Need a HTML5 / Wordpress Developer for a Multitouch Screen Project.

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A Multi touch screen project to be developed in HTML5 / WordPress.

We have divided the project into 4 sets.
1. Calculate flight time between 2 destinations
2. Calculate number of drinks a passenger can intake using the above time
3. To fetch photos from a Facebook page in real time.
4. Screensaver / video slide show

To be made in portrait dimension (vertical – 1080 x 1920).

Visitor will enter his “FROM” and “TO” destination to calculate his flight distance / time (refer

We need to calculate the flight distance/ time between both the destinations using google API. For eg. The flight time for Auckland to Sydney is 3 hours 11 minutes.

According to the above calculated time, we need to show the number of drinks the passenger can intake. For eg. The flight time for Auckland to Sydney is 3 hours 11 minutes. You can have 3 x 100ML (This will be a pre-defined calculation like 1 hour = 100 ML and so on…)

Google map need to be displayed along with the markers of both the destinations and a line joining it.

See sample dummy layouts here for reference:

Fetch photos from clients Facebook page in real time. A thumbnail scattered view of latest 15 or 20 photos. On clicking, the photo should zoom-in (like lightbox effect)

See sample dummy layout here for reference:

Screensaver / Video (and/or image) Slide Show:
When the touch screen / browser is not in use (idle for say 30 seconds / no mouse movement) it should start playing videos (lets say 5 videos) as a screensaver. I assume we can use some fullscreen video slide show plugin/script. (We don’t need to work on the video files.)

Client should have the ability to add or remove videos and sequence the videos that will be used as screensaver.

A very user-friendly design with cool animation / effects where ever required (For eg. While calculating the number of drinks we can animate / rotate the bottle. Float the FB photos etc. ). We need a wow effect.

Our suggestions: A web-browser based site to be run in full screen mode in portrait mode (vertical monitor).

If you think you can pull this project well, revert back with your inputs to take it forward. More details once we get connect.