Imad Jalaly


Last update: 26.05.2020

RF consultant

Company: Self
Graduation: MSc 1984, PhD 2006
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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual)


  • Advanced and detailed knowledge of radio system and circuit design: RX, TX, VCO, PLL, Power Amplifiers (modules & discrete GaAs, GaN, LDMOS transistors), Low Noise Amplifier (GaAs), Passive Inter-modulation (PIM) measurement in filters and antenna switches. Power amplifier linearization using Envelope Tracking.
  • Power Line Communications (data over electricity cables) circuit and system design.
  • Simulation tools: ADS, Microwave Office, HFSS, MATLAB & SIMULINK.
  • 8 Sony Ericsson Inventor awards & 3 BlackBerry (RIM) patent applications.
  • 12 international publications and 3 internal white papers.
    • PhD Thesis on “RF Barcodes for Identification and Tagging”, PhD (2002-2006), Surrey University, UK. This work has been recognised in at least five RFID books since 2013 as “The original” and precursory research that pioneered new low cost, chipless and multi-bit RF Identification and Tagging since 2005”. Also, credited to be the first to coin the phrase “RF Barcodes”. Credited as the first to have introduced the concept of RCS (Radar Cross Section) measurement (dBsm) as part of Reader/Tag design and detection.

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