ENOVIA PLM (eMatrix) developer

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This project is archived and not active any more.
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For our customer we are looking for two ENOVIA PLM (eMatrix) developers.

The project is a primary tool for product development and one of the most critical systems in the business area. application is based upon Dassault's ENOVIA PLM Apparel Accelerator (eMatrix) product and TVCs (Technia Value Components). The ENOVIA PLM application is customized as per the company's business requirements. Integration application is based upon SPRING framework and integrates with 10+ applications. It is a complex system distributed to several Production offices across the world.

The team consists of about 35 people and we practice scrum/sprints/pair programming and lean methodology. The team delivers 3-4 releases to Production per year and they consists of both new functionality and maintenance cases. The application is split in different business areas/domains - Product Development, Component Developments etc. For automated testing, Selenium tool is used to test the system on a UI level. The test cases are implemented in Jython and we have created a framework to reduce the maintenance of the tests. To identify the test cases exploratory testing is used.

The assignment is 100% from , onsite.

Job description:

Work tasks as developer
Analyzing new requirements, change requests and use cases
Designing/Developing new solutions as well as customizing ENOVIA Apparel Accelerator product
Developing new/existing Integrations using SPRING framework (Java Messaging Service)
Maintenance - Analyzing production incidents from users, preparing and packaging of new versions for test or product environment
Test - Manual/Unit Testing of modules, implementing Automation test scripts using Selenium
Documentation/Code Reviews/Assisting testers
Required skills:
The experience requested is specified in the table below. Each competence area is graded in importance from 1-10, where 1 is the most important competence required.

Required experience and knowledge:

Competence: Weight:
Experience in any ONE of the ENOVIA (MatrixOne) PLM centrals - Apparel Accelerator/Engineering Central/Product Central/Program Central/etc) and customization of the centrals 1,0
Strong knowledge of eMatrix Fundamentals 1,0
Experience on JPO Programming 1,0
Experience on MQL (Matrix Query Language) Querying 1,0
Experience on TCL Language 1,0
Experience on ADK (Application Development Kit) 1,0
Experience in Java/J2EE/JSP/Servlets/XML/Struts 1,0
Proficiency in various tools used for Java development - Eclipse, JUnit, SVN 1,0
Experience on configuring/customizing Technia Value Components (TVCs) 2,0
Knowledge of web development, presentation layer: JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, CSS 2,0
JMS integration 2,0
Knowledge on ANT 2,0
Knowledge of databases - Oracle/JDBC 3,0
Configuration Apache Server 4,0
Experience with Python/Jython (Selenium Tool) 5,0

Tool competence
Development: eMatrix (we are running V6R2011X but are currently upgrading to V6R2013), Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, MQL, TCL, JMS, XML, JavaScript, Struts
Tool/software: Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, JUnit, SVN, JIRA, Selenium, TeamCity

You have strong communication skills and the ability to communicate about problems and solutions with developers, requirement, architects, testers and project management.
You do not hesitate to ask for help when encountering problems or unclear requirements
You like working in a team, but can work independently.
You should have the ability to work with analysing production problems, maintenance cases and developing new functionality.
You have experience of working agile (SCRUM).
You have experience of working in larger teams.
You have attention to details, but without losing the general picture.

Duration: possible extention
Location: Stockholm
Work load: 100%
Working language: swedish and English

Please, apply directly through our system with
- Your updated CV
- All inclusive hourly price
- 2 references (people)
- Information on when you are available to start

In addition, please describe why You would be the most suitable candidate for this position (in the motivation field).