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Last update: 09.11.2023

Microsoft Senior Developer

Company: freelancer
Graduation: Humanities
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Elementary) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Elementary)




Profissional Qualifications
1. System integration through ICL – Year 1994
2. Microsoft Certified System Engineer ID Number 304249 – 1998
Modules:044 Networking Basics for Windows 95 and Windows NT – May 9, 1996
067 Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0 – December 11, 1998
073 Implementing and Supporting NT Workstation – February 10 , 1999
068 Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise – May 4, 1999
059 Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 – July 12, 1999
087 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0–September 16, 1999
3. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center by Rumos)
Modules: Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals
Mastering Distributed Application Design and Development Using MVStudio 6.0
Mastering Visual Basic 6.0 Development
Mastering Enterprise Development using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Implementing a Database Design on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

MCSE Certification and MCSD frequency, with extensive knowledge in developing Web applications and portals based on Microsoft technologies including: ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, XML, XSL, CSS, good knowledge in: PHOTOSHOP,SILVERLIGHT (Windows Foundation Presentation), WEB SERVICES, WINDOWS SERVICES, WCF (Windows Foudation comunication) participating in projects like Telecommunications, Banking, Law, Public Sector and Informational Sites of broader themes (HEALTH, TV, MUSIC, MEDIA) .
Described in this document are major languages, expertise and project experience.

English – Very Good
French – Weak
Spanish – Reasonable

Development Languages
C#. NET 11 Years Professional e Academic experience
PHP 3 Years Professional Use e Academic experience
Web 14 Years Professional Use e Academic experience
• Javascript

T-SQL 10 Years Academic Experience Professional Use
Visual Basic 7 Years Professional Use, Academic experience
AJAX.NET 1 Year Professional Use, Academic experience
JQUERY 2 Years Professional Use
JQUERY MOBILE 1 Year Professional Use
HTML 14 Years Professional Use
CSS 10 Years Professional Use
Javascript 12 Years Professional Use

Development Tools and Applications
ECLIPSE 3 Years Since 2006
Visual Studio 11 Years Intensive use since 1999
X-CODE 1 Year Academic experience
JOOMLA 1 Year Professional Use

Access 10 Years Academic experience,Professional Use
MySql 3 Years Academic experience,Professional Use
SQL Server 11 Years Academic experience,Professional Use
SQLITE 1 Year Academic experience

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 16 Years Administration and Extensive use.

Project history

Company: Corer Serviços – Direct Marketing
Date: 1993/1994
Projects: Windows For Workgroups administration, Small Applications in BASIC and VB3
Tasks: Started as Head of Distribution,Network Administrator (Windows For Workgroups)Small accounting applications and workflow inherent to the Company business.
Technologies: BASIC and Visual Basic Development Tools: Visual Studio 3, NOTEPAD
Company: Telecel Comunicações Pessoais S.A
Date: 1995/1998
Tasks: BackOffice Operator, helpdesk, started my first HTML Projects as a freelancer
Development Tools: Visual Studio 3
Company: Legrand Eléctrica S.A
Date: 1999/2000
Tasks: Helpdesk, Sybase and SQL server updates, Internal test projects for year 2000 compatibility Development Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, SQL SERVER, Access, Windows 95, Windows NT Server, VBA (visual Basic for applications in excel)
Company: Soluções Estratégicas Lda.
Date: 2000
Tasks: Windows NT Network administration, mantainence, server configuration, Intranet solutions with Microsoft products,some hardware mantainence

Company: StratDigital SA
Date: 2000/2001
Projects:, e
Tasks: Informative web portals
Technologies :ASP, Access, HTML, Css´s, JavaScript, T-SQL Stored Procedures
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2000 e Access, Photoshop, visual Source Safe, IIS
Company: Autor New Media SA (Oni)
Date: 2001/2003
3. Intranet Oni
8. Other internal Projects in ONI group
Tasks: Senior Developer/Analyst. Project management. IIS and APACHE Implementation.Technologies: ASP, C #, 1.1, 2.0, Sybase, MySql, PHP, T-SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS's, T-SQL Stored
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2000, Eclipse, SQL, Sybase, IIS, Apache, XAMP, Visual Source Safe.

Company: ONI
Date: 2003/2005
2. Application management tasks (Millenium BCP - This tool manages tasks in a console-based application with SQL JOBS services, among others,it has user management and schedule creation via Web GUI).
3. Companies Application Management (IDICT - This tool manages individual regions,and provides delegates with documentation for visits throughout the country)
4. (new (pt-PT) /Paginas/default.aspx)
7. www.vivasaudavel
9. internal FRAMEWORK development (CMS).
10. Participation on an outsourcing basis in (this site would be the fourth mobile portal operator in Portugal.My tasks were managing all the front end programming part of the portal - Javascript, DHTML, XSL)
Tasks: Senior Analyst/Developer In oniway as a consultant. Portals management, IIS maintenance and web site Implementation, 2.0, PHP, T-SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS´s, Windows Services, XSL, XML, Windows Forms
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2003, SQL, Access, VBA, Commerce Server 2001, IIS, Visual Source Safe

Company: ByteCode
Client: Nestlé
Date: 2006
Project: Application for building contracts (Batch application). Application designed for sales people to contact with a PALM through Web Services that generate automatic contracts with the customer.
Tasks: Consultant, Senior Analyst/Developer
Technologies: Web Services,, SQL 2000,HTML,Css´s Javascript, T-SQL Stored Procedures
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2003, SQL 2000, Visual Source Safe

Client: Portugal Telecom
Date: 2006/2010
Tasks: Senior Analyst/Developer,Consultant
2. WIZARD Portal type to support clients and give the customer the ability to configure / change /add / remove all existing services in their contract.My involvement with this Project was focused on the front end in rendering XML content, DHTML Programming,Javascript, Html and XSL Css's and .Net C # service maintenance
3. Integration Provisioning API ADSL (WebServices .net ) : phone line customer ADSL activation, packages and migration rates, cancellation, suspension of non-payment customers and changing addresses
4. Installation Portal (WebServices .net) requesting ADSL activation Integration and closing processes

Client: Mercedes Benz Portugal
Project Intranet applications
1. MBP. Net 3.5 Frame Work version 1.0, Document workflow, windows services creation for managing Brokerage business flow. SQL 2005 databases, web components, automation features, code generation, Reflection
Technologies: Windows Services, 3.5 , HTML, Css´s , JavaScript, T-SQL Stored Procedures, XML, Reflection, .net Ajax
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, SQL 2000.

Date: 02/2011
Tasks: Senior Analyst/Developer, Project Manager
Internal Projects:
1. A vida é bela Reservations (Project Manager)
2. A vida é bela Tourist Web Portal
3. WebServer Controls (
4. Intranet Prototype (RAD Technologies)
5. Time Table and Schedule Project to manage project hours
Technologies: Windows Services, 4.0 , HTML, Css´s , JavaScript, T-SQL Stored Procedures, XML, Reflection, .net Ajax,Entity Model,Link
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2010, SQL 2008

Client: Several clients (WPG Windows Portal Groups)
Date: 07/2011
Tasks: Senior Developer/Analyst and Project Manager
1. (Joomla)
2. Poll voting system for Africa Today
3. Prototype Outdoor Magazine in jquery Mobile and Html5 with Phonegap framework
4. Prototype Outdoor Magazine in Objective-c and Monotouch framework
5.Route Map application with web services comunications
6.Application for Windows phone,Android and IOS with MonoCross framework

Technologies: Windows Services, 4.0 , HTML, Css´s , JavaScript, T-SQL Stored Procedures, XML,Silverlight,Reflection, .net Ajax, Entity Model, Link, Telerik,PHP,Joomla,HTML 5,Jquery Mobile, Jquery,Objective c ,Bing maps framework 7.0,Google maps framework 3.0,PRISM,MVC,MVVM,C# for excel,Json
Development Tools: Visual Studio 2010,SQLite,Xcode 4.2,Phonegap,Monotouch for Monodevelop,xamarin.IOS and xamarin.Android

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Portugal
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