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Abubakar Ehsan


Last update: 22.02.2023

Digital Logic Circuit Designer

Graduation: B.Sc Electronic Engineering
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


Boolean Algebra Electrical Engineering Digital Electronics Digital Systems Transistor Software Tools Simulations Attention To Detail Hardworking and Dedicated Self Motivation




Hello, my name is Abubakar Ehsan, an Electronic Engineer and I am a Digital Logic Circuit Designer with 6 years of experience designing and developing digital logic circuits using transistors, flip flops, combinational logic, and sequential logic. I specialize in designing circuits for various applications and I am proficient in using software tools such as Proteus and Logisim to simulate, verify and optimize digital circuits.   My expertise includes the design of both combinational and sequential circuits, ranging from simple gates to complex digital systems. I have experience working with both hardware and software, and I am familiar with various platforms and technologies.   I am a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual who is committed to delivering high-quality work that meets the requirements of my clients. I enjoy collaborating with clients to understand their needs and developing customized solutions that meet their specifications.   Thank you for considering my profile, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!"

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