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Cristian Saucedo


Last update: 26.05.2017

Project Manager

Company: Objectwave
Graduation: Master In Project Management
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)




Project Manager with over 5 years working on consulting services, analysis, software design and data architecture. I have been in software quality assurance department, documentation department and then in supervision and project implementation. I am a self-taught person who likes to be growing constantly, capable of working under pressure and great team work capability, good oral and written communication skills, high experience in deal directly with the customer.

Experience configuring e-learning and ERP software. Knowledge and experience working with PMI best practices and SCRUM agile methodology. Knowledge of ITIL product and service life cycle. Communication and customer-facing skills. Analytical capacity and leadership.


- Define Scope of the project with the senior management and client.
- Create a plan work which identifies the activities that need to be complete.
- Review the project schedule with senior management, staff involved and client.
- Manage project staff according to the project plan and company policies.
- Ensure that all the staff involved in the project are appropriate organised orientated.
- Execute the project according to the project plan.
- Review on a regular basis the project status to ensure that it meets the project standards.
- Write reports on the project for stakeholders and management in general involved in the project.
- Deliver the best product.

Project history

Company: Objectwave
Period: June 2014 – Present
Position: Technical Former / Project Manager
Project: Prolamsa, Wurth, Fresh American, Wesco, ATP, Town Shoes, Dallas Cowboys, Farmacias San Pablo, Liverpool, El Palacio de Hierro, Soriana, Harry Rosen, Office Depot, Petco.
Functions: Project Manager, Developer, Team Leader. Agile/Scrum Methodology. Technical Training of Personnel, Operation Improvements, Design Plan for Implementation Planning Activities.
Software: SAP Hybris (Core y Commerce 4x, 5x, 6x) DataHub, Apache, Web Services, Java, Spring, Redmine, Jira, Moodle, SVN, Bitbucket.

Company: Independent Consultant
Period: January 2014 – Present
Position: Consultant
Project: Quality Management System Implementation, ERP, Project, Information Technology
Functions: Public And Private Sector Consultant
Software: Windows, Office, Internet, SAP, Oracle, Java, Project

Company: Institute Of Science And Higher Education In Tamaulipas A. C. (ICEST)
Period: January 2011 – December 2015
Position: Professor of Engineering (Computer Science, Computer Programming, Databases, ERP, SAP)
Project: Dicapta (Directorate of Training For Employees)
Functions: Teaching A Level Upper, Middle Superior specialties and Masters
Software: Windows, Office, Internet, SAP, Oracle, Java

Company: R. City of Altamira, Tamaulipas
Period: January 2011 – December 2013
Position: Systems and Technology Coordinator
Project: Department of Urban Development and Environment
Functions: Computing equipment management, Backup, Network, User Support, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Computer Equipment, Development and Programme Implementation, Intranet, Database.
Software: Windows, Office, Internet, Intranet

Company: Eagle Industrial Group
Period: August 2010 - December 2010
Position: Project Manager
Projects: Tubcorsa, Skids Praxair, Mexico Coal
Functions: Changes and disruption of program execution, control of work, estimates of variability, Schedule Values, Personnel Management, Continuity implementation program, Curves S, Resource Management, Productivity Reports.
Software: Windows, Office, Project, Opus

Company: National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)
Period: March 2010 - July 2010
Position: Information Control Analyst
Project: Population and Housing Census 2010
Functions: Analysis and Interpretation of information collected in the collection instruments, Project Progress Reports, Personnel Management Information System Charging Procedure.
Software: Windows, Office, Internet, Opera. Intranet

Company: Habiplat Mexico (Housing Systems Platforms and Boats)
Period: June 2008 - February 2010
Position: Engineering and Project Coordinator
Projects: Housing Platforms Engineering (Akal-J, Cayo Arcas, Litoral Tabasco, Semi I and Semi II, Prom Garz Boat
Functions: Project Engineering and Design, Site Supervision of Works, Procurement of Materials, Imports and Logistics, Resident Work, Personnel Management, Resource Management, Customer Service.
Software: Windows, Office, Internet, Project, Primevera P3, Primevera P6 (Basic), Opus, Spring, Lotus, SAP (Modules PP, MM, SD), Oracle.

Company: La Esperanza Industrial Group
Period: October 2007 - May 2008
Position: Planning Coordinator
Project: Enabling Platforms
Functions: Generation of daily production schedule by requiring explicit supplied through web client, distribution of raw materials to production lines, Logistics and Supply
Software: SAP PP and CO modules (Implementation Module Production Planning and Controlling

Company: Consorcio de Bebidas La Pureza
Period: July 2007 - September 2007
Position: Administrative Assistant
Project: FIFO, Production Control, Logistics
Functions: Control Inputs and Outputs Product and packaging by Hand Held
Software: Windows, Office, Internet, Opera, Hand Held

Company: Kaltex Fibers
Period: February 2004 - June 2007
Position: Production Supervisor
Project: Acrylic Fiber Production
Functions: Continuity Program Production and Product Line Switching, Segregated, Quality.
Software: SAP MM and PP modules (Implementing Materials Management and Production Planning)

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