/2015 - 04/2015
Solution Network Architect, Data center Engineer
IBM Switzerland

03/2013 - 06/2014
Solution Network Architect, Senior Network Engineer
e globe technologies AG

04/2008 - 12/2012
Solution Network Architect, Senior Network Engineer, Network Security Engineer and ISO27001 Consultant
King ICT

06/2007 - 03/2008
Senior Network Engineer, Network Security Engineer

04/2004 - 05/2007
Network Engineer , Network Security Engineer and ISO27001 Consultant

01/2001 - 03/2004
Network Engineer
CROZ; Cisco Academy Contractor

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