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Last update: 09.04.2020

SAP® Certified ABAP Developer

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SAP Certified professional with over 12 years experience in SAP technical consulting specializing in development. Implementation, maintenance, upgrade, testing, production support and enhancement of SAP systems for local and international projects.

- Experience as Technical team lead and ABAP development pool coordination
- Exceptional ability to work and to manage remote/offshore activities
- Ability to work independently. Minimal supervisor orientation
- Multiple international experiences
- Experience working with multicultural teams in global and international projects

Specialties: ABAP, ABAP-HCM, eSocial, ABAP OO, RICEF, and Webdynpro.

Project history

Dec/16 – CurrentROFF Consulting

SAP ABAP Developer
Sovena Portugal
Improvements – Version 6.0 (FI, SD, MM)
Lisbon - Portugal
Maintenance of Sapscript and Smartforms. Development of Modulepool and ALV transaction, BAPIs, and function modules
Improvements – Version 6.0 (FI, SD, MM)
Lisbon - Portugal
BADI and user-exit implementation, report development, Idoc and RFCs.
Ageas Portugal
Migration - Version 6.0 (FI, RE, TRM)
Lisbon - Portugal
Creation of migration routines for Real Estate data as of Business Partners, Business Entities, Buildings, Rental Objects, Assets, and Real Estate Contracts.
Tags: ABAP OO, ALV, Conversions, Migration, BAPI, LSMW.
Aug/16 – Jan/16Michael Bailey Associates

Freelancer SAP ABAP-HCM Developer / Interface expert
Interface - Version 6.0 (HCM PA/PD)
Düsseldorf – Germany (Remote)
Development of interfaces to export master data from ECC SAP to a new 3rd party payroll provider. Design, configuration, customization, and development of data migration applications for Asia countries using the SAP standard HCM Interface Toolbox (PU12).
Oct/16 – Dec/16cHReative Consulting

SAP ABAP-HCM / FIORI / Webdynpro Developer
Client: CSN
eSocial - Version 6.0
Remote (HCM PA-PD, PY)
Implementation of eSocial platform. BADI implementation and eSocial events creation. DDIC and module pool development, Infotype creation and enhancement.
Tags: HCM, eSocial, BADI, Module-pool, Infotype.
Implementation – Version 6.0 (HCM PY, TM, PA/PD, OM, LSO)
HCM modules implementation. Development of Webdynpro FPM (Floorplan Manager) applications. Infotype creation and extension. Development of forms, reports and interfaces. Automation of vacation scheduling.
Tags: Infotypes, Module-pool, reports, interfaces, FPM, Webdynpro.
Improvements - Version 6.0 (HCM-PY)
Implementation of BADIs for Brazilian annual routines and reports Federal Income Tax Withholding and Income report based on DIF (Decoupled Infotype Framework). Creation of interface routines to export payment data according to banking layout defined by the Brazilian government. Development of FIORI apps for Organizational Structure managing. UI5 development and OData services creation.
Tags: ABAP-OO, BADI, interfaces, DIF, DDIC, Function module, FIORI/UI5, OData.
Improvements - Version 6.0 (HCM-EH&S, PA/PD)
Webdynpro development for implementing Workforce Planning process and Incident/Accident registration and control for EH&S module. Creation, edit, and control of MS Office (Word, Excel) applications with OLE custom controls, DOI (Desktop Office Integration), BDS (Business Document Service) and DMS (Document Management System).
Tags: ABAP-OO, WDA, Webdynpro, DIF, OData, OLE, DOI, BDS, DMS.

Jul/16 – Sep/16Resource IT Solutions

SAP ABAP Developer
BRF Brazil
Improvements - Version 6.0 (MM, SD)
Itajaí/SC - Brazil
Creation of validations for fiscal routines. Application development for recalculation and restitution of overpaid federal taxes (PIS/COFINS).
Tags: ABAP OO, ALV, Function modules, RFC, Enhancement.

May/14 – Jul/16ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

SAP ABAP-HCM Developer
ADP Global View® implementation – Version 6.0 (HCM-PY)
Wilmington/DE - USA
Implementation of ADP GlobalView® platform. SAP based product for Payroll and Human Capital Management. Implementation of PU12 interface to transfer SAP HR Master Data. Development of interfaces for communication and data transferring between legacy systems and ADP Global View.
Tags: ABAP OO, PU12 Interfaces, ALV, Function modules, Logical database, Cluster, BADI, HCM macros.
Unilever Brazil
ADP Global View® support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PA/BN, PY)
Production support to ADP Global View®. Development of outbound interfaces to export HR-related data to benefit plan companies. Infotypes creation and maintenance. Design of PU12 custom payroll interface for data migration.
Tags: ABAP OO, PU12 Integrations, ALV, Infotypes, BAPI, HCM macros, Cluster, Logical database.
ADP Global View® support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PY)
ADP Global View® support. Development of communication interfaces to sync HR-related data with health and dental plan companies. Development of payroll average report and vacations tracking report.
Tags: ABAP OO, Interfaces, ALV, Payroll Function/Operation, HCM features, HCM macros, Logical database, Cluster.
ADP Global View® support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PY)
ADP Global View® Support. Sapscript development of Application for unemployment insurance form.
Tags: Sapscript, Function module, Cluster, Enhancement.
Internal project*
eSocial Implementation – Version 6.0 (HCM-PY)
Implementation of the electronic report platform named eSocial to submit employee-related data to the Brazilian government. Creation of data dictionary structures and processing classes. eSocial events configuration. Infotypes and user-exit creation and maintenance.
Tags: ABAP OO, eSocial events, Exit, BADI, ALV, Infotypes.
Feb/14 – May/14Graftal Consultoria em Tecnologia da Informação

SAP ABAP Developer
Coca-cola FEMSA
Interfaces - Version 6.0 (MM, SD)
Implementation of an electronic invoice automatic receipt system. Integration SAP x Triangulus. Interface PI/XI, purchase order creation automation.
Tags: ABAP OO, Interfaces, Webservice, Module pool, SHDB, BAPI, ALV.
Brasil Kirin
Interfaces - Version 6.0 (PP, QM)
Development of interfaces for receiving and registering information production notes and results of quality analysis features and recording into ECC. Interfaces, ALV, BAPI, SHDB.
Tags: ABAP OO, Interfaces, Webservice, ALV, BAPI, SHDB.
Dec/12 – Jan/14Northgate Arinso

SAP ABAP-HCM / Webdynpro Developer
British American Tobacco
Upgrade - Version 6.0 (HCM-PY, EHS)
Support to upgrade project. Development of payment receipt printing program.
Tags: SPAU/SPDD, ABAP OO, Module pool, Smartforms, Exits, OSS Notes.
NGA euHReka® implementation – Version 6.0 (HCM-PA/PD, PY, TM)
HCM Module implementation project and production support.
Tags: ABAP OO, WDA, Webdynpro, Infotypes, ALV, Smartforms, Payroll functions and operations, Features, Module Pool, Exit, BADI, Logical database, HCM macros, LSMW.
Lanxess Energizing Chemistry
NGA euHReka® support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PA/BN)
Tags: ABAP OO, Smartforms, Function modules, ALV, Infotypes, Logical database, HCM macros.
NGA euHReka® support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PA/PD, PY)
Creation of Webservice interfaces for integration of registration data, hiring, termination, and infotypes data changing. PU12 toolbox data extraction for migration.
Tags: ABAP OO, Interfaces, Webservices, BADI, Report, Smartform, ALV, Exit, Enhancement, Logical database, Cluster, OSS Notes.
Improvements – Version 6.0 (HCM-EHS)
Development of reports for PPE (personal protective equipment) delivery receipt, medical records, audiometric evolution and absence control.
Tags: ABAP OO, Smartforms, Module pool, Function module, Infotypes, Logical database.
FMC Technologies
Production support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PA/PD, HCM/TM)
Development of reports, creation and maintenance of payroll functions and operations.
Tags: ABAP OO, Reports, Smartforms, Sapscript, Payroll functions and operations, Interface, Infotypes, Logical database, Cluster.
Prysmian Group
NGA euHReka® support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PA/BN)
Maintenance and enhancements to the Benefits Plans Control Application.
Tags: ABAP OO, Module pool, Smarform, Function module, Interfaces, Webservice, RFC, OSS Notes.
May/12 - Nov/12Paradigma Business Solutions

SAP ABAP Developer
Itaipu Binacional
Interfaces – Version 6.0 (MM)
Paradigma WBC® sales web portal implementation. Implementation of the entire communication routines Webservice Portal x SAP. Creation and configuration of proxies and logical ports for Webservice consumer services. Creation, reading, and update DMS (Document Management System) documents.
Tags: ABAP OO, Interfaces, Webservice, ALV, Reports, BAPI, DMS, BADI.
Universidade Estácio de Sá
Interfaces – Version 6.0 (MM)
Paradigma WBC® sales web portal implementation. Development of communication routines Webservice Portal x PI x SAP.
Tags: ABAP OO, Interfaces, Webservices, Exit, BAPI, BADI, Module Pool.
Feb/12 – Apr/12Veratis Technologies

SAP ABAP-HCM Developer
Improvements - Version 4.7 (HCM-TM)
Module-pool solution development for time management module focused on control of absences, approval management, allowance, etc.
Tags: ABAP OO, Module pool, Smartforms, Function module, Cluster, SHDB, BAPI, Enhancement.
May/11 – Feb/12ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

SAP ABAP-HCM Developer
ADP Global View® support – Version 5.0 (HCM-PY)
Production support and maintenance to ADP GlobalView® platform. Development of solutions for HCM-PY module.
Tags: ABAP OO, Payroll Functions and Operations, ALV, Reports, Smartforms, Interfaces, Logical database, Infotypes, Exit, Enhancement, Cluster.
ADP Global View® implementation – Version 6.0 (HCM-PY)
Support to ADP Globalview® implementation team. Applications development and customization for HCM-PY module. Infotype creation and customization, reports, interfaces and conversions.
Tags: ABAP OO, Infotipos, Cluster, ALV, Smartforms, Interfaces, Function module, BAPI, OSS Notes.
Feb/10 – May/11NeoWay Business Solutions

SAP ABAP-HCM / Webdynpro Developer / Lead
Florianópolis/SC - Brazil
Full-cycle implementation – Version 6.0 (FM, MM, QM, PS, PM)
General ABAP/Webdynpro development for full-cycle implementation project.
Production support – Version 6.0 (HCM-PA/PD, EH&S, PY, TM, FI/CO, TRM, FM, MM, QM, PS, PM)
Upgrade (EHP7) – (HCM-PA/PD, EH&S, PY, TM, FI/CO, TRM, FM, MM, QM, PS, PM)
Production support and upgrade. Management of ABAP development team with up to 6 developers. Resources allocation, goal setting, risk management, deadlines, scope, scheduling.
Tags: ABAP OO, WDA, Webdynpro, Report, Smartforms, Sapscript, BADI, Module Pool, SapScript, BAPI, Screen Exit, User Exit, Enhancement, LSMW, Interface, Webservice, Reports, ALV, OSS Notes, SPAU/SPDD/SPAU_ENH, VOFM.
Oct/09 – Feb/10Stefanini IT Solutions

SAP ABAP-HCM / Webdynpro Developer / Lead
Total Alimentos
Implementation – Version 6.0 (FI, CO, SD, MM)
Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
Acting as ABAP consultant to support the implementation team. Team management and development as part of the ABAP development offshore pool.
Tags: Report, ALV, Interface, SHDB, LSMW, Module Pool.
Gerdau Ameristeel
Improvements – Version 6.0 (HCM)
Tampa/FL - USA
Management of a team of 4 offshore ABAP developers focused on developments, maintenance, and enhancement for HCM PY/PA/PD/BN modules. Creation and maintenance for webdynpro applications.
Tags: Webdynpro, WDA, Reports, Smartforms, Infotypes, Exits, Logical database, HCM macros, Payroll function/operation, Module Pool.
Jan/09 – Oct/09Multii Business Technologies

SAP ABAP Developer
ICAL - Indústria de Calcinação Ltd.
Electronic Invoice – Version 6.0 (SD)
São José da Lapa/MG - Brazil
Implementation of Brazilian NF-e (electronic invoice issue) routines. GRC installation and configuration, PI/XI configuration to issue and monitoring the XML file to the distribution site treasury.
Tags: Interfaces, Proxy, Web services, Report, ALV.
Meincol Distribuidora de Aços Ltd.
Production support – Version 6.0 (SD, MM)
General complementary developments for MM and SD modules
Tags: Sapscript, Module Pool, Report, ALV, User Exit, RFC’s, Module Pool, Enhancement.
Fasal S/A Comércio e Indústria de Produtos Siderúrgicos
Eletronic Invoice – Version 6.0 (SD)
Santa Luzia/MG - Brazil
Responsible for the implementation of Brazilian NF-e (electronic invoice issue) process. PI/XI interface customization, development, and maintenance of legal reports.
Tags: Interfaces, Smartforms, Reports, ALV, Function module, Module Pool.
GetNet Technology
Implementation – Version 6.0 (FI, CO, MM, SD)
Novo Hamburgo/RS - Brazil
Support to the development team for carrying out the implementation project
Tags: Module pool, LSMW, SapScript, Smartforms, ALV, Batch Input, Function module, BAPI, Enhancement Point, Exits, VOFM.
Nov/07 – Jan/09Stefanini IT Solutions

SAP ABAP-HCM / Webdynpro Developer / Lead
Gerdau S.A.
Interfaces – Version 4.7 (HCM)
Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil
Development of communication interfaces between SAP and a web-based Personal Development portal.
Tags: Interfaces, RFC, WDA, Webdynpro, Webservice, Infotypes, BAPI, SHDB, Reports, ALV, Smartforms, Module Pool.
Coca-Cola FEMSA
Mastersaf implementation – Version 6.0 (Mastersaf)
Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
SAP x Mastersaf integration project. Team leading, scope definition, metric, activities managing, and report.
Tags: Reports, Interface, ALV, SHDB, Exit, Module Pool.
NeoEnergia Group
Improvements – Version 6.0 (MM, IS-U/CCS, PS)
Salvador/BA - Brazil
Development and implementation of the process of accountability of public lighting program to the Brazilian Federal Government.
Tags: Interface, Module Pool, ALV, Report.
Gerdau Ameristeel
Improvements – Version 6.0 (HCM)
Tampa/FL - USA
Coordination of the offshore development team dedicated to the HCM module implementation project. Setting scope, deadlines, and goals. ABAP training for entry-level developers.
Tags: Webdynpro, Function modules, Enhancements, ALV, SHDB, Exit, Module Pool, Infotypes, Logical database, Cluster.
Oct/06 – Nov/07Sonda Procwork

SAP ABAP-HCM Developer
Fiagril Comércio / Agromercantil Ltda.
Full-cycle Implementation – Version 6.0 (FI, CO, PP, QM, MM, SD)
Lucas do Rio Verde/MT - Brazil
Acting as a member of the implementation development team.
Tags: LSMW, SapScript, ALV, SHDB, Exit, Module Pool, VOFM.
BUNGE Alimentos
Full-cycle Implementation – Version 6.0 (FI, HCM)
Gaspar/SC - Brazil
ABAP-HCM Consulting for the implementation project.
Tags: ALV, SapScript, SmartForms, SHDB, Report, Enhancement, Module Pool, LSMW, RFC, Interfaces, Infotypes, Logical database, Cluster, HCM Macros.
Musashi Semitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
Improvements – Version 4.7 (PP, MM, SD, FI)
Recife/PE - Brazil
ABAP consulting. Development and ABAP code performance review.
Tags: Report, SHDB, SapScript, Module Pool, ALV, Smartforms.
Pirelli Pneus
Electronic Invoice – Version 4.6c (SD)
Santo André/SP - Brazil
Implementation of Brazilian NF-e (electronic invoice issue) routines. Development of Sapscript legal reports and forms.
Tags: Sapscript.
Full-cycle Implementation – Version 6.0 (FI, CO, MM, SD, QM)
Tapera/RS - Brazil
General developments for implementation project.
Tags: SHDB, BAPI, SapScript, ALV, Module Pool, Conversions, Exit, Function modules.
Electronic Invoice – Version 4.6 (SD)
Guarulhos/SP - Brazil
Implementation of Brazilian NF-e (electronic invoice issue) routines.
Tags: SHDB, Report, RFC, Exit, BADI, Integrations (SAP Business Connector), Module Pool.
Mar/04 – Sep/06NewCom Negócios e Soluções em TI

SAP ABAP Developer
Production Support – Version 4.6 (MM, SD, FI)
Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
Production support, enhancements and customizations.
Tags: Report, Module Pool, ALV, SHDB, RFC, Exit.
Full-cycle Implementation – Version 4.6 (MM, QM, HCM, FI, CO)
São Luís/MA - Brazil
Support to the development team for the implementation project.
Tags: Function module, Module Pool, ALV, SapScript, BAPI, BADI, SHDB.
Production Support – Version 4.6 (PM, FI e IS-U / CCS)
Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
Production support team member. Participation in enhancement internal projects.
Tags: Report, SHDB, BAPI, SapScript, Module Pool, SHDB.
Implementation – Version 4.6 (MM, SD, FI, CO)
Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
Support to the offshore development team during the implementation project.
Tags: Exit, Menus, SapScript, SHDB, RFC.

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