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IT GP/PMO, DBA, BI, Information Technology and Services, It Supervisor, Analytics SSPS

Graduation: Degree - Informatics Technology Bachelor (System Analysis emphasis), 2006.
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HSBC Bank Brazil (4/2014-01/2015)
Project System specialist

Responsible to transform all SAS bases of core business back office in new secure SAS bases at the new SAS Cluster Platform, responsible to evaluate the impact on the business process to encrypt and migrate 102 SAS application base sets to new platform. Responsible to define how migrate the data over platforms, the new platform implementation, and security settings rules definition; develop script codes to migrate, execute encryption and compress data. Draw main platform diagram, introduce this new concept to Senior Business executives board to how use the new platform and impact risk mitigation for each business area, support the Business area Managers with a plan to how migrate each application, the impact, report and support then in the pos pone actions requires for each application base set. Direct responsible to define how, when,
where and who for each step of project, based in a full business scenario analysis, consolidate the main scope, create a full documentation and UML for each application migration, the impact for each business fusion point, schedule definition, allocation of internal and external resources of each step of project. Responsible to interact with Executives, managers, staff and IT professionals advising then about the project tasks, progress, risk alerts and deliveries.

Project BI to Supply Chain Electrolux (11/2013 / 2/2014)
Project System specialist and BI Architect

Responsible for administer and structure data models and data information to take informations about customers and they stock position of Electrolux Products from ERP, elaborate and implement a process to update the data from suppliers and customers by soa protocol and designe a process to handle this informations flows by ETL process creating documents of each step to share this with PM and programers, UML to stage data of processes, providing a data structured in DW base and connect this informations with other platforms like Cognos BI interface and delivery data for other statistic applications like SAS and Oracle Crystal Ball used by Supply chain team and planning team, develop the BI reposts in cognos and set automatic reports delivery according scope set with business managers of different areas and implement the control information police. Support the factory  Executive and Supply Chain managers to define the main scope, build the documentation of project and each task, support the IT team and other consultants like me woking in the project.

Commerce Chamber CNC/SESC/SENAC (03/2013-11/2013)
System specialist and BI/DBA Architect

Data base administrator, data modeling, control models, active management of the bases, backups, replication and other management activities in databases, create and manage
multidimensional data models to meet the BI in MSSQL Server (Integration Server and Report),creating BI model for CRM, Financial planning, conduct internal needs of Extraction data for teams that require consuming data fusion of different sectors and segments using ETL. Support the business areas managers in how get some data and how work with a data models designed according area requests. Support the IT staff internal and external resources and the CIO in his needs and business documentation.

Victus Consulting & Deal Technology (03/2010 – 12/2012)
Project Specialist shared resource
Consulting - Supplier Card - Data Analyst - Senior BI (Victus) Administer oracle database project for BI , integrate and connect this base to other databases auxiliary systems and ERP Totvs to provide the extraction of information from databases to Oracle using ODI to build DW schema, create the data model and meta data, administer information processing and transformations, to meet the demand directors about their information needs consolidate Financial Business scope on Cognos to get vision and position of Portfolio, used Oracle, ODI, Cognos Data Manager, FrameWork , Report Studio , Analysis Studio .
UBS Consulting - Senior Systems Analyst ( Deal)
Installing Cognos 10 and TM1 server on win2008 server , create the main repository on Cognos, and repository schemas within the database to allocate all data, build Cognos platform base as a single data repository management logical and physical data to hold the information of the data model and metadata all in one database, development of extraction processes and data processing using data Manager and ERP systems, Murex, DATASUL, import data from sources such as text , Excel, and databases , creating models for application using Cognos FM, EM, Analysis studio , reports and dashboard in report studio and Insight , build models of portfolio position , investment funds and assets ( financial Consolidation ), meetings with CFO to get rules and direction to define goals of project.
Sonda Consulting Group - Senior DBA ( Victus )
Administer MSSQL , Oracle 10/11g , postgre bases, data models of three different types of bank control and preparing modeling for process integration by ODI and meta data, ODI ETL to Mastersaf and SAP with legacy systems, Cognos BI and SAP DS , drawing multidimensional data models and dimensional, framework of facts and dimensions with the tools Oracle data Modeler, ODI, Power Designer , Rose(IBM), Erwin and Cognos data Manager.
TGestiona Consulting - Systems Data Analyst Sr ( Victus )
Manage the infrastructure of the project consists of 7 midrange servers , database servers Oracle 11g and SQL Server 2008 including all routines as DA and DBA , managing 231 databases and BI application and their jobs and update processes ETL, BI project work in the financial control for extracting data from SAP modules FI , MM , CO , LO , EC , PM and other systems used in the company , providing data fusion on ODI , coordinate and act in application development Planning , create BI model in Framework Manager and use the Data transformer and manipulation of data , generation of reports in BI tool Cognos Metrics and Analyses, SAS statistics and program. Creating and maintaining financial planning model with Hyperion Essbase/OBIEE and Cognos Planing models for other financial planning companies from Telefonica .

Banco Itaú Unibanco SA
Senior System Data business annalist

Responsible for define quality models of bank systems according each application over open platform and define the scope inside the environment banking , define models to check, control and estimate issues with the top-down systems communication. Consolidate the quality process and good practices to operating bank systems and fix issues in the systems of different segments of bank, define a model to collect internal information of bank systems operations and transactions to a BI model, SAS Calculations and scripts , analyses and highlight operation gaps between systems communications platform ODI/Oracle BI Suite and ETL.

CTIS - Caixa Econominca Federal (3/2009 03-2010)
Senior System annalist consulter in open platform (Unix/Windows)

Analyses and support in projects of systems and infra-structure of IT using Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows and MAC, offer support in IT and software projects, support managers and project managers in the projects and support the correct use of IT and technologies, reprove projects and architectures in the environments of development or test, reprove projects and make control meetings with managers and data/software houses, give support and orientations for managers and operational groups in technology, advise the operational groups in the development about correct use of environments of IT, creation of control reports and indicators (KPI,KGI), develop and support SAS programs, control and supervise the correct way to use the best practices of IT, lead team of 5 senior engineers giving support for 6 coordination groups, 16 supervisions in 31 IT data and software projects.

Oi - (1/2008-09/2008)
Senior System annalist

Work with team leader OSS, support all operations in some systems platforms of OI, define some process based in ITIL and COBIT. Work like agent solving problems in Oracle and MSSQL databases, load balances and keep alive critical systems, support the communications between platforms and databases in mixed environment (Solaris, HP-UX, Linux(some distributions), Windows Server 2000/2008), load balance services and work load support, web servers (Apache, IIS), clusters based in Unix and Windows, databases of SQL Server (2005, 2008), Oracle (8i, 9ir2 and 10g), some bases in RAC mode, systems total 42. Experienced in Sun, Dell and HP, storage system EMC², robot backup units, support in MAN, LAN, WAN and Links connected in broadband. Give orientation and monitoring the infra using tools like Nagios, OpenView, technical support to users in BO and SAS.

Gemalto – (05/2007-12/2007)
Senior System annalist integrator

Responsible to install Gemalto systems in large Telecom companies using Solaris / Sun Cluster / Veritas Cluster structure. Validation of servers platforms and operations, servers set and setting SO and Cluster parameters. Install Gemalto\'s software and 3rd software’s in EMC Clarion storage (Oracle Database, Tomcat, Java, Jboss, Borland middleware Visibroker 7, OTA Link us 4, Synchronize 2.4 ) structure, run PL/SQL codes on databases, module of auto provisioning and billing to work with SAP, core framework (system platform). Install in CallerXChange ( Mysql, data base, Java, Tomcat, connection J driver) platform. Prepare and execute tests in the customer network (Local/GSM), tests using SimCard, performance tests, and actuation as co-PM with PMO in this project. Create technical documentation and user documentation. Travel to Dominican Republic, Panama and Mexico. Project concluded, tested and delivered to final customer in Santo Domingo.
Equant do Brasil – Orange Business Services (1/2004-02/2007)
System annalist - IT Service Coordination

Operation in the telco/IT services like coordinator agent, open and close technical customer calls, close technical calls with summary about all done, manage resources and system analysis, online test and remote support to technicians, network verification and troubleshooting of Cisco/Sun/Nortel equipments like routers, switches, passport, MUX, Servers and system services ect…
Actuation and good skill to work with high performance networks, Cisco/Nortel structure like LAM,WAN, VOIP, VPN and usual ATM network protocols, user of XIS Unix and X terminals. Developerand manager of RSCC department internal site using (ASP, .Net, applets and Java). Large knowledge about operation area systems and network in system integration, monitoring, troubleshooting, solving problems, replacing parts and coordinating internal/External teams. My customer cluster was Coca-Cola, HSBC, Serasa, Sita, Reuters and Air France.

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Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Brazil
All remote or if necessary travel to all countries that Brazil have diplimatic relations as no visa required for 90 days.
In Brazil base cities are Resende-RJ, São Paulo-SP, Curitiba-PR and Porto Alegre-RS
Local phone contact available in all world by VOIP numbers, when establish a contract usually I get a local number to make easy the contacts by phone, phones available in 128 countries.


Degree - Informatics Technology Bachelor (System Analysis emphasis), 2006.
Universidade Estácio de Sá
MIT level specialization course in IT Governance (2009) Infnet Institute, Course specialization in Database Administration (2009) University Estacio de Sa, Course IBM Cognos TM1 (2012) Mitch Paioff University, knowledge CRM systems ERP (DataSul, SAP, Proteus, EBS), Planning, data Modeling, data management and BI systems (Microsoft, Cognos, BO certificate, Tableau, Oracle OBIEE, SAS, SPSS). Deep skill for EPM and BPM processes. Basic functional modules in SAP SD, MM, PM, Databases administrator.
2 years on the Brazil Navy, 3 semester on Grupo Roselle, 1 semester as trainee (IT) on RJZ and
1 Semester as trainee (IT) on Bureal Veritas Brasil.
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