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Full-Stack Web Developer (React & Node)

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I am a proactive Full-Stack Web Developer with experience in business management. In the past 1.5 years, I have been working on lots of interesting projects with many international customers all around the world as a freelancer. 

Apart from the traditional skill-list, I prefer to tell you what I have done as I also love it if someone can talk about their projects, not only about the skills they have. :)

The most interesting project I made? 

To be honest, I always loved all my projects and it was difficult to find the "most interesting" one, but for the question: it was a payment service integration into a large pet transportation website. My first responsibility was to make a "quote calculator" for the front/home page, where the customers can get the cost of their services based on multiple criteria (distance, amount of pets, dog or cat, etc).

This quote calculator was public (just like in flight and hotel websites), but if the user liked the price, there was a payment feature with the integration of popular payment services. 
We also developed a live tracking feature (live map) which was using a mobile application to "track" the customer's animals in the driver's car.

The dearest project I made? 

My customer contacted me on that day, that he's looking for custom development for a charity website - this was a website where kindergartens could sign up via a form telling what they are seeking. They already had a form that was saving the submitted data to Google Sheets which was pretty structured.

My work was to use this "database" to display a data-table like web page which was looked up by the institution IDs. On top of this, I also had to make a search form where you could look up the kindergartens by name, city, county, and the aforementioned ID.

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