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Last update: 30.08.2019

Senior Leader - Software Engineering, Storage and SaaS Technology

Graduation: M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Calcutta
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


I am a Software Engineering Professional with more than a decade and a half in Leadership role in fast-paced, dynamic environments and 23 years invested  in SaaS, Storage System, CDN and IP networking technologies. Created a handful internet ventures; Consulted a few startups; Built products and mentored a few brilliant engineers over last two decades. 

* Enjoy connecting brilliant business ideas to robust technology solutions
* High People Skill - enabled taking team from norming to performing stage multiple times
* Strong program management skills, acquired through spearheading many product engineering executions
* Proven ability to convert a vision to robust engineering solution.

Recently helped a young entrepreneur in healthcare machine learning space.
As founder, created a mobile-only communication SaaS platform suited for Schools. Please visit for more details
Earlier helped PAQS India to shape overall system architecture.
Voluntered in helping SaaS venture for massive digitization of Govt paper records. 
Previosuly led engineering effort for a crucial storage innovation for NetApp and spearheaded a very successful commercial deployment with a lean engineering budget.

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