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Last update: 22.02.2023

Software Delivery Architect, Cloud Architect, Senior SDN Software Developer

Graduation: BA
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Languages: Chinese (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)


JavaScript (Programming Language) Agile Methodology Cloud Computing Linux Eclipse (Software) Kubernetes Microservices Java (Programming Language) Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems Activity Diagram + 93 more keywords




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Project history

08/2017 - 01/2022
Software Delivery Architect
Cisco System


Align with global software strategy IBN & multiple clouds, networking, security, storage, and SAAS, make vision and roadmap locally.

Meet with Customers and Collect Customer Requirements.

Play the role of solution architect, work with Account Manager/Sales Team to develop customer relationships and solutions, and assist
in overall sales.

Create a high-level solution design/architecture/POC and present it to customers.

Create Customer facing Presentations. Create a Bill of Materials & configurations for solutions. Performing on-site work for clients.

Estimate the sow and effort, and build up the development team. define development model following the agile process, design,
implement, and finally, deliver the software and doc to the customer.

Tech Stack:NSO + WAE + Viptela SDWAN + Opendaylight + Segment Routing + EVPN + BGP + L3VPN + ACI +OpenStack +
SCVMM+ VMware+ Machine Learning + ELK + VUE + PNDA Big Data Platform


1. China Unicom CUII Underly SDN

2. China Unicom XiongAn Underly SDN

3. ShangHai SPD bank Multiple Cloud Management Platform

4. Liaoning Unicom Overlay SDWAN

5. SLA System

08/2016 - 08/2017
Cloud Architect
9F Bank


Working on the internet finance area as an architect role in architect group, generally mainly focus on the infrastructure building for

Improve the past, design and review current, and research the future trend.

Precisely designed on OneCard product with the product team, helped the operation team to make plans deploying and maintain the
system on Alicloud, guide mobile app and backend service development activities, help fix the online hot issue
performance tuning, making the coding rule, security rule, etc.

organize the internal security audit and data governance

Tech Stack:AaliCloud+ Android App+ IOS app + H5 + Hadoop + AI risk management + Redis cache + RabbitMQ etc.

02/2013 - 07/2016
Senior SDN Software Developer
Juniper Networks


Maintain Juno space platform infrastructure components such as heartbeat apache proxy watchdog, system hardening...

Space team
Software Environment: GNats, Linux, Java, Perl, Shell, RPM, Ext-JS, IOS, JBoss, Apache, Perforce

Tech combination: Ext-Js+IOS+ JBoss+ Apache+ Heartbeat
1.Space platform installation,upgrade,back&restore
2. CEMS system sustaining

3. Deutsche Telekom system security hardening including application level and system level.
4. CMP Job manager cluster load balance enhancement
5 .CMP SSH console Ext-JS web client enhancement
6. Space IOS app maintenance
7. HA solution enhancement

CSP(cloud service platform) team
Software Environment: docker, Python, Kubernetes, Zookeeper, microservice, OpenStack, contrail, Mesos, Marathon, Vagrant....

uCPE application
1. design the infrastructure of the new CSP, like integration of stateful service using Mesos
2. design the stateless service by using the k8s.
3. Network Management via OVS
4. Autoscale
5. External load balance
6. HA solution (heartbeat)
7. Openstack integration
8. Static persistence
9. 3rd party component dockerized

10.CentOS upgrade 5 to 7

02/2012 - 01/2013
Senior JAVA Technical Staff

Produt Description:

OPSS is the underlying security platform that provides security to Oracle Fusion Middleware including products like WebLogic
Server, SOA, WebCenter, ADF, and OES to name a few. OPSS is designed from the ground up to be portable to third-party application
servers. As a result, developers can use OPSS as the single security framework for both Oracle and third-party environments, thus
decreasing application development, administration, and maintenance costs.

Software Environment:

Linux box, ADE, Farm, Java Security, wiki, WebLogic Server


Feature development activities. design documents, bug fix

09/2007 - 02/2012
Senior System Designer
Alcatel Lucent

Produt Description:

The OAM product is the supervision component of the overall UMTS network and is based on distributed s/w architecture with several
machines. it consists of CM, PM,FM, etc modules, It's mainly built on frameworks like CORBA +JWS infrastructure.

Software Environment:

Sun Solaris Unix, Clear Case JBOSS, JACOB, TAO, RougWave, JWS(Java web start) , IBM RCP,SWT/JFACE, VI, Emacs, Eclipse,
Cygwin, Code Collaborator, LiveLink,

Framework: CORBA gateway + CORBA service + JWS + Database


My responsibility contains involvement in all stages of the
development process (specifications, development, target testing, documentation, support), and communication with all project
stakeholders(architects, project managers, integration & design teams), I also joined the feature dev like real-time monitor platform
migration, versant removal ...

There are three teams I ever mainly worked for:

GUI Team

Responsible for client GUI part dev. based on Odyssey JWS desktop framework, develop and maintain embedded plug-in such as RTO,
NotificationLogTool, CalltraceWizard, etc.

Base Team

Responsible for base service part dev, it consists of some backend services such as job server, job manager, etc. also join the WDI
platform migration based on eclipse RCP technologies.

Odyssey Agile Scrum Team

Responsible for developing odyssey server building blocks such as sumbb, fmbb, tumsbb.

11/2005 - 09/2007
Senior Manager

Two projects are involved as below: IBM/Axalto(Gemalto)

1. Senior Team Manager /IBM RCP Developer (Outsourced to
IBM from 07-2006 to 07-2007)

Project Description:
COSCO shipping management is an ocean vessel dispatching and chartering system, which is based on IBM eclipse RCP workplace
technology. The backward persistent layer takes IBATICS as ORM-Mapping tool, the communication middle layer is hessian
Software Environment: IBM360, DB2, WAS,
IBM Workplace Collaboration Services, CVS, Eclipse plug-in, Visio
Tech combination: workplace +hessian + WAS + iBatics

Be outsourced to IBM as iSoftStone team leader, in charge of developing the Eclipse/OSGI plug-ins based on the workplace. also, play
an extensive role in business analysis, face-to-face communication with customers, drawing use case diagrams, activity diagrams,
sequence diagrams.

11/2005 - 07/2006
Senior J2EE Technology Lead

Project description:
Simsave is the web subsystem of Simergy, Simergy is a useful tool for customers, it builds on HTTP network and GSM network to
manage the phonebook on the card. We take J2ee +applet +java card +card reader /OTA as our framework, we also use the struts as our
web MVC framework and use Junit + easy mock as our test framework.

Software Environment: HP Unix, Oracle, Tomcat cluster, Struts, Hibernate, Easy mock, Eclipse, Visio

Tech combination: Tomcat cluster + Applet + java card + Struts + Hibernate + oracle

Be outsourced to Axalto as J2EE technical lead, my responsibility is to design the whole front side framework and communicate with
the project manager in French, training j2ee technology and write design documents, etc.

09/2001 - 11/2005
OA Software Developer
Tsinghua Electron


For below projects, except for the developer, also play the role of the project manager in some projects, responsible for creating,
designing, and implementing arrangements within a business. Build new systems needed by the company and identify the business'
current problems and future technological goals.

1. PLA General Politic Department Criminal Investigation Office' OA Project

Description e-government System
Gather and analyses the requirements from customers
Plan, design and code using JAVA, JAVASCRIPTS, JSP, Servlet
System validates

2. PLA General Equipment Department Science and Technology Information Center Office' OA Project

Description: E-government System
Gathering the requirements from customers Plan, design, and code using JAVA, JavaScripts, JSP, Servlet

3. Shandong Province Weifang YaXing Chemical Corporation' OA

Environment: Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2003, IIS 5.0
Project description: E-government System
Gathering the requirements from customers Plan, design, and code using JAVA, JavaScripts, JSP, Servlet

4. Guangdong Province Foreign Affair Office's OA

Environment: Turbo Linux, Oracle 8i, Tomcat 3
Project description: E-government System
Plan, design, and code using JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, JSP, Servlet


Environment: Turbo Linux, Oracle 8i, JBoss
Project description e-government System
Develop, document, generator OCX using Visual Basic/VC++

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