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Claudiu Ivanescu


Last update: 07.09.2023

Senior Backend Developer

Graduation: Mathematics - University of Bucharest
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)




Backend developer with IoT, database and system administration experience

Some of my recent projects include:
 • Architecture and implementation of a high performance growth stack backend integrating multiple sources of data. Used AWS Lambda, Step functions, API Gateway, SQS with DLQ, S3. Handled ~3.8M domains in Hubspot, data sources like BuiltWith, ZoomInfo, Kickstarter, Storeleads, PredictLeads, and many more.
 • monitoring solution for obstruction lights: SNMP and MQTT communication with devices, Python Flask back end, Vue frontend, MySQL as database
 • Architecture and back end for cyber security insurance intelligence: multi layer AWS Lambda orchestration with multi region deployment, PostgreSQL for persistence layer.
 • Project to give economic stock alerts like RSI, MACD, STOCH, STOCHRSI, ATR, Highs/Lows, Ultimate Oscillator, ROC, Bull/Bear Power, and others. We are using the backend AWS platform based on different Lambda script, more DynamoDB tables, EventBridge, API Gateway. Send alert by SMS SNS or SES Email. JS website and user authentication to show the evolution of stocks and alerts.
 • IoT solution for unified HVAC automation. Using Raspberry Pi, LAMP & Python technologies. Developed the frontend (on a touch screen) and backend to integrate with sensors and control the temperature of the air
 • C application on Arduino microcontroller for access control using bluetooth

Preferred technology areas:
 • Python 3, C, PHP
 • Vue.js, Flask, Docker
 • AWS: API Gateway, Lambda, Step Functions, IoT, EC2, DynamoDB, RDS, S3, SQS, SNS, Kinesis, SES
 • PostgreSQL, MySql, Redis
 • Raspberry Pi,  SBC, Arduino

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Project history

01/2022 - Present
Backend API Developer
NDA (Public service, < 10 employees)

An innovative application builded on AWS infrastructure, this project leverages StepFunctions, Lambda, Gateway, S3, and RDS to create a seamless user experience. The application delivers a dynamic API that offers tailored data insights to meet specific clients requirements. It efficiently parse an elastic search for essential data, further enhancing its functionality by executing queries within the workflow. The result? A comprehensive holistic view that aggregates all outcomes seamlessly.
Notably, the application stands out for it's optimized libraries, ensuring efficient performance. It's designed with a robust Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) foundation, employing multiple libraries, and fortified by rigorous testing, which collectively contributes to it's reliability and robustness. This project exemplify a client-focused approach and a commitment to elevate user experience through cutting-edge technology.

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Romania
I can 90% travel of my time, with obligatory 2 week-end in Bucharest per month!


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