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Last update: 08.07.2020

C++, C, C# Software Engineer , ISTQB Certified Software Tester , remote

Company: freelancer
Graduation: Master of Science in Electrical Engineer, Università di Bologna (Italy)
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I graduated in Electronic Engineering  from University of Bologna (5 years master of science).

Upon completion of my studies I have been working with Magneti Marelli Powertrain S.p.A. as  software developer and hardware validation consultant for  microcontrollers. My specific experience developed, through this experience,was in the field of firmware design for  an electronic controller (ST uP 280) in C Language on VxWorks OS
I have worked as well in Datalogic S.P.A. in Bologna like product engineer consultant. I expanded my skills over the  C/Borland C++ /CVI environment driver, writing codes of electronic components for hardware testing of scanning chips.
As freelance,  independent software developer, i worked for Mxengineering like a  firmware developer consultant for railway area, SIL4 protocol firmware developer under real time embedded OS, uC-OS and uC-Linux.
After this experience i worked as well in Dream Technologies Limited like independent software developer/ functional testing / debugging of a client/server system for the acquisition and storage on a remote server about informations from a remote gaming client . Environment was CodeBlocks and C++.
Database queries testing and filters to create statistical informations about
the players involved in the game from a distance. (poker statistics analysis).
I worked like senior software engineer consultant at Alten S.p.A.
I'm actually an ISTQB certified: International Software Testing Qualifications Board.
In Alten also I developed a new plugin for wireshark (a tool for sniffing packet from the net) for sniffing a new railway SIL4 protocol for an italian railway client. (PVS ,stands for “Standard Vital Protocol” of RFI S.p.A.
Actually I'm a freelance Software Engineer.
I designed of a client-server architecture for Windows in Visual C++
with support of C++11/14 and Windows PPL (Parallalel Patterns Library) for a very high performance architecture, Unit Test included with Google Test framework and Jmeter for stress test Server side.
The last 3 projects that i'm involved is a :
1)Development of a ROS Node for autonomous navigation of a “Turtlebot3” model  in an unknown   environment. C++,Eclipse under Ubuntu Xenials,ROS operating system and Gazebo Simulator for environment simulation.

2)Autovelox development project in C++ and OpenCV library.
Actually i'm learning OpenCL to porting the entire project on GPU AMD for autovelox detecting,license plate recognition,face detection and language of the deaf-mutes)

3)Develop of a Testing Tool for A payment terminal firmware, also known as a Point of Sale(POS)
Terminal developed by EPSON Italy, Head Quarter in Milan (IT).
Visual Studio 17 IDE, C# and .NET 4.5 framework, Log4Net Library and NUnit for Unit Test.

Project history

01/2019 - Present
Software Tester, Software Engineer
Epson Italy (5000-10.000 employees)
Consumer goods and retail

I'm the creator, designer and developer of an amazing Dynamic Automation Testing Tool of an embedded systerm for an electronic payment terminal, also known as Point of Sale (POS) Terminal developed by EPSON Italy, Head Quarter in Milan (IT) for Retail Industries.
Dot Net tech , NUnit Framework and Log4Net Technologies inside, I was able to hack the firmware and discover lots of bugs in order to obtain the best POS of Italian industries.

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