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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 50 €/hour 350 €/day
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual) | Czech (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 10.01.2018
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Java Technologies / frameworks:
JPA, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Security, Spring WS, Spring AOP, AspectJ, JAXB, JAXWS, SAAJ, JSONB, JTA, Apache Wicket, Java Servlet API, JSP

JMH, JUnit, Mockito, OWASP ZAP, Selenium)

Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Bash, Jenkins, Gitlab, Maven, Ant, Jira, Confluence
03/2011 – 10/2015 Airbank a.s.
• Development of banking subsystems based on opensource technology stack as Spring, Spring WS Hibernate, and Apache Wicket.
• Design and implementation on frontend part of an internet banking client application:
• Implementation of core security feautures: client authentication, role based authorization, frontend security components integration, support for penetration testing. (Apache Wicket, Spring security)
• Implementation of base frontend components for internet banking application integration and development. (Apache Wicket, Spring)
• Implementation of administration modules for bank employees. (Apache Wicket, Spring, Hibernate, ForgeRock OpenAM)
• Design and implementation of a bank insurance broker subsystem: ? DB model and java backend for bussiness components (Oracle DB, Hibernate)
? Web service interface implementation (WSDL, SpringWS) ? Jobs for payments and payment refunds generation (Spring, Quartz)
• Implementation of various bussiness logic in banking subsystems.
• Production environment support with bug fxing.

07/2009 – 02/2011 Direct Pojiš?ovna a.s.
• Insurance system based on customized framework derived from EJB2, and struts.
• Implementation of insurance system backend bussiness logic for managing insurance products, contracts, clients, policies, claim evidence and fraud detection.
• Technical framework optimization and refactoring.

11/2007 – 05/2008 Kyberie s.r.o.
• Yeti system for insurance broker company based on Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Lucene and Wicket.
• Technical integration and business requirements implementation.

03/2007 – 10/2007 Allstar Group s.r.o.
• Development and support of web applications based on PHP and MySQL.
Available to travel to Germany several times a month. 

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