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Python, scipy, VisualPython, gpgpu developer

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Noise Reduction, Image Processing, Numerical Analysis, C++, C, Linux, Python, Software Development, Unix, Software Engineering, HTML, Software Design, Agile, Algorithms, Programming, PHP, Research, mediawiki, truecrypt, gvim, virtualbox, Extreme Programming, Operating Systems, VirtualBox

0.2010 - today
Continuing research into software to predict coherency in noisy data.
Computer Software

Software Engineer
08.2013 - 01.2014
Log analysis and LTFS driver
Computer Software

Principal Software Engineer
04.2012 - 04.2013
storage backend efficiency calculator to cost-analyze vendors. Bit dispersion adds overhead and changes the blocking factors. I wrote the Python tool that generalized calculations needed to evaluate data expansion based on policy and file size profiles.
Computer Software
201-500 employees

01.2012 - 03.2012
generic canonicalizer of data entry for the medical industries. Data entry errors, truncations, acronyms, fat fingering, and other problems obfuscate legal names of entities. I wrote a Python tool that used four algorithms to improve the probability of identifying the correct name for an entity to above 70%.
Hospital & Health Care
11-50 employees

Software Consultant
03.2011 - 10.2011
Wrote software to government specification on a variety of atmospheric measurements.
Environmental Services

0.2010 - 0.2011
developed and patented algorithms for image processing. Fourier transform limits resolution to no less than ½ Airy disk radius. I developed code in Python and C++ which demonstrates that resolution increases with diffractive blur, yielding sub-pixel resolutions below 1/10th the pixel size.
Computer Software

Zipix (Neurigen)
Chief Scientific Officer and Founder
08.2008 - 03.2009
developed an idea for an image processing business. Cell phone camera images suffer from chromatic, contrast, and other defects. Using technical demonstrations, I was able to raise $1.2M and launch the company.
Computer Software

2008 ITG
C++ mentor and programmer/architect
02.2008 - 08.2008
developed fast, error-correcting, zero-bug market feed lexer for BATS-PITCH. This market-feed took 36 hours to ingest using a pattern-matching lexer. I rewrote it as an LR1 hand-written lexer using two branches. The resulting lexer takes 1.5 hours to process the 2TB source.
Financial Services
1001-5000 employees

Soapstone Networks
0.2007 - 0.2008
Maintained, developed, and enhanced boost::spirit IDL compiler
Full unit-testing, 100% code coverage, zero-bug policy,
Followed style guidelines, championed Agile eXtreme Programming.

consulting software engineer
03.2002 - 02.2008
Developed BREP to GEANT4 physics modelling for NASA.
Developed lattice/mesh transduction/convolution/correlation algorithms.
Computer Software

Bluefin Robotics
06.2006 - 12.2006
Made system/state diagrams for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.
Reviewed and documented entire code base.
Proposed enhancements to sonar imaging.
Defense & Space

Software Engineer
09.2004 - 09.2005
Calculating particle hot spots in \\\"Manned Mission to Mars\\\" vehicle
Defense & Space

consulting software engineer
09.2004 - 09.2005
Designed discretizing of physics models used for predicting paths of high energy particles for the Manned Mission to Mars.

Principal Engineer/Antivirus Developer
0.1987 - 0.2002
Kept Lotus the only major software provider to not deliver virus infected products to its customers.
Computer Software

Lotus Development
0.1987 - 0.2002
Everything from concept to coding to QA to integration to publication to public relations to deskside support to everything you could think needs be done. Lotus was the only major software publisher of its time to NEVER deliver a virus to a customer on manufactured media.
Computer Software
1001-5000 employees

principal/advisory software engineer
09.1987 - 02.2002
Achievement: developed and delivered the last testably bug-free product ever shipped by Lotus. METRO 1.1 was an abandoned and unfinished product. I resurrected it, finished it on time and under budget. Over 5 million units were shipped under user demand.
Achievement: developed and delivered a method for increasing the storage and speed of diskettes by 40%. Diskettes lined up first sectors near the index hole and had room for two more sectors per track. I staggered the sectors, added the two sectors, then wrote a mini operating system to host an antivirus and integrity checker in the extra sectors. I patented some of these antivirus methods.
Achievement: developed an extremely efficient XML lexer. Under an internal challenge at IBM, I wrote a lexer that handled all 13 Unicode stream types, generating 21 data bits and 11 error bits at a rate of 11 instructions per code point.
Achievement: kept Lotus the only major software company never to distribute viruses. All major software companies delivered product on virus infected diskettes. I developed software and procedures for preventing viruses on the manufacturing lines and developed investigation techniques to identify virus sources on customer return diskettes.
Achievement: developed alternate internal scheduler for Lotus 1-2-3 on Unix. The original scheduler had timing issues on Unix. I wrote a prioritizing scheduler allowing a logarithmic scheduling where active processes “floated” and inactive processes “sank”. Lotus 1-2-3 on Unix was a popular product.
Achievement: developed a glue layer to enable Windows 1-2-3 to run on DOS.
Achievement: developed a novel high-speed compression/decompression algorithm using the seven Intel instruction element contexts as independent Huffman encoded streams; matching arithmetic encoding.
Computer Software

director of software engineering
06.1985 - 09.1987
developed proprietary real-time operating system for high performance biometrics on IBM PC. DOS was unable to process the high data rate for voice over the 8 bit bus. I wrote a multi-tasking, time-slicing, pre-emptable OS which handled 16 simultaneous biometric assessments on an 8088 PC.
Computer Software

director of software migrations
09.1984 - 06.1985
Ported Safe C to over 100 different unix platforms.
Computer Software

Access Technology
senior software engineer
06.1983 - 09.1984
Core developer of spreadsheet program.
Computer Software
51-200 employees

Bell Laboratories
member of technical staff
12.1981 - 03.1983
Developed dictionary for \\\"Breadboard\\\" Ada compiler.
Performed normal operations duties on proprietary computer hardware.

09.1978 - 09.1981
Developed lattice calculations to estimate magnetic distortions due to
opening energy port into Alcator-C tokamak.
Wrote an automated code-generator (The Forse) that translated
engineering formulae into FORTRAN77 while enforcing full commenting
comiled, executed, and turned results into TeX report on results ready
for publication. Reduced time-to-publish from 40 weeks to 1 week.
Wrote a complete LISP emacs from scratch and video debugger.
Higher Education

State University of New York at Stonybrook
Member of Staff
09.1977 - 09.1978
Designed antenna saddle coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Presented \\\"wobble-field\\\" MRI method at the Gordon Conference.
Medical Devices

Lab Assistant
09.1976 - 09.1977
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance chemistry on rat heart ATP/ADP.
Hospital & Health Care

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