Igor Kuchay


Last update: 09.04.2018

I'm an experienced hardware developer / embedded programmer.

Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)


Full cycle of creating electronic devices:
  • functional requirements gathering
  • creation of electrical circuits (Altium Designer)
  • PCB tracing (Altium Designer)
  • fast prototype creation (including PCB etching and component soldering)
  •  device programming (C, C++, state machines. IAR, Keil,  IAR Visual State)
  • client software programming (QT C++, Java)
  • user, design  and manufacturing documentation preparing ( IAR Visual State)
Mostly I use STM32 controllers in my design.
I'm familiar with all STM32 peripherals: ADC, UART, I2C, SPI, USB, CAN, etc.
I use a FreeRTOS widely in my solutions. Some projects can ba done with IAR Visual State state machine consept. 

I've worked with automobiles CAN, OBD2, FMS, RS-485, RS-232 and many others protocols and interfaces.
I've used RFIDs, ultrasonic distanse meters, step motors, powerfull motors, capasitive sensors, lasers and many other sensors.

Project history

1. ChaDeMo fast charging AC-DC station for electrovehicles
700kVA of common power, 12 modules based on Infineon AURIX and TI Hercules microcontrollers. In most of them with 512-legs microcontrollers were  used by signals more then 80% of legs). ChaDeMo over CAN, CCS2 protocols were implemented. GPRS, Ethernet, RS-485, WiFi, Bluetooth as an external communication channels. Flexray was uses as an internal communication bus.

2.Car tracker with CAN bus communications.
GPS, GPRS, CAN with OBD2, FMS and J1939 protocols. The device sends a car state data and a driver behaviour data to server with GPRS and SMS.

3. Car tracker, alarm system and data logger
GPS, GPRS, CAN, RS-485, etc. The device was designed with grate respect to a device survivability: it uses a  special algorithm  to provide a long life on battery and a heavily predictable algorithm for sending alarms to the server.

1. Escape-room quest equipment

I've developed more than 20  escape-room quest equipment systems. Most of them consists with 20-30 devices connected by a wireless NRF24L01 network to a computer.  The computer manages game's logic and state of each device. Most of devices are unique: RFIDs, step motors, ultrasonic distance meters, infrared barriers, lasers, etc. 

2. Labirintum game equipment
Devices with RFID, LED indicators and RGB leds, both battery and network powered. NRF24L01 and RS-485 as communication channels to a server.

3. Pixel LED costumes
Synchronized with music devices plays as one color  orchestra.

Other projects
1. Warehouse transportation robot.
Motor control, indoor navigation, collision prevention systems
2. Vacuum massager
Motor control, vacuum sencors, 2 HMI, etc.

And some more small projects.

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: Ukraine
Profileimage by Igor Kuchay I'm an experienced hardware developer / embedded programmer. from Gorobievka I'm an experienced hardware developer / embedded programmer.