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Programmer, Developer and Geek

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PureMVC, Papervision3D, Unity3D, Jitter, Audio Programming, Arduino, Audio Compression, Ffmpeg, Equalization, Image Compression, Flex Builder, jQuery, JSON, YAML, ActionScript, Lingo, Shockwave, Authorware, Flex, Air, Swift 3D, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Ableton, Ableton Live, Zinc, Motion Tracking, Poser, Maxwell Render, PFTrack, Nuendo, MIDI sequencing, Cubase, Crestron, Reason, Peak, Max, Photoshop, Zbrush, Adobe Acrobat, Flash, TextMate, MXML, Flash Builder, User Interface Design, Music Programming, Film, MIDI, Steinberg Nuendo

Project history

grimmWERKS interACTIVE
Owner, programmer and designer
0.1995 - today
For nearly twenty years have been a sub contractor for custom software programming, graphical user interface design, information architecture, networking, 3d design, digital video non-linear editing, sound design, multitrack audio engineering, cdrom/dvdrom/dvd authoring, Macintosh/Windows integration, Apache/Nginx server administration, database design and implementation. Interfaced with clients such as Polygram, Marvel, Nickelodean, AOL, HBO, Sting, Compaq, Playboy, Verizon, JP Morgan, Smithsonian, GE, Subaru, Mack Truck.

Projects / Accomplishments:

Marvel Comics

Times Square Toys R Us

Abercrombie and Fitch Remote Control Systems

AOL Cable Box



Software Developer / Software Architecture
10.2013 - 07.2014
atteryPOP was my return to Ruby On Rails after having been away for nearly six years; very simply it’s a video site created for kids to view in a safe environment. As CafeMOM put it as #1 of their “10 Best Mom-Approved Sites for Kids”: “A new (and free!) site for kids that's loaded with entertainment news, tutorials (learn how to play Minecraft!), and kid-centric sketch comedy, batteryPOP lets kids decide what "pops" by letting them upvote the content they love”. Created by two Nickelodean veterans the site is Rails backed with a Bootstrap responsive front end, following an ‘online television’ experience - shows, episodes, creators, channels, etc. Users can follow shows they’re interested in, ‘pop’ (vote) an episodes up and really have a voice as to what items are popular.

Senior Software Development Engineer
01.2011 - 10.2011
Was the sole front end developer for a for Hong Kong based startup to secure $4million in funding for international financial trading application utilizing Flex, Scala, Java, JMS and Stomp. This was a fully functional demo of the trading platform that would give retail brokers on-demand access to the world’s markets and list products in any currency. The modular approach using the ‘multi-singletons’ in PureMVC allowed a user-customizable private label front-end interface coupled with a robust middle office for firm administration. The demo created $4million in VC funding for continuing development.
The Mix Financial Platform as it was called was created in such a modular way using Flex modules so that the core application - which handled all the data connections and models — would share that information on an internal event-driven send/request method which allowed for additional components to be created quickly — such as stock charts, order tracking and submission, links to news articles about a company and inter-office messaging.

Interactive Director
0.2007 - 03.2009
Project management of various software titles - customization and updates to DLI’s english- as-a-second-language software titles, Scribelab’s remote presentation software and other projects for third parties. Oversaw the rails-based Producer’s Guild of America website.

Highlighted Projects:
Producer’s Guild of America
Oversaw and managed the Producer’s Guild of America website and the rails developers that were in different parts of the world (California, England and Korea). This was years before Wordpress’ Buddypress but had much of the same functionality for Hollywood producers.
??Scribelabs: Podium
Using Flash Media Server, allowed us to host online forums and events where we’d stream live video, switch to an online slideshow / powerpoint, field questions and harvest participants’ information for followup. Basically Google Hangouts before Google Hangouts existed.

Director of Multimedia
12.2006 - 06.2007
Managed and mentored a team of Flash developers. Created, maintained and reviewed code for the timely release of CDRom and online continuing medical education products. Set up and implemented a source control and bugtracking solution. Allocated resources and provided technical direction on all new projects. Directed Quality Assurance team. Development of SOPs and best practices for department.

Highlighted Projects:

American Psychiatric Association BI Meeting Path
For the American Psychiatric Association convention, programmed an interactive case study synchronized in realtime across 28 wireless laptop computers. Projected as part of the case study and working against a timer, the responses will be displayed by question broken down by table and percentages. At any point within the presentation, the moderator can return to any case study and review the participants’ responses. A survey consisting of a number of open-ended questions can be entered multiple times by individuals within each group of each laptop. Communicating through a custom socket server, all data is stored in a database and able to be retrieved at any time, as well as printed out for moderator review.

Continuing Medical Education Virtual Activities
Managed and oversaw the design, development and content of over 18 different continuing medical education cdroms complete with multiple presententations consisting of either video or audio, powerpoint slides, faculty references, documentation, post-tests, evaluation and personal information input. Driven by external xml configuration files, each cdrom crossplatform desktop application was easily switched to an online version. All user interaction, navigation and testing information were saved to a centralized database via webservices.

TradeMedia.Net / Philips Media
Senior Developer
0.1995 - 0.1997
Trademedia.Net was a Primary website developer specializing in shockwave pieces for Polygram and subsidiary labels (Island, Mercury, Def Jam).

• Produced and programmed cd-rom catalog of Philips Media Products for Comdex.
• Edited and compiled Polygram’s Interactive New Release Book, providing store owners a monthly catalog of upcoming releases.
• Designed and created websites for such recording artists as Tricky, Ryan Downe, Ednaswap, The Refreshments, David Bowie and Philip Glass, INXS, Bon Jovi, and The Jerky Boys - which was one of the first shockwave only websites.
• Ran special Christmas online chat for partners AOL with Bon Jovi from their Christmas concert in South Jersey.


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