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Sander de Wijs, PHP Developer from Voorst

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Sander de Wijs

PHP Developer

Voorst Freelancer in Netherlands

partly available
Hourly-/Daily rates: 65.00 €/hour 325.00 €/day
Last update: 10.01.2017 21:18

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Language skills
German (basic knowledge)English (good)Dutch (first language)

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I am an experienced PHP Developer with OO, Symfony, Laravel and WordPress and Javacript skills. This alows me to create custom Wordpress themes, custom applications and API's. Because of my great communications skills I am able to create and write content as well as design. I work as a freelancer since 2012. I have the ability to really tune into the clients business and create a design that reflects the personality of a person or company. 

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HomeShow (API development, connecting to 3rd party API's, integrating custom PHP application with WordPress multisite environment) www.homeshow.nl
Personal Secretary Services Australia - www.personalsecretary.com.au


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Frontpage Rudico

Rudico textpage

Personal Secretary

Pesronal Secretary

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The Netherlands