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Last update: 06.09.2022

Super-Software Engineer, Creator & developer of Super Applications, Director of Automation

Company: My Best Soft
Graduation: Master of Computer Science (State University of Directorship)
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)




Microsoft, Borland, Symantec, Autodesk, PHP, Java-Script, MySQL technologies, Microsoft Project, Visual Studio, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, SQL, Software Development, C/C++, HTML5, Git, User Interface (UI), Visual Basic, Scripting, Computer Science, APIs, C#, IT Support, Jira, Application Development, AJAX, XML, Kotlin, Spring Framework, Delphi, Python, jQuery, C++, Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Analyst, Angular, Ruby

Project history

01/2020 - Present
Founder, President, Top-Director, Software Developer, CEO
My Best Soft (Internet and Information Technology, 10-50 employees)

My creating super web-applications using PHP, CSS, Java-script, AJAX, HTML5 ...
My creating super online-stores
My creating super online courses
My creating super desktop applications using C++, C# & other languages...
My creating super mobile applications using Java and Kotlin (Android Studio) ...
My creating all sorts of super applications using Python and any other languages

05/2013 - Present
Software Developer, Director of Automation
SIGMA (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

Comprehensive IT support and Software Development of procurement process, including:
• Coordinated employees within divisions
• Implemented effective technologies to automate procurement activities
• Developed proprietary software products to automate procurement activitie
s• All my applications are of great speed and quality
Several themes of my automation:
1. Placement of the Procurement Plan of any goods and services with automatic bringing into theappropriate form on the Procurement Portal
2. Automatic reception of data and results of tenders from all trading platforms
3. Fast access to all data on participants, including Tax ID, Code, Principal Registration Number, Name,price offers, etc.
4. Quick access to information about the placed contracts on the Procurement Portal by the number ofthe notice, internal tender number and contract number
5. Easy creation of all procurement documentation, notices, protocols (protocols of opening envelopes /protocols ofrecieving offers of participants, protocols of reviewing and evaluating, protocols of choosinga winner)
6. Automated reporting
7. On-demand automation of many other business processesAll the above works with my support quickly, accurately and by any number of tenders

03/2007 - 03/2012
Software Engineer, Creator & Developer of web-stores
Softmagazin & Microsoft Partners (Internet and Information Technology, 50-250 employees)

* Solicited public and private corporate potential customers
* Negotiated with official Microsoft partners on cooperation
* Built websites for promoting Microsoft, Borland, Symantec and Autodesk products and services using
PHP, Java-Script,MySQL technologies
* Created client-oriented online projects basing on comprehensive research on conditions and prices,
special offers,licensing rules, and a convenient system for ordering and requesting wholesale prices
* Organized the delivery of licenses through partner companies

10/2005 - 04/2007
Parus-Microsoft Project Director, Software Engineer
Parus Corporation (Internet and Information Technology, 250-500 employees)

* Managed Parus-Microsoft project, including market research, calculation of project profitability and the
development of business plan
* Drafted business plans for the development of units of Parus Corporation
* Negotiated with representatives of higher educational institutions of Russia, concluded cooperation
* Developed terms of reference for the new Parus software products
* Developed and regularly updated commercial proposals for clients and marketing materials for
* Conducted presentations and trained the Corporation's employees in the distance learning system
* Development of standard tender and auction documents in compliance with the Federal Law on Public
* Created Parus distance learning courses system

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: USA
I can work everywhere


My Super Certifications and Licenses can be found here:

Several of my certificates are:
1. Harvard Certificate: Computer Science for Business Professionals
2. Atlassian Certificate: Agile with Atlassian Jira
3. IBM Certificate: Datebases and SQL in Data Science
4. Google Certificate: System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
5. Google Data Analysis Certification: Prepare Data for Exploration
6. Google Certificate: Technical Support Foundamentals
7. Google Certificate: Using Python to Interact with the Operating System
8. Google IT Automation Professional Certificate
9. Google Professional Certificate: Google IT Support
10. Packt Certificate: C++ Game Programming
11. Unity Certificate: The Ultimate Guide to Game Development
12. Udemy Certificate: C++ Programming OOP
13. Udemy Certificate: C++ for Game Development
14. Udemy Certificate: Cross-Platform C++ Project Building
15. Udemy Certificate: Kotlin
16. Udemy Certificate: Complete Course Android & Java
17. Microsoft Open Value Specialist
18. IBM Certificate!: Data Science Methodology
19. IBM Certificate!: Machine Learning with Python
20. IBM Certificate: Applied Data Science Capstone
21. IBM Certificate: Data Analysis with Python
22. IBM Certificate: Data Visualization with Python
23. IBM Certificate: Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python
24. IBM Certificate: IBM Data Science
25. IBM Certificate: Python Project for Data Science
26. IBM Certificate: Tools for Data Science
27. Google Certificate. Agile Project Management
28. Google Certificate. Applying Project Management in the Real Life
29. Google Certificate. Project Planning. Getting it all together
30. Applying Data Structures to Manipulate Cleansed UN Data (USA Certificate)
31. Automate an e-commerce web application using Selenium & Java (USA Certificate)
32. Build an Online Auction Server with ExpressJS (USA Certificate)
33. Create a Web Link Preview with VueJS Component (USA Certificate)
34. Creating a Quiz Game using Vanilla JavaScript (USA Certificate)
35. Developing Android Apps with App Inventor (USA Certificate)
36. Create a Supermarket app using Java OOP (USA Certificate)
37. Infosec Certificate: JavaScript Security
38. Java Decision Programming (USA Certificate)
39. Modern JavaScript. Iterators and Generators (USA Certificate)
40. Spring Framework (USA Certificate)
41. Create a Google Ads Display Campaign (USA Certificate)
42. Internet Giants. The Law and Economics of Media Platforms (Chicago University Certificate)
43. Javascript animation for websites, storytelling, data visualization and games(USA Certificate)
44. JetBrains Certificate: Kotlin for Java Developers
45. Build A News Feed Mobile App With Flutter (USA Certificate)
46. Build Messenger Clone Using PHP and MySQL (USA Certificate)
47. Build Photo Gallery Mobile App With Flutter (USA Certificate)
48. Build a Facebook clone with PHP (USA Certificate)
49. Build a Persistent Storage App in Android Studio (USA Certificate)
50. Build a mobile app with Google (USA Certificate)
51. Build an App in Android Studio using Resources (USA Certificate)
52. Build an App in Android Studio using onTouch (USA Certificate)
53. Build an Automobile Listing Website with PHP (USA Certificate)
54. Building a Dynamic Web App using PHP & MySQL (USA Certificate)
55. Create a Stakeholder Management Plain with Google (USA Certificate)
56. Create an A/B web page marketing test with Google Optimize (USA Certificate)
57. Create an Android App with Kotlin (USA Certificate)
58. Creating Android Application using Google Maps API (USA Certificate)
59. Custom Attribution Modeling with Google Analytics (USA Certificate)
60. Creating Android Banking Application using SQLite (USA Certificate)
61. Google Data Analysis Certificate: Data Analysis with R Programming
62. Google Data Analysis Certification: Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere
63. Google Data Analysis Certification: Google Analytics
64. Google Data Analysis Certification: Analyze Data
65. Google Certificate: Innovating with Data and Google Cloud
66. Google Certificate: Cloud Digital Leader Training
67. Google Data Analysis Certification: Process Data to Clean
68. Google Data Analysis Certification: Google Data Analytics Capstone
69. Google Trends Analysis using R (USA Certificate)
70. Infrastructure and Application Modernication with Google Cloud (USACertificate)
71. Introduction to Data Visualization using Google Data Studio (USA Certificate)
72. Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud (USA Certificate)
73. Introduction to TestNG and Integration with Selenium (USA Certificate)
74. Google Certificate: Make Data-Driven Decisions
75. Object-Oriented Programming with Kotlin (USA Certificate)
76. Object-Oriented Programming with PHP (USA Certificate)
77. Google Certificate: Prepare Data for Exploration
78. Python Dynamic HTML Web Server (USA Certificate)
79. Schedule Cron Job on Google App Engine (USA Certificate)
80. Google Data Analysis Certification: Share Data Through the Art of Visualization
81. Using CSV in an Android Studio Project (USA Certificate)
82. Using Maps in an Android Studio Project (USA Certificate)
83. Using MySQL Database with PHP (USA Certificate)
84. Using NFC in an Android Studio Project (USA Certificate)
85. Using SQLite in an Android Studio Project (USA Certificate)
86. Using WebView in an Android Studio Project (USA Certificate)
87. Google Certificate: Google IT Support Professional
88. Google Certificate: Automating Real-Life Tasks with Python
89. Google Certificate: Computer Web System
90. Google Certificate: Configuration Management and the Cloud
91. Google Certificate: IT Security
92. Google Certificate: Git and GitHub
83. Google Certificate: Manage Operating Systems
94. Google Certificate: IT Automation with Python

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