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Florică Tudose


Last update: 06.09.2022

Heat treatment, Welding special consumables, Aluminium Composites

Graduation: PhD. Material Engineering
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IMPEX, Data Analysis, quality control

Project history

03/2019 - 10/2019
Head of production

PORTE FRIGO GROUP S.R.L., Bucharest (Romania)
HVAC domain.
Coordinates production of congelation and refrigeration doors for warehouses
and supermarkets. Manage a team workers, projects and innovation department.
Executed daily operations of team: coaching, management and supervising.
Coordination and assurance of the production process for achieving the planned
production, in accordance with the objectives, the program and the quality
standards of the company.
Supervised more than 20 employees, scheduled work hours, resolved conflicts,
and determined salaries.
Planned and evaluated new projects, consulting with other engineers and
corporate executives as necessary.
Performed managerial functions such as preparing proposals and budgets,
analyzing labor costs and writing reports.
Reviewed new product plans and made recommendations for material selection
based on design objectives, such as strength, weight, heat resistance,
electrical conductivity, and cost.

10/2008 - 02/2011
Collaborator - Metallurgist Consultant in the metallic materials procurement
PanTan Construct S.R.L.

PanTan Construct S.R.L., Bucharest (Romania)
Metallic materials purchase in accordance with project specifications. Evaluated technical and
economic factors. Reviewed new product plans and made recommendations for material selection based
on design objectives, such as strength, weight, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, and cost.
Designed and directed the testing and control of processing procedures.

01/2004 - 10/2008
Sales Manager

OBBI IMPEX S.R.L., Bucharest (Romania)
Responsible with sales, & technical department, commerce with special welding
consumables produced by UTP Germany (Bohler Thyssen until 2005 > Bohler
Uddeholm until 2007 > Voestalpine Group - present).
Developed welding techniques, procedures and applications of welding equipment
to problems involving fabrication of metals.
Knowledge welding maintenance business contracts an negotiating, of those.
Implementing special welding procedures with UTP technical support in the
largest romanian industry fields, such as: petrochemical industry, power
industry, mining industry, automotive industry, naval industry, the marine
drilling industry, repairs and keep for material rolling, cement industry,
die-makers tools.. Developed and tested new fabrication processes, techniques
and procedures, with UTP Germany. Evaluated new developments in welding field
for possible application to current welding problems and production processes.
Utilized knowledge of product specifications, properties and characteristics
of metals, metal alloys and engineering principles.
Initiated a joint-call strategy with suppliers of complementary products and
gained new accounts through their contacts.
Import-export operations, marketing research, responsible for entire flux from
custom order acquisitions to deliver goods to the customers. Evaluated
technical and economic factors.
Investigated and evaluated materials suitable for specific product
applications. Applied knowledge of material science and related technologies.
Recommend and implement the new welding procedures WPS where appropriate.

Company representation, sales presentations at exhibitions and workshops
activities. Increased sales, increasing revenues from RON 0.5M to RON 3M in
the first year.

Reviewed plans for new product and factors such as: strength, weight and cost.

Trained and managed 3 account managers and achieved significant improvements
in their results and productivity.

01/1999 - 01/2004
Collaborator - Data Analysis Department
Mercury Research S.R.L.

Mercury Research S.R.L., Bucharest (Romania)
Responsible for collecting, introducing data and data analyzing.
Measured the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications
programs and strategies. Prepared reports of findings, illustrating data
graphically and translating complex findings into written text.
Organizing the Focus Group, Customers Satisfaction, Interviews. Directed
trained survey interviewers.
Forecast and tracked marketing and sales trends, analyzing collected data.
Measured and assessed customer and employee satisfaction. Conducted research
on consumer opinions and marketing strategies, collaborating with marketing
professionals, statisticians, pollsters and other professionals.

07/2001 - 12/2003
Sales Manager
Mir Sistem S.R.L

Mir Sistem S.R.L, Bucharest (Romania)
Identified new advertising markets, and proposed products to serve them.
Prepared and delivered sales presentations to new and existing customers in order to sell new
advertising programs, and to protect and increase existing advertising.
Obtained and studied information about clients' products, needs, problems, advertising history, and
business practices in order to offer effective sales presentations and appropriate product
assistance. Located and contacted potential clients in order to offer advertising services.
Trained and managed 6 account managers and achieved significant improvements in their productivity.
Explained to customers how specific types of advertising helped promote their products and services
in the most effective way possible.
Recommended appropriate sizes and formats for advertising, depending on medium being used. Drew up
contracts for advertising work, and collected payments due.
Delivered advertising and illustration proofs to customers for approval.
Attended sales meetings, industry trade show, and training seminars in older to gather information,
promote products, expand network of contacts, and increase knowledge.
Informed customers of available options for advertisement artwork, and
provided samples.

11/1991 - 07/2001
Heat Treatment skilled worker
Electrotehnica S.A

Electrotehnica S.A (Romania)
Electrotehnical industry. Responsible for heat treatment primary, secondary and thermo-chemical
treatment of metallic materials and quality control of them. In the entire work period, I was the
single metallurgist in the factory. Manufacturing processes to produce welding equipment, power
supply c.c. and c.a., power transformers, electric engines, medium frequency inductors etc.
Selecting materials by properties and destinations. Assign Heat Treatment for all types of steels
and non-ferrous materials used in electrotechnical industry, assign technical heat treatment
procedures and execution for various pieces, electric motor rotor shafts, cutting tools, dies,
prototypes, spare parts and series.
Increase productivity by over 200%. New products assimilated in the workshop, from 30 to 300, new
devices, new heat treatment technologies implemented without additional investments., in close
collaboration with the R & D departments; Assign spare parts maintenance for CONDEM and parts tools
for CIFFES company's.

02/1986 - 11/1991
Heat Treatment skilled worker
Întreprinderea de Aparataje și Utilaje pentru Cercetare S.A

Întreprinderea de Aparataje și Utilaje pentru Cercetare S.A, Bucharest
Responsible for primary and secondary heat treatment of metallic materials and quality control of
fabricated apparatus for research industry. Induction, carburising, medium and high alloyed steels
heat treatment on electric furnaces. Heat treatment for high alloys, prototype and series spare part
used in research industry. Mechanical properties testing.

06/1984 - 02/1986
Rolling mill operator
Intreprinderea de tevi Republica

Intreprinderea de tevi Republica, Bucharest (Romania)

Rolling mill operator on cold rolling mills (HPTR). Pipes for nuclear industry; Also competent with
bar drawing banch.

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Profileimage by Floric Tudose Heat treatment, Welding special consumables, Aluminium Composites from district Heat treatment, Welding special consumables, Aluminium Composites