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Senior Systems Consultant - System z

Profileimage by Andre Massena Senior Systems Consultant - System z from WiesbadenZurich
  • Wiesbaden / Zurich Freelancer in
  • Graduation: B. Sc. Computer Science
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Native or Bilingual) | French (Full Professional) | Dutch (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 03.10.2014
Profileimage by Andre Massena Senior Systems Consultant - System z from WiesbadenZurich
IBM Mainframe, Performance Tuning, MVS, z/OS, Enterprise Architecture, z/VM, z/Linux, zLinux, ITIL, REXX, ITIL Process, ITIL v3 Foundations Certified, TCP/IP, DB2, Websphere, Data Migration, JCL, zSystems, CICS, RACF, Integration, Post-Sales, Linux, OS/390, zLinux, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Application Server, Enterprise Software, Pre-sales, z/VM, ITIL Certified, Disaster Recovery, Product Marketing, Mainframe OS (z/OS, z/VM, zLinux) Training., presales, Consultancy, postsales, Endeavor, Operating Systems, Databases, Architectures, Testing, SMP/E, zSecure, Technical Writing, People Skills, Omegamon, Systems Programming, Storage Area Networks, AIX, SQL Tuning, Mainframe, High Availability
Software Research
Senior Consultant
04.2014 - 09.2014
z/OS and Linux Consultancy.

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Information Technology and Services

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH
Senior z Systems Architect and Consultant.
08.2009 - 03.2014
z Systems Professional services, Mainframe Hosting and Architecture.
z/OS, z/VM, zLinux and zVSE Training and Coaching.
CICS/TS Planning, Installation, Tuning and Deployment.
z/OS DB2 Planning, Installation, Tuning and Troubleshooting.
z/OS IMS Planning, Installation, Tuning and Troubleshooting.
z/OS DB2 migration to DB2 LUW (z/Linux).
z/OS TWS Planning, Installation, Tuning and Support.
z/OS, z/VM and zLinux Systems Engineering.
RACF / ACF2 / zSecure planning, Implementation and Rollout.
Tivoli Omegamon (z/OS, DB2, CICS).
WebSphere (z/OS and zLinux) and accessories.
WebSphere MQ and MQ Message Broker (z/OS / zLinux) .
zLinux - (Debian, SuSe, Redhat) Planning, Implementation, Deployment and Documentation.
z/VM Systems Engineering, Architecture and Planning.
zVSE and VSE Systems Engineering.
z/OS SysPlex Planning, Deployment and Support.
Information Technology and Services
201-500 employees

Attensity / European Patent Office (EPO)
Systems Consulting
05.2011 - 03.2012
z/VM, zLinux, FCP, zfcp, SAN Fabric, Implementation and Tuning.
ACF2 and Identity Access Management (IAM) study.
z/OS, z/VM and zLinux Consulting and Coaching.
Computer Software
51-200 employees

Swiss Re
Senior Systems Engineer
02.2005 - 08.2009
Senior Mainframe Systems Engineer.
zLinux, z/OS SysPlex.
Omegamon DB2, CICS, WebSphere/MQ and z/OS.
Identity Access Management (IAM).
RACF and Kerberos SSO Implementation with associated Documentation.
ITIL Certification (October 2008).
10,001+ employees

European Commission
Mainframe Senior Systems Architect
02.1984 - 12.2008
1977 to present. Europe-wide Mainframe Systems Engineering experience.

Fluent in German and French. Good working knowledge of NL and Russian.

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Government Administration
10,001+ employees

Cable & Wireless Communications
Senior Consultant
05.2004 - 02.2005
OS390 and z/OS Systems Engineering and Migration.
CICS/TS Planning, Installation, Tuning and Deployment.
z/VM and zLinux Proof Of Concept with associated Documentation.
z/OS DB2 migration to DB2 LUW/UDB (z/Linux).
5001-10,000 employees

T3 Technologies
0.2003 - 11.2004
Senior Systems Consultant z/OS, z/VM, zVSE, zLinux (SuSE, Debian).
Information Technology and Services
11-50 employees

La Poste Luxembourg
Senior Systems Consultant
04.2003 - 08.2003
Planning, testing and deployment of z/VM, zLinux (SuSE), WebSphere and Applications.
Technical Documentation and Procedures (French, English).
Operational Support during Deployment Phase.
Information Technology and Services
1001-5000 employees

UMX Technologies, Amsterdam
Senior Systems Consultant
12.2001 - 03.2003
z/VM Linux installation and support. OS/390 2.10, VSE/ESA 2.X, z/OS 1.3 systems tuning.
z/VM 3.1 / 4.X / IFL customization / tuning. Linux/390 installation and cloning under z/VM.
Implementation of OS/2 based MERVA/2 V3 system as back-up SWIFT interface.
Data-Centre optimization and management. Adabas/CICS tuning and maintenance.
CICS/TS Planning, Installation, Tuning and Deployment.
z/VM 4.2 HiperSocket testing and tuning.
EMC disk subsystems and IOCP tuning and maintenance.
PVCS Dimensions 7.0 installation and management.
CICSPlex implementation in conjunction with CPSM 1.4. and associated Documentation
IBM HTTP Webserver 5.X implementation, tuning and customizing.
Apache HTTP Server 1.3 to 2.0 upgrade and performance tuning.
IBM Web Application Server (WAS) and Websphere implementation, testing and tuning with CICS/TS.
OS/390 CICS/TS 1.3 tuning and customizing.
SAP/R3 Basis + UDB / Linux to z/VM Linux conversion.
Linux under z/VM installation and performance enhancements.
Linux RPM application building.
z/OS, OS/390, z/VM, Integrated Faciliy for Linux (IFL), VSE TCP/IP (Connectivity) solutions.
TPF maintenance - Setup phase - TPF/DF R&R database. All programs written in TPF C++ and TPF 3270 Mapping.
TPF Systems Performance. TP monitor tuning (CICS/TS, Natural, Adabas) and maintenance.
CICS/Natural Global Buffer Pool tuning.
IBM WebSphere and WAS 4.X feasibility, implementation and performance tuning on OS/390 2.10.
Information Technology and Services

Bank of China
Systems Consultant
05.2002 - 07.2002
VSE/ESA 2.X Tuning and Health checking. Apache 1.3 Web server (MS) Bank integration with Mainframe back end.
Implementation of Switching systems mit Merva/ESA und DMNL/DSL queues.
VSE/DB2-SQL Tuning and customizing. Peregrine Inventory Services / ServiceCenter 5.X - Data-Centre Automation with associated Documentation.
10,001+ employees

Finanz Informatik Solutions Plus GmbH
Systems Consultant
07.2001 - 11.2001
CICS/ESA 4.1 to CICS/TS 1.3 conversion.
Adabas/ Natural CICS tuning and maintenance.
CICS/TS 1.2 to CICS/TS 1.3 conversion.
AS400 system performance tuning using BMC Patrol.
SAP/R2 installation, SAP/R3 Basis (z/VM) conversion preparation and planning..
CICS/TS CTG Web enabling with EJB / JDK implementation.
OS/390 TCP/IP configuration and maintenance.
CICSPlex CPSM 1.3 to CPSM 1.4 conversion, with associated documentation.
Daily system (CICS/TS and CTG, Websphere) maintenance and tuning. Implementation of BMC/ Mainview.
Websphere Planning and implementation.
Data centre automation via BMC/Mainview - AutoOperator and BMC Patrol.
Computer Software
51-200 employees

Systems Consultant
02.2001 - 07.2001
CICS/ESA 4.1 to CICS/TS 1.3 conversion.
CICS/TS 1.2 to CICS/TS 1.3 conversion.
Third party product installation and maintenance.
CICS/Rexx routines maintenance.
Adabas/CICS tuning and maintenance.
Merva/ESA message switching und Routing.
Data-Centre optimization and management.
CTG, HTTPD, Websphere Application Server (WAS) Installation and customization.
CICSPlex CPSM 1.3 to CPSM 1.4 conversion.
System (CICS/TS) tuning with BMC/Mainview.
Daily maintenance and tuning of the abovementioned systems with associated Documentation.
Financial Services
10,001+ employees

Aachener and Muenchener Insurance, Aachen
Systems Consultant
01.2000 - 11.2000
Support, installation and performance measurement of CICS V4R1 (141) CICS regions.
CICS/TS CTG Web enabling with EJB implementation.
OS/390 TCP/IP implementation and tuning.
System (CICS/TS) tuning with BMC/Mainview. Adabas/ Natural tuning and maintenance.
Apache HTTP Server 1.3 to installation and performance tuning.
CA-Endevor support and documentation.
Merva/ESA message switching und Routing-table maintenance.
Cortex-PDB Data-Centre automation. Source maintenance with CA-Endevor, PLI and REXX.
Install / customize of CICS/TS 1.3 with CTG 3.1.2, Websphere, Java beans / VisualAid.
Installation / customising of CICSPlex CPSM 1.3.
Information Technology and Services

Systems Consultant
02.1999 - 11.1999
Support, installation and performance measurement of CICS V4R1 (102) CICS regions.
"Lifting" (Outsourcing) of Bayer customers / clients with associated Documentation.
SAP/R2 installation, SAP/R3 conversion preparation.
IBM Websphere, CTG and EJB customization and installation.
System (CICS/TS) tuning with BMC/Mainview.
CICS/ESA - Adabas / Natural tuning and maintenance
CICS/DB2 installation and tuning. Adabas/CICS tuning and maintenance.
Data-Centre Automation with OPC and Cortex-PDB.
Source maintenance system installation with CA-Endevor and REXX.
System maintenance of year 2000 (Y2K) CICS Systems.
CICS/ESA V4R1 performance measurement and monitoring with Omegamon and Mainview
10,001+ employees

AOK Krankenkasse
Systems Consultant
11.1997 - 02.1999
CICS V4R1 release implementation and support with SMP/E.
OS/390 TCP/IP implementation.
EMC disk subsystems tuning and maintenance.
AS400 system performance tuning using BMC Patrol and PSL scripts.
Data-Centre optimization and management.
Data centre methods and procedures automation with Rexx (Runtime) and assembler routines.
DB2 installation, tuning and maintenance.
Adabas/CICS tuning and maintenance. CA-Endevor support and documentation.
CICS / OS390 performance monitoring and tuning using Candle Command Centre (CCC).
System (OS/390) and CICS tuning with Candle/Omegamon.
Candle Management Workstation implementation, design and realization, system documentation (German).
Information Technology and Services

BTB Gmbh
Systems Consultant
02.1994 - 04.1995
VM/ESA to MVS/ESA conversion. Data-Centre optimization with automation tools (Candle), Reports and Processes.
Adabas/CICS tuning and maintenance with Natural component.
CICS/ESA V4R1 installation and performance tuning with Candle/Omegamon.
SAP/R2 installation, tuning and customisation. Outsourcing - support and documentation.
Management Consulting

Systems Consultant
06.1993 - 11.1993
Customisation and tuning of EMC Symmetrix 48XX and 49XX disk storage subsystems supporting
the MVS/ESA and VM/XA operating systems.
IO subsystem tuning and channel balancing tuning and performance measures.
EMC 5XXX series performance study running on MVS/ESA.
Information Technology and Services
10,001+ employees

Systems Consultant
07.1991 - 04.1993
VM/VSE/MVS Systems programming.
VM/SP/HPO 3.4 to VM/XA conversion. SAP/R2 installation and tuning all modules.
Technical (Applications and Operations) documentation.
Maintenance, installation, performance tuning.
1001-5000 employees

Philip Morris International
Senior Systems Consultant
06.1989 - 06.1991
VSE/AF to VSE/SP conversion.
Adabas / CICS tuning and maintenance.
SAP/R2 installation and tuning all modules. Data-Centre optimization (Reports and Processes).
VM/SP/HPO to VM/XA conversion. VM/XA to MVS/XA conversion. CICS/DB2 installation and tuning, SQL/DS - DB2/VSE tuning.
Data-Centre Automation with OPC and Cortex-PDB.
VM-VSE/SQL/DS support using REXX and HASM, with corresponding documentation (German).
10,001+ employees

Dresser / Komatsu
Systems Consultant
08.1987 - 05.1989
VSE/SP installation, maintenance and tuning. IBM Network (SNA / VTAM / NCP) support.
SAP/R2 installation and tuning all modules.
Data-Centre optimization (Reports and Processes). VM/SP 3.0 to VM/SP HPO 4.0 conversion.
All CA VSE products.
10,001+ employees

Zanders Feinpapier
Systems Consultant
08.1986 - 07.1987
VSE/AF to VSE/SP conversion. VM/SP 3.0 to VM/SP 4.0 conversion.
Maintenance, installation, performance tuning. Technical documentation (German).
Adabas / CICS/VSE installation, tuning and maintenance.
All CA VSE products.
Management Consulting

WR Grace
Systems Consultant
04.1985 - 04.1986
VM/VSE to MVS/XA conversion using Cortex-PDB with associated Documentation (French).
VSE and MVS OS Optimisation.
5001-10,000 employees

Systems Consultant
02.1984 - 04.1985
Merva/ESA message switching and Routing.
VM/VSE / MVS CICS/VS Systems programming.
Data Centre Documentation (Handbook).
Technical Documentation and Procedures (F, E).
Financial Services
10,001+ employees

Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek)
Mainframe Systems Programming, Dublin.
04.1983 - 02.1984
Data-Centre management and IBM Mainframe Systems Engineering.
Information Technology and Services
10,001+ employees

Systems Consultant / Data Centre Manager
08.1976 - 02.1984
VM / VSE Systems programmer. Data-Centre optimization (Reports and Processes).
Data Centre Documentation,
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
10,001+ employees
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