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Carlos González


Last update: 06.09.2022

Ingeniería Industrial. Automatización de Procesos. Mejora Continua. Gestión de Mantenimiento. TPM-5S

Graduation: Magister Ingeniería Industrial - Master Organización de Empresas y Proyectos Industriales - Ingieniero Electricista Electrónico - Posgrado Six Sigma Ing. Calidad
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Experience: 35 years in the industry in Córdoba-Argentina, in Automotive, Aeronautics, Retrofitting and Automation and others - Volkswagen Arg.-VWCIC (13 years Process and Production Engineering- Start Up new plant MQ200B), In General Motors - GMA Chevrolet (4 years, Trim & Body Chassis Cell Coordinator), In Aircraft Factory-lockheed martin, FaDeA (Head of Electronic Maintenance), in SILA Arg. (Industrialization Manager), and others.
Professional Profile All my professional experience has been acquired by being in contact with the Manufacturing environment and its problems. Systems, machines and special equipment owned by the Industry and especially the Automotive and Aeronautics, reaching levels of specialization in the following areas: Production-Manufacturing Systems. Process management. Continual improvement. Work Cell Management under ISO and VDA Standards - 5S Management - TPM Workshop - Quality Management - Efficiency and Productivity. Objective: "Participate in projects and great challenges, where I can develop and apply my experience in multinational industries as a team, in order to achieve important objectives and improvements for the company.

Project history

11/2020 - 11/2020
Head of Automatic Machines and Special Systems Section. Engineer Industrial Plant Maintenance
76/5000 Lockheed Aircraft Arg- Military Aircraft Factory - FAdeA - Córdoba, Córdoba (Other, 500-1000 employees)

Industrial Maintenance, Production Management, Manufacturing Management. High Production Milling Stations (Gantrys Droop Rein, Wyssbrod). Banks of Testing of Aircraft Engines and Fuel Pumps. Digital Instrumentation and Virtual. Facilities and Special Equipment. It belonged to the Ingenieros del
AMC from 1988 to 1995 developing tasks in the area of Maintenance and Electro-Electronic Control of CNC machines, systems and equipment including
Gantry multi-spindle machines of large size, affected to the production of the pieces corresponding to aircraft IA 58 PUCARA, IA 63 PAMPA, CBA 123, PAMPA 2000 (LTV) Projects.

04/2020 - 10/2020
Industrial Maintenance Manager
Blangino Mosaics Industrial Plant, in Monte Cristo, Córdoba (Other, 250-500 employees)

General management of maintenance operations. Management of preparation and tuning of Machines and equipment for production. Arming of work teams (3 shifts). Armed historical base of data for the MC-MP and SGM, (Corrective Maintenance - Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance Management System).

10/2013 - 10/2018
General Project Management and Engineering
DBaut - Automation Retrofitting CNC Engineering machines (Industry and mechanical engineering, 10-50 employees)

General management - Project planning and management. Previous Engineering and execution of Projects related to: - Automation, Process improvements, Automation industrial. - For O&G Companies, start-up of production lines, equipment modifications to adapt processes (ppping). - For businesses Automotive, E + M Retrofittings, process modifications, adaptation to new Processes Poka Yoke. Security and Control. - For Agro Companies: Retrofitting E + M. Electro-Electronic and Mechanical Retrofitting. Spindle Repair. - Management of Design, Planning and Manufacture of necessary parts for Retrofitting. Planning and RMP (reports required by Terminal Companies such as VW, Scania, Luftkin-GE, Tassaroli and others).

07/2000 - 08/2013
Process Engineer - Production Engineer
Volkswagen Argentina S. A - Córdoba, Córdoba (Automotive and vehicle construction, 50-250 employees)

• Process Engineer in Capacity Increase Project - Gear Box Production of the VW Group, Mod. MQ200. • He served in that position, as part of the Project Team, which was in charge of the construction of the new Manufacture of MQ200B Transmissions. During this period he was part of the management of the Project and the Implementation of the processes. • Technical negotiation and purchase of machines and special equipment, verification of Try Out in suppliers (Germany / 2011), Verification of Try Out in the new VW-CIC plant, Acceptance definitive machines, Pre-series and Series 0 SOP. Commissioning of the Plant. Try Out and final production. Cell Leader 4 - MQ 250 (Acting), There performed all the tasks inherent to the position, corresponding to shift 3 of the cell 4 (Production planning and management - management of the personnel in charge - management of the
quality - management of process tools). • Cell 4 Production Engineer - MQ250: Free Gear Manufacturing (Soft) - Synchronizer Rings • Engineer of Cell 6 Production - MQ250: Developed Tasks: Gear Manufacturing (Hard), Grinding, Honing, Shaving, Rolled Shock Detection, Fabrication Trees, Cubes, Etc. • Participation in the development and implementation of the process. Prototype preparation. • Definition of process AMFES / process sketch. Critical analysis. • Quality planning. Control plan. characteristics significant. Statistical modes of control and records. • Samples at the last level of product. • Functional tests. • Series 0. Evaluation of the process. Modifications. • SOP series. Release of the process for manufacturing. • Administration of the
Quality and Non-Conformities (Audit, A.I.P.P., VDA Audits, ISO). • Administration Tool Management system. Verification of consumption. Goals.
Possibilities for improvements. • Continuous improvement. Analysis of possible improvements. Implementation. • SCRAP system administration. Indicators. Evolution. Goals. • Improvements to the production system. • Statistical techniques (Cp-Cpk, R&R) • Treatment of problems: formation of working groups. Cause-Effect Diagram.Containment actions. Corrective actions. Define indicators of evolution. Preventive actions. Effectiveness of actions. • Process control. Guarantee compliance with process sheets. Machine cycle times. Tooling. Process parameters.

04/1996 - 01/2000
Manufacturing Coordinator / Consultant
General Motors of Argentina - Córdoba, Arg. (Automotive and vehicle construction, 250-500 employees)

Manufacturing Coordinator / Consultant: performing the following tasks as Ing. of GM's Production Management in the areas of Trim Assembly (1996-1997) and Chassis and General Assembly (1998-2000). Chevrolet Pick Up Manufacturing SILVERADO - Grand Blazer • Ensure production in the short and medium term. • Conformation of Work Cells and their balancing according to the programs of production. • Personnel in direct charge: 40 multipurpose operators - 2 Team Leaders and Quality Gates. • Resolution of technical problems inherent to production and quality. • Ensure product quality through awareness and implementation of Zero Defects programs. • Scrap control, analysis of Causes. • Definition of Cell Objectives (safety-Quality-Productivity) whose Compliance has a direct impact on the salary of operators. • Apply for Non-Productive Material Purchase requisitions. • Personnel selection for lines production (personal interviews). • Define training programs and Training. Dictation of courses. • Rotation of positions in and out of Cells Work (Versatility). • Establish Promotions / Sanctions according to performance (motivation and discipline). • Absenteeism control of the area. • Define the Budget Annual of the area based on the program (report to the Finance Department). • Ensure the knowledge of Safety Standards. Manage Courses. • Control and Authorization of Scholarships. • Administration of Normal and Extraordinary Hours - Credit and Debit according to the needs of the company. Preparation of reports. • Coordination of PMC, (Continuous Improvement Process), in the production lines in order to optimize productivity, quality, safety, ergonomics, etc. • TPM Workshop. Creation of teams, training and implementation of the TPM in the Lay-Out of assemble.

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35 años de experiencia en la industria en Córdoba, Arg. en Automotrices, Aeronáutica, Retrofitting y Automatización y otras - Volkswagen Arg.-VWCIC (13 años ingeniería de Procesos y Producción- Start Up planta nueva MQ200B), En General Motors - GMA Chevrolet (4 años Coordinador Células Trim & Body Chassis), En Fábrica de Aviones-lockheed martin, FaDeA (Jefe de Mantenimiento Electrónica), en SILA Arg.(Gerente de Industrialización), y otros.
Profileimage by Carlos Gonzlez Ingeniería Industrial. Automatización de Procesos. Mejora Continua. Gestión de Mantenimiento. TPM-5S from Crdoba Ingeniería Industrial. Automatización de Procesos. Mejora Continua. Gestión de Mantenimiento. TPM-5S