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Profileimage by Andrey Melentev PHP Laravel Developer from VerhniyUfaley
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Extensive experience developing projects using Laravel. He participated in various startups on the territory of Russia, there are projects that have won.
I mainly write back-end, I have the skills to work with the front-end, there are also comrades who help to implement large and not very projects.
Now we are developing tools for dynamic interaction with relational databases; for now, we are currently implementing MySQL, but we should have a very interesting product for rapid prototyping and developing small sites.
There is an almost ready project for loyalty programs, but you need to refresh it and you can start it.
In addition to all of the above, he participated in the development of various CRM systems. One of them was put into operation in a taxi fleet, but unfortunately we couldn’t support this system, because the customer couldn’t pour funds into the project anymore.
In general, the experience is diverse and with a detailed technical task, any problems are solved very quickly.
I can work alone, I can offer the services of the whole team for a good project.
Thanks for attention.
He worked on several large and not very projects.
1. Developing a loyalty program, participated as a novice developer, then climbed up the career ladder to an average level, but after the project was closed due to the fact that it did not take off in our country, but I managed to save the source code with the permission of the founder, I can finish it and use it.
2. Developing a management and accounting system for taxis, a fairly large project was written by the team, the project was brought to the stage of minimal functionality and after that the customer stopped funding.
3. Participated in the development of a system for recording traffic and advertising, but unfortunately not for long, I had to leave for family restraints.

The rest of the time I worked on freelancing, both alone and with my team, consisted in combining freelancers, but there were too small orders.
At the moment I am in Russia, I do not plan to move to other countries, but if there is such an opportunity, I will not miss it.