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Sören Weber, Full-Stack Web & Application Developer with solid experience from Wennigsen

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Sören Weber
B.Sc. Cognitive Science
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Full-Stack Web & Application Developer with solid experience

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partly available
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Last update: 22.03.2017 13:36

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German (first language)English (business fluent)

Abilities, knowledge, experiences of Sören Weber

I've been developing websites and applications for more than seven years now. I'm passionate about good results for my clients. I'm offering conceptual design, implementation and operation of your projects and pride myself on being able to support your project from the first ideas to worldwide delivery. We combine development and design skills to be able to implement your project goal-oriented way and with attention to detail.
I'm specialized in development of complex projects with the web-framework Django. Of course, I make a point of following up-to-date standards and best practices to achieve high compatability and facilitate development for other developers.

References of Sören Weber

Since 09/2015 I've been the only developer and administrator of the rephotography project re.photos (http://www.re.photos/). I'm responsible for development and operations of the website. This project was planned and implemented in close consultations with my client. The website was realized using the web-framework Django on the server-side and the JavaScript library JQuery on the client-side. I developed a way to align pictures user-friendly by using Computer Vision algorithms in close cooperation with the working group Media Informatics at the University of Osnabrück, Germany.
I'm steadily developing and administrating this project.

Since 02/2012 I've been developing and administrating a non-public Django project that facilitates membership administration and invoicing in branches of a popular German association. I extended and restructured this project multiple times to map changed workflows and optimize ressource-intensive tasks.
Additionally, I implemented a system to create SEPA direct debit files. As there weren't any readily available libraries to achieve this, I developed one based on available specifications. I was also tasked with testing the resulting files with multiple banks to ensure compatability.

Location flexibility of Sören Weber

At the moment, I'm available for part-time projects (up to 20 hours per week).
I prefer to work remotely but would consider working on-site for long-term projects (more than 3 months).