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Last update: 19.06.2022

Fullstack developer - 5+ years Node.js and React.js

Company: Euprog Software Kft.
Graduation: B.Sc.
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Depends on project volume.
Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Serbian (Native or Bilingual)


A Full Stack developer with 5 years of experience, exceptional in building web-based projects and applications, with an overall experience of five years. Designing, developing, and implementing applications and solutions using various technologies and programming languages, like Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, React.js etc. Experienced in being a guide, a mentor and a team leader, while maintaining the focus on how to overcome any obstacles. Spending most of his free time improving his skills and working on elevating the quality of life.

SQL(5), Mysql(5), PostgreSQL(5), MSSQL(2), Mongo(3), SQL developer studio(1)

FRONTEND general
HTML(5), HTML5(5), CSS(5), SCSS(5)

Javascript(5), Typescript(2), ReactJS(5), Redux(5), Redux Tools(5), Hooks(5), Function based components(5), Class based components(2), WebSocket / Socket.IO(5), NextJS(1)

BACKEND with Node
NodeJS(5), ExpressJS(5), Sequelize(5), TypeORM(1), NestJS(1), PDFKit(5)

PHP, PHP(2), Apache config(2), twig(2)

React Native(3), Flutter (Dart)(1)

Figma(1), Miro(1)

C(2), C++(1), Qt QML(1)

Visual Studio Code(5), Microsoft Visual Studio(3), Qt Creator(2), Xcode(1), Android Studio(2)

C#(1), .NET(1), 

JAVA(3), Java Spring(3)

DevOps(3), Docker(3), Docker-compose(3)

Microservices(5), Redis(5), RabbitMQ(3)

Mocha (testing)(5), Chai (testing)(5), Sinon (testing)(5), Rewire (testing)(5), Spy (testing)(5), Jest (testing)

OTHER nice to have list
CypressJS(3), Google Cloud Platform(1), Cloud firestore(1), Angular(3), Endesive (Python crypto lib)(3), OpenSSL(1), Lit (former PolymerJS) (3), 
Material UI(5), GEDCOM specification(5), VueJS(2), Vuex(2)

GIT(5), SVN(5), JIRA(5), Agil development(3), Redmine(5), Scrum master tasks(3), Product owner tasks(3), Project lead(3), Review of others code(3)

Project history

01/2018 - 03/2022
Fullstack developer (node.js and react.js)
Noviprog (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Securaze erasure software

Service-Oriented Architecture included multiple NodeJS Express API backends, C++, and ASP.NET. Client-side based on ReactJS library and QT/QML. I was responsible for rewriting the backend from monolith to microservice architecture.

Working with node.js and react.js, leading the development team, making reviews of others code. Implement a software solution for securely and confidently erase data. Fullstack development:

    • backend: strong node.js usgae with both javascript and typscript, using both monith and microservices architecture , Redis and RabbitMQ for the communication between the services. Writing SQL queries and using an ORM layer for getting data of a MariaDB database. Using Azure environment for hosting some parts of the application – using Docker containers. Writing unit tests.

    • frontend: using react.js and material UI library, redux, react-query. Automation test with cypress

    • mobile: using react native and material ui library

01/2019 - 12/2019
Node.js backend developer
SecQR (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

SECQR provides full security and authentication process from manufacturer to consumer, the SECQR mobile application is using unique code, based in blockchain technology, it shows all the movements of the product from factory into to your shopping bag.

    • backend: NodeJS and Express using mongodb

01/2017 - 12/2018
Fullstack developer
  • Harness 

Service-Oriented Architecture included multiple NodeJS Express API backends, Java Spring Boot, and Python Falcon API. Socket.IO is used as EventBus for various components. Client-side based on Polymer and AngularJS.

  • Licensing Software 

Global licensing server for RT-RK Black Box line of products, PHP-based using ZEND framework, AWS hosted, using Polymer client.

  • Redmine Issue & Analytics 

Crawler, NodeJS/Polymer based tool for providing insights for large-scale Redmine projekts.

Time and spatial flexibility

Prefer to work remote. On site working during the first period (1-2 months) is not a problem in the DACH region.

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