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Last update: 16.05.2020

Graphic, Illustration, UI/UX and motion designer

Company: PixSmite
Graduation: BBA (Search Results Web results Bachelor of Business Administration) , MBA (Master of Business Administration)
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Languages: Bulgarian (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Full Professional)


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I like to be introduced as a Visual designer, although having Bachelor of Business Administration. For me, the meaning of design is to give soul to objects. Art sometimes needs to be in every part of daily life, not only in the galleries and museums. It has to be an expression of love or it’s nothing. So you are trying to change the world with your business? So am I.
During the Six years of thrilling journey in designing (freelance & local), I have always in quest of innovation. I try to learn about design every day from anybody or anything. I like to get inspiration from reputed and many undiscovered designers of the world to whom I always show my heartfelt gratitude. 
I have excellent command over the different aspects of graphic design, creative direction, and visual communication.
The key areas of my expertise include: 
1 - Brand Identity Design 
2 - Marketing Collateral Design 
3 - Desktop Publishing/ Editorial Design 
4 – Advertising
5 - User Interface Design 
6 - Social Media Design
7 - Illustration
I've worked with a good number of clients from different countries of the world on both online and offline platforms. I'm the type of designer who's always keen to ensure client satisfaction by providing the best quality at a fair price and consistently meeting the deadlines.
Simplicity is my belief but I think to make anything simple is the toughest job in the earth.

Project history

Freelance Graphic Designer
Company NameMotorola Solutions Radio Solutions Channel Partner
Dates EmployedJan 2013 – Present
Employment Duration5 yrs 6 mos
LocationGreater Atlanta Area
I am working as a part-time freelance graphic designer with ken bryant.

UI/UX and Motion Designer
Company NameSelf-employed
Dates EmployedJan 2015 – Present
Employment Duration3 yrs 6 mos
Locationkhulna, Bangladesh

Graphic Design Teacher
Company NameFuture It park
Dates EmployedApr 2016 – Present
Employment Duration2 yrs 3 mos

User Interface Designer
Company NameTheme Illusion
Dates EmployedNov 2014 – Present
Employment Duration3 yrs 8 mos
Managing, producing and designing projects from brief to fulfilment.Designing & creating web templates and mobile apps UI as clients requirements.Presenting finalised ideas & concepts to clients,Presenting finalised ideas & concepts to clients, helping colleagues to get the design live.

Freelance Designer
Dates EmployedAug 2015 – Present
Employment Duration2 yrs 11 mos

Graphic Design Instructor
Company NameICT Division Bangladesh
Dates EmployedOct 2016 – Jun 2018
Employment Duration1 yr 9 mos
Locationkhulna, Bangladesh

Freelance UX Designer
Company NameUpwork
Dates EmployedApr 2014 – Jul 2016
Employment Duration2 yrs 4 mos

Graphic Designer and design consultant
Company NameA&W Media Marketing
Dates EmployedFeb 2012 – Oct 2014
Employment Duration2 yrs 9 mos
Developing concepts and artwork, creating graphic design solutions from concept through to completion. Responsible for developing and creating both digital and print design for a wide range of print and online campaigns, publications and advertising.

Freelance Graphic Designer
Company NameElance
Dates EmployedMar 2013 – Apr 2014
Employment Duration1 yr 2 mos

Freelance Designer
Company NameoDesk
Dates EmployedJun 2011 – Apr 2014
Employment Duration2 yrs 11 mos

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Bangladesh
I can work 8 hours per day and 6 days per week. If needed I can do overtime. 

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