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Last update: 10.03.2020

SAP IS-U Functional consultant/Solution Architect

Graduation: MCA ,PMP
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




AXON, SAP, requirement gathering, Unit testing, UAT, CMS, IS-Utilities, RTP, data integrity, algorithm, GUI, system security, PDF generation, web service, file generation, System testing, Positive, Negative testing, test scripts, system level testing, batch processing, COBOL, data quality, System Design, data inconsistency, Oracle, backup, database schema, PL, SQL, business logic, D2k, Unix Server, FTP, PL/SQL, Scripts Procedures, Package, Triggers, ERP, Oracle 9i, Linux Server, Shell scripting, SQL*Loader, Windows NT, printers, PL/SQL Scripts Procedures

Project history

03/2020 - 03/2020
Asst. Manager
BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd.(Reliance Energy)

03/2020 - 03/2020
JIL Information Technology,(JAYPEE Group)

03/2020 - 03/2020
Asst. Software Engineer
Birla Corporation Ltd.

01/2012 - 03/2020
Team Lead
Project Direct Energy.
Duration July 15 - till date
Was this a full project lifecycle: AMS & ME
Role Team Lead
Summary of Client Portfolio
Direct Energy is a North American retailer of energy services. The company was founded in 1986. The
company has more than six million customers in Canada and the United States, making it the largest
energy retailer in North America. Direct Energy is a subsidiary of UK-based utility company Centrica

* Leaded various SAP IS-U functional requirement gathering sessions with business.
* Delivered configuration, build and custom solutions in the areas of Billing & Invoicing.
* Configured new rates & rate categories.
* Preparation of detailed Functional Specifications, Functional Unit testing documents &
responsible for UAT support.
* Responsible for development of unique client specific enhancements.
* Minor enhancements.
* Report developments.
* Incident resolution within SLA.
* Reviewing monthly activities.
* Was one point of contact for providing solutions to any type of print workbench related
issues from all modules of ISU including billing and FICA.

Achievements: Reduced the number of Out of balance invoices to very low count, measures taken in stabilizing the

06/2007 - 03/2020
Jr. Consultant
Project Complete automation for shares department of any public listed company in Jaiprakash Associates
Duration June 2007 - November 2007
Role Jr. Consultant.
SMS is a Comprehensive multi-user system that covers all activities in a Shares Department right
from the receipt of the letter from the shareholders to the dispatch of it. The Inward system
records all the letters received from the shareholders or other agencies under different heads.
Transaction module covers all the activities related to share transfer with reference to the inward
no allotted in the inward module. Finally through the dispatch process the documents are dispatched
to shareholder. It also covers all the activities involve in payment of dividend and annual general
meeting of shareholders.

Fixed Deposit Management System deals with the Investors who invest in any organization in the form
of Fixed Deposits.This system maintains various details about Investors and Brokers and their FD's,
like their Interest, Total FD, Brokerage, TDS etc.
It keeps track of Fixed Deposits of various Investors, which is a tedious job, if maintained
manually. Interest calculation can lead to various mistakes if done manually. With this system
printing of FD and Warrants are done which makes it a easier and less time consuming job. At year
closing TDS certificates are printed and one can keep track of Investor whose Interest limit
crosses are tax has to be deducted. To these Investors 15H/15G forms are sent. All these
particulars are difficult to maintain if done manually.
As this is a computerized system, the information is just a click away. Various reports are created
according to user and management requirement, which helps in maintaining a transparent system in
the organization. Every detail is scrutinized and the entered in system. It gives clear information
about the FD system and how we can incorporate various changes to get better results. To maintain
this system manually can be a tedious task and can result in lot of mistakes. In this system if
changes are made then it is applied to every process of system automatically, where as in manual
system it has to be done individually with each case that will result to bulk change. Manual system
can lead to duplicate records, which cannot be with this system as the system keeps track of such
things does not happen. This system is easy to maintain and more reliable. It involves every aspect
from initial stage when Investor invests Money in the organization till it maturity.

Salient Features
* It is a user friendly, menu driven and GUI- based application
* It has complete built in security and rights for users.
* It has a centralized data with proper backup and restoration processes to ensure data safety
and availability

* Designing modules.
* Creation of database schema and PL/SQL procedures to implement business logic.
* Monitor Operations & functions of Oracle, D2k, SQL/PL SQL.
* Handling Oracle on Unix Server.
* Importing and Exporting data from Oracle to/from other systems using FTP.
* MIS generations.
* System Design & Development-Studying the system to design the flow of data.
* System Maintenance, Modification and Enhancement-Sorting the data inconsistency problem and
modifying the applications as per the user's ease or change in the process of the System.
* Training:*give Demos to users,for enabling users to use the system.
* To make Programmes as per user's instructions.
* SQL,PL/SQL,Scripts Procedures, Package,Triggers.
* Development & Maintenance of ERP product.

01/2007 - 03/2020
Business process owner

Project SAP ISU Implementation in BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd.
Duration 2008 - 2011
Was this a full project lifecycle: Implementation & Support
Role Business process owner(part of core implementation team)
Major Features available in EBS(Legacy System):
* All Basic information related to a consumer
* Revenue Assessed vis-a-vis Revenue realized
* Billing history
* Meter Reading(Detailed history)
* Payment history
* Journal Entry details
* Consumer Meter Details
* Disconnection Details
* Installments / Deferred Details
All features available in legacy system are covered in ISU Implementation. This implementation
improved normalization and data integrity having advantage over retired system(EBS) that have been
running for over 6 years.
Salient Features
* Robust technology platform.
* Reduced billing errors through improved and automated out-sorting process.
* Improved algorithm for calculation of estimated bills.
* Tested core logic.
* Cleaning-up of data during the migration process.
* Robust processes.
* On-line and automated bill amendments.
* Faster and robust tariff setting process.
* Simulation of various tariff scenarios offering accurate insights for the tariff setting
* Parameterization makes tariff changes easier to make consolidated billing.
* Faster and scientific tariff setting and price maintenance process.
* Data based evaluation of tariff proposals.
* Reduced maintenance effort.
* Easy to use.
* GUI interface.
* On-line help.
* Improved system security.
* Supports billing options in de-regulated market.

* Billing, Invoicing, Reversals, Manual Bills, Adjustment Reversals, Out sorting, Final Bill.
* Functional aspect in Print Workbench.
* Duplicate online Invoice.
* Up to date Invoice.
* Dummy invoice print.
* E-Bill, SMS, Online PDF generation of invoices on web service, Flat file generation of
invoices to be sent to Print agency etc.
* Joint Invoicing.
* Module for reprinting the invoice of legacy system.
* SAP ISU Testing and developments:* Unit testing, Integration testing, Technical testing,
Functional testing, User Acceptance testing, System testing, Positive, Negative testing,
Go-live preparations, Custom developments etc.
* Lead activities to create and implement test scripts for functional level verification and
system level testing.
* Developed and implemented Testing criteria for the project.
* Post implementation support and maintenance.
* Implement the solution by leading the team.
* Up gradation to ECC 6.0.
* Designed bill amendment module and enforcement module using simulation.
* Daily tasks includes monitoring( EMMA),batch processing, parallel process, query building,
secatt (scat).
* Process improvements using user exits, Events.
* Design and develop applications that help proactively optimize business processes.
* Documented functional design, technical design documents.
* Work closely with business areas to identify high value business issues.
* Interpreting the need/business problem in terms of an architecture.
* Migrated the key consumers of BSES from flat file based system written in COBOL to oracle
based system for improving data quality.
* Solving queries of junior team members.
* System Design and Development-Studying the system to design the flow of data.
* System Maintenance, Modification and Enhancement-Sorting the data inconsistency problem and
modifying the applications as per the user's ease or change in the process of the System.

Migrated the key consumers of BSES from flat file cobol system to oracle based system for data
quality improvement in order to meet the conversion requirement of SAP ISU. Completed the project
ahead of schedule & within budget with accuracy & quality data. A letter of Appreciation has been
awarded by BSES for successful accomplishment.

01/2006 - 03/2020
Software Engineer

The Project involved the analysis, design and development of the Financial Year 2006 expansion for
the System. The System is a versatile financial accounting and control system. It reports financial
data according to the organization structure. Standard and user defined reports and queries furnish
accurate and consistent views of financial data for making the right decisions at the right time.

Duration Feb 2006 - May 2007
Role Software Engineer
* Designing Modules.
* Creation of database schema and PL/SQL procedure to implement business logic.
* Monitor Operations and functions of Oracle, D2k, SQL/PL SQL.
* Handling Oracle 9i on Linux Server.
* Shell scripting.
* Backup Methodology.
* Importing and Exporting data from Oracle to/from other systems using SQL*Loader.
* Network with Windows NT.
* Enternet Connectivity, servers, emails etc.
* Trouble shooting for Hardware problems in EDP dept, in co-ordination of External
* MIS generations.
* System Design and Development-Studying the system to design the flow of data.
* System maintenance, Modification and Enhancement-Sorting the data inconsistency problem and
modifying the applications as per the user's ease or change in the process of the System.
* Training-give Demos to users, for enabling users to use the system.
* To Make Programmes as per User's Instructions.
* Troubleshooting of computers and printers.
* To sort out Networking problems ( with Windows NT ).
* SQL, PL/SQL Scripts Procedures, Package, Triggers.
* Development and Maintenance of ( in house development ) ERP product.
* Expertise in D2K.

11/2014 - 06/2015
Offshore Senior Consultant
Washington Gas & Lights
Was this a full project lifecycle: Implementation
Role Offshore Senior Consultant
Summary of Client Portfolio
For more than 160 years, Washington Gas Light Company ("Washington Gas") has been distributing
natural gas to customers in portions of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Currently,
Washington Gas serves approximately 1.2 million customer accounts. Washington Gas is a subsidiary
of WGL Holdings, Inc.

Worked during blueprinting phase:-
* Gathering Business Requirement
* Business Blueprint workshops
* Questionnaire to business
* PPT presentations
* Business process Documents(BPDs)
* Visio process diagrams
* Workshop meetings

02/2012 - 10/2014
Team Lead
Project Consumers Energy.
Duration Feb 12 - October 14
Was this a full project lifecycle: AMS & ME
Role Team Lead
Summary of Client Portfolio
Consumers Energy is a public utility that provides natural gas and electricity to 6.6 million of Michigan
's 10 million residents. It serves customers in all 68 of the state's Lower Peninsula counties. It
is the primary subsidiary of CMS Energy. The company was founded in 1886 and is currently
headquartered in Jackson, Michigan.

Roles and Responsibilities-SAP IS-Utilities functional:
* Majorly involved in monthly Rate changes which involved studying of their tariff plans and
mapping them in the ISU billing models
* Primarily involved analysing, configuring and testing of rate structure.
* Own all the billing and invoicing functional deliverables including rate structure and rates
* Involved in the team supporting Smart Metering(AMI) issues after KT sessions.

Roles and Responsibilities-Managerial and Delivery:
Well handled the lead responsibilities
* Resource work allocation
* Responsible for assigning work to team members for RM work. Incident tickets monitored for
equal work load distribution.
* Responsible in having all the resources work in all types of tickets and work areas.
* Skill development planning
* Responsible in ensuring that all the members in the team are equally skilled and planning on
their skill development if there is a lag.
* SLA management for RM and IM
* Responsible for providing commitments to BRM and tracking till the deployment for the RM's.
* RM work delivery tracking and reporting
* Tracking the Resource capacity against the commitment that is being made for business
* Handling any critical request within a day for acceptance.
* Ensuring that all the teams involved in the request are being contacted for their individual
estimates and for commitment.
* Reporting aspects for AMS team
* Handling meetings.
* Interviews for new resources
* Monthly team progress review
* Review of Functional Spec
* Review the functional spec before forwarding to business for approval.
* Team Access request submission
* Submitting new member access request to AMS team.
* Value initiatives
* Provided inputs for value initiatives.
* Enhancement work
* Guided team on the solution front and also get involved in the actual development.
* Problem ticket management
* Timely review and submission of RCA for the problem tickets.
* Effective customer Issue Resolution for Billing on daily basis.
* Updated DOU and Run book.
* Cross Functional Support to DM, CS and FICA modules.
* Gathering requirements for new change requests, estimation and provided solution
* Functional specification development for enhancements.
* Preparation of Test Cases and rigorous testing Process Mapping & Configuration, Configuration
of Billing Master Data
* Configuration of RTP interface for interval meters and integration with EDM
* Responsible for grooming and guiding junior resources in IS Utilities area

Achievements: Reduced the number of incidents to very low count, measures taken in stabilizing the operations.

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