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1 year
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Our client's community game developer program is designed to foster independent developers creating titles on high-visibility gaming platforms, identify and showcase top notch independent developers, help those developers provide unique and creative content on client platforms, and increase the overall developer mindshare in client products.

The independent game developer community is vibrant, vocal and dedicated to creating amazing content. The community is always seeking better ways to innovate and publish. Your job as the community developer manager is to capture the pioneering spirit of the community and propel the overall success of the program. You will work primarily on behalf of the community, coordinating between platform teams, business teams, operations and support. You will spend some time engaged with the community directly, understanding their needs and concerns.


  • Oversee the internal cross-team coordination between indie developer programs, platform teams, business teams, marketing, public relations, and events
  • Manage day-to-day developer issues with the indie games program
  • Manage the games dev contest, including coordination between console and phone teams, website management and contest judging
  • Manage the MVP program by building strong relationships that allow the MVP community to better help the larger developer community
  • Escalate issues identified by the entertainment developer community, working with many teams on community developer issues
  • Build and foster an internal community of responsive employees who are committed to the success of the community program
  • Track metrics, including titles, release frequency, key performance indicators, sales data and developer satisfaction
  • Understand the products used by the independent community, including XNA Game Studio and related products such as the App Hub developer portal
  • Monitor and moderate community entertainment developer forums, developer portals, social networks and other communication streams
  • Lead and participate in developer events for the community
  • Establish and enforce rules and policies for the entertainment developer community
  • Evaluate the state of the independent entertainment developer business, including notable title successes, titles earnings, and future forecasts
  • Communicate with independent developers through a variety of means that best reach the community, including forums, blogs, newsletters and other social media
  • Evaluate and promote community entertainment on client platforms, including web promotions, dashboard integration, games platform integration, and with other marketing, PR, events and contests
  • Build relationships with related teams, including community managers and promotion teams


  • Strong technical background, including a B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • Experience developing software, ideally games or entertainment applications
  • Communication skills that combine an engineer's practicality with a salesperson's conviction and a coach's guidance
  • Proven results working not just across teams but across company divisions
  • Track record of engaging with technical communities and establishing effective engagement models
  • Ability to handle community criticism while taking measured responses and seeking long-term solutions
  • Ability to engage and influence many different teams
  • Strategic thinking that can evolve programs to scale to broader sets of entertainment developers
  • Expertise with social networking, developer public relations and/or developer marketing preferred

This contract position is expected to be one year in duration.