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Last update: 10.11.2020

Translator, Writer, Proofreader

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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)


           Teacher for 10 years, Teacher in Illiteracy for 1 year; Teacher in Elementary School for 4 years and English Language Teacher during 8 years – from this work with English Language I have taught at Elementary School, Middle School, High School, English Language Courses and at University teaching in Language and Literature Courses and Administration Courses.
            At present time I am working as a Translator, Proofreader and Web Content Writer and I teach privately Conversation and Writing in English Language. I have been working in this job since 2005.

Some Works in Translation and Proofreader Areas:

            * Project about environmental impact and installation of an ethanol factory;     
            * Agribusiness for international market; (translation)
            *Commercial Documents for business with South African and Australian governments; (translation and proofreading)
            * Orthodontic devices and medicinal booklets; (translation)          
            * Booklet about a water purifier sale from India to Brazil; (translation and review)
            * Articles to Literature Magazine in Cuiabá; (proofreading)
            * Articles in several areas for students in master and/or doctorate degrees, as well as their "abstracts"; (translation, proofreading and elaboration)
            * Trip Manual to tourism agency; (proofreading and translation)
            * Review (Elaboration and Typing);
            * Several Papers and Take-Home Finals (Elaboration and Proofreading);
            * Report and Project in Agriculture area (translation);
            * Letters of recommendation and commercial contacts (translation and review);
            * Proofreading in documentations to be published by Press Agent;
            * Proofreading of Translations to Epic Translations in 2012
            * Member of team that translated the book “English Phylosophies” into Portuguese
            * Among others.

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